Platelet preparations in dentistry: How? Why? Where? When?

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Platelet concentrates serve useful purposes for situations where a patient is missing tissues and requires a scaffold and growth factors to accomplish tissue regeneration. Platelet concentrates can sometimes improve the healing of hard and soft tissues, however there are often competitor products; Emdogain, GEM21S, and freeze-dried bone which are equally effective, or even more effective for the same purposes as PRP, PRF and CGF. Some recent studies have mixed PRP with freeze-dried bone, added bone morphogenic proteins to platelet concentrates, or even added hydroxyapatite (for example Bio-Oss-Geistlich-Switzerland)[94,95]. Most platelet concentrates add thirty minutes to the time needed to treat patients. The additional time is needed to draw blood, centrifuge it, and islolate fractions and to add chemicals. For these reasons and to increase patient comfort, most dentists do not regularly use platelet concentrates as part of dental treatments. In some countries the dentist needs additional training and qualifications to perform phlebotomy, which means not all dentists are qualified to deliver platelet concentrates to patients. The widespread use of platelet products will increase among dentists if this treatment can prove to provide superior advantages to patients in terms of healing and regeneration. Few platelet contrates have proven to be more successful twhen compared to existing dental biomaterials, for this reason the use of platelet concentrates is likely to remain a small niche type of treatment.


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