Plastic Surgery Instructor: Runna Alghazo Section : 205 Name: Maram Alkhaibari Id: 201201083 Major: computer engineering Table of Contents

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Plastic Surgery

Instructor: Runna Alghazo

Section : 205

Name: Maram Alkhaibari

Id: 201201083

Major: computer engineering

Table of Contents




Research Questions


Research thesis


Research importance




Important Definitions


Literature Review



Physical Causes


Psychological Causes


Types of plastic surgery


Side effect





Research question number 1 results


Research question number 2 results


Research question number 3 results



Research question number 1 discussion


Research question number 2 discussion


Research question number 3 discussion








Plastic surgery

  1. Introduction

Beauty is a requirement for all people, but now it over the limit and most of the people do not accept there appearance. In recent years, plastic surgery has become a part of the expenses of some families monthly. People spend large amount of money on plastic surgery and most of the time they do not need this plastic surgery. Plastic surgery change the main goal of it and it became a trade. What I want to talk about is the large number of people who go for this plastic surgery.

The obsession with beauty lead some people to the risk. A high amount of female make the plastic surgeries even in young age. Yet, T.V shows focus in appearance of stars every women want to be look like those stars So they make these surgeries without hesitated. Many people go to the less price and did not ask about the doctors degree and experience. Now, we have many people who work in this domain some of the do not have academic qualifications and just fool people. There for, the number of file plastic surgery are increase also the side effect and many people suffer form that for long time. That cause many of sad effect and change the beauty to plastic human.
We cannot deny the distinctive role that most of the plastic surgeries did to help us to get rid of burns ,wounds and some of the common injuries that already caused a change is evident in the overall shape of the human being, whether male or female. At the same time, plastic surgery changed the main reason of it and it became an obsession known as "New Look".

  1. Research Questions (at least 3 research questions)

  • What are the reasons that lead to obsession with plastic surgery?

  • What is the most popular plastic surgery?

  • What are the steps to make a safe plastic surgery ?

  1. Research Thesis

Plastic surgeries in the last 10 years are so popular and the people obsession with it especially women. There are many reasons for that lead to obsession with plastic surgery such as T.V and movie stars and some other psychically reasons like lack of self-confidences and aging. Botox, hair remove and teeth-whitening as knowing as Hollywood smile are the most popular surgeries that just take a few hours and you can buy some products and do it at home. Of course all that changes in appearance would not be cheap people who obsession with plastic surgery spend thousands in one visit to doctors.

  1. Research Importance

The importance of research is to define the reasons that make people go for plastic surgery and reasons that make them obsession with it. Understanding all the views about plastic surgery for both of the people they go for plastic surgery or for those do not agree with plastic surgery. finally, increase the awareness about plastic surgery to avoid any side effect of it and help people to control the needed of plastic surgery.

  1. Methodology

The methodology that will be use in this research to collect information are websites are related to the research. Also, electronic books and PMU E-brary that include filed study and export opinions. Survey on 10-20 girls to get there feedback about topic. T.V broadcast show with Doctor to talk about her knowledge about the topic and show some real examples to explain what she said.

  1. Important Definitions

Plastic Surgery: the adjective plastic denotes sculpting or reshaping.

Cosmetic Surgery: aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person.

Botox: trademark a preparation of botulin toxin used to treat muscle spasm and to remove wrinkles.

Breast Augmentation: Also known as augmentation mammoplasty; breast enlargement by surgery.

Syndactyly: When fingers are fused together.

Human fat: Harvested from your own body and used as an injectable filler for soft tissue augmentation.

Cleft lip: The incomplete formation of the upper lip.

literature review

According to Nordqvist (2014), plastic surgery is type of surgeries that done to enhance people appearance by reshaping the face and the body and sometimes to enhance body functions after accident or burns. Ahmad (2014) state there are 40 billion dollar spent on plastic surgery on 2013, 15 million people did plastic surgery on 2013 and the number of plastic surgery done on 2013 are increased 700%. Those numbers are really huge and prove that plastic surgery now is more than a normal surgery and it became an obsession. In this literature review will defined the physical causes and Psychological causes. Also, types of plastic surgery and the differences between them. Finally, the side effect of file plastic surgery and how we can avoid it.

Physical causes :

Physical causes mostly about the disability of body functions. That kind of causes not for a specific age or gender so you can see a child make surgery because of that. Birth disorders is a most common physical causes. High numbers of people cannot live with those birth disorders beside those physical disability they had a less self-confidents. According to statistics from the America Society of Plastic Surgeons (2008), about eight millions surgeries done to fix a birth disorders in 2008 and it was in all ages. The second kind of physical causes are accidents, car accidents can case lose some parts of the body or disability the functions. Also, burns can make a big damage in skin and body appearance. Moreover, many people cannot deal with aging and how their face be full of wrinkles epically women they want to be always look younger and beautiful.

Psychological causes :

Psychological causes are a real issue comparing to the physical causes because that can solved by fix those reasons. Psychological causes it related to no reasons just how people image him-self and how he feel about his appearance. Many reasons consists this mental Image :

  • low self-esteem :

According to Can (2012) low self-esteem is a main reason to motivate people to make plastic surgery. That come from the way people think about them-self for example they said I am not beautiful and know one will fill in love with me or I cannot have a great job because my appearance. So, a lot of people consider plastic surgery to change this image but when they start making a surgery they cannot stop because they do not have a self- confidence and that is a main reason of all that. In fact many doctors do not care about the reasons that lead people to make a cosmetic surgery.

  • Media:

Media is a faster way to produce anything. According to Hua (2013), big companies around the world try to fool the audience by use celebrities in ad to produce famous brands. Now, media can change the image of beauty that was in people mind and create a new one. That make high motivate to tradition and be like those beautiful models in ad and happy like those celebrities. Moreover, media leads women to feel they are dissatisfied with their bodies and increase a low self-esteem. Also, make woman take extreme measures in order to resemble the ideal body image (Hua,2013).

Types of plastic surgery :

Plastic surgery is general word to describe any procedure of changing face or body. In fact plastic surgery defined into two parts :

  • Plastic surgery :

According to Morrison (2008), Plastic surgery is a first type of plastic surgery it amides to enhance body functions and repairing defects to a normal function. Actually, this type of surgery used in medical cases and it necessary and urgently. The reasons to make this surgery divide into two main parts. First birth disorders , like cleft palate and Scar Revision Surgery . Scorned accident: like lose arms in car accident or burns.

  • Cosmetic surgery :

Cosmetic surgery is a new type of plastic surgery and it is extension of plastic surgery. It develop to enhance the appearance and increase the beauty. That type of surgeries are more common now and it is improve faster since we hair about technic after short time they create another. Cosmetic surgery contains many types such as breast enhancement, facial contouring, facial rejuvenation, body contouring and skin rejuvenation ( Morrison,2008).

Side Effect:

Most of the people did not see the author side of plastic surgery and just see what the beauty it Produces. According to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (2013), 41% of plastic surgeries are fill in British each year and this number increase every day. The fill plastic surgery make people suffer of Permanent deformation , disability of body functions and depression because they do not accept the new image that surgeries give them. Doctor Jehan (2014) analyze the main reason of side effect is the people did not know their rights. So they be shy to ask doctor about his qualifications and the license of the clinic, what the medicines used in surgeries and what are the side effect of it and that all should know before doing the surgery. After the surgery fill they should go to the military of health and explained to them what happened to punishment the doctors and check if he is a real doctor or not (Jehan ,2014).

Conclusion :

In conclusion, plastic surgery is to enhance appearance and everyone should know how to control his needed of making surgery. Knowing the reasons that lead to make plastic surgery is important to avoiding the obsession with it and give a clear idea about it. Psychological causes can be a real problem and the doctors should awareness about it especially for teenagers. Divined the type of plastic surgery help to divined the impotent and decide of it is urgently or you have time to think about it again. Plastic surgery can cause a lot of side effect so the people should know what their rights and do not be hesitated to ask anything to doctor and that will make them confortable before doing anything urgently and remorse for a long time after that.

Research Q 1: What are the reasons that lead to obsession with plastic surgery?

From a survey on 16 students about a plastic surgery. My question was what do you think is the main reason that makes people go for plastic surgery? and If you had answered "Others", please specify the "Others" . I gave a three options witch was a boost self-esteem, media and others. The major answer I got is boost self-esteem 50% of students agree that is the main reason that lead to obsession with plastic surgery. After that media come as a second reason in small different in percentage and it got 43.75%. For option others I just got to answers that worth 6.25% and one of the answers was breast reduction to avoid back pain from large breasts.

Research Q 2: What is the most popular plastic surgery?

Questions 5 in survey is are about the most popular plastic surgery. By giving many options of a plastic surgery types which Botox, Nose Reshaping and Teeth-whiting. In survey result the high numbers go to Nose Reshaping which 43.75% of them agree it is the most popular plastic surgery. In second place is Botox in different in two responses comparing to Nose Shaping with 31.25%. In third place Teeth-whiting and it got a lower percentage than other two types which was 25%.

Research Q 3: What are the steps to make a safe plastic surgery ?

( Jehan,2014) explained the steps to make a safe plastic surgery. She said as an export in this domain the most important step is the patient should know all the procedures in the surgery, using materials and what are the possible side effects. The second step which is to make sure that the surgeon is an experienced and have an accreditation certificate to conduct surgeries. The last step is the responsibility of the surgeon to clarifying the future after the surgery and a remind that the side effects are forever and the patient will need to multiple surgeries to remove those side effects.

What are the reasons that lead to obsession with plastic surgery?

There are many reasons why people are obsessed with plastic surgery but the survey results shows lack of self-confidence and the media are the most important reasons and I can say they are the psychological factors of obsession with plastic surgery. Lack of self-confidence is a most important reason many people go for plastic surgery to change their appearance in way to enhance their self-confidence . A large number of people believe that their outward appearance is decrease their opportunities to have a great jobs also in the emotional level people think if they have a different appearance or if they did some plastic surgery they will be more attractive and have a big chance to make someone love them. In some cases people will afraid of aging and think about what people will say about their appearance when they have wrinkles so they go for plastic surgery to caver the aging and to be more confidence with their appearance. The second important reason to obsessed with plastic surgery is media. The girls who participate the survey and choose the media as a main factor to go for plastic survey the notice how ad ,TV shows and movies star influence in the people around them and make them think more about their appearance. Based on (Hua,2013) media were able to change people's idea of beauty, where he became promoted for one model of beauty and canceled the specific symbol of the traditional culture. International companies that interested in fashion and beauty, which is keen to choose models with specific elements of beauty to present their products, which make people connect this kind of beauty with a manifestation of beauty and fashion. Also, celebrities have the ability to influence in the fans by their external appearance and that could be a great motivation for the fans to go for plastic surgery and look like their favorite star especially teenagers and people in young age.

What is the most popular plastic surgery?
After discussed the main factors of that lead people to go for plastic surgery there are still a common question what is the most popular plastic surgery. The result of survey shows a similar percentage between the types of plastic surgery and that confirm that people still not have a same answer of this question. The girls who go for Nose Shaping because that is the most surgery they sow the celebrities did, but is the real statistic shows that?. In fact, Nose Shaping is goes in second place after Breast Augmentation that what (American Society of Plastic Surgeons,2014) shows. The reason Why people not think about Breast Augmentation as a most popular plastic surgery because it hard to notice the change of the person who did the surgery not said that, but in Nose Shaping the result is very obvious to all. For those who choose Botox are have a same concept of Nose Shaping surgery according to what celebrities did and the result they sow. Also, Botox is kind of safe surgery because the result may gone after couple months unlike the author surgeries that have a big side effects and cannot move easily only of you make more plastic surgeries. Many of the girls in result think about Teeth-whiting and that was a logic answer for them because they sow in their society how people are drink coffee, tea and the other kinds of hot drinks a lot . Those drinks mostly have colors and cause a change of the normal teeth color and make it near to yellow. Also, smoking and the author medical causes like a lack of calcium and teeth illnesses cause the change of teeth color. I can say Teeth-whiting is less expensive than any other surgeries because they just buy the products and do it at home by themselves. Even for those how go to the specific clinic to white their teeth they will not pay as the people how did Nose Shaping. Moreover ,it have the same reason that motivate people to go for Nose Shaping which the number of celebrities who did Teeth-Whiting and fast result and short time of remove the effects like Botox. All in all, every answer in result come from the participate back ground and society.

What are the steps to make a safe plastic surgery ?

With the high number of plastic surgery the number of failed surgeries are increase. Many people are wondering what are the steps to make a safe plastic surgery. The majority of people look to plastic surgery as a simple step to increase beauty and they are not care about the safety as when they think about the rest of the surgeries. In fact, plastic surgery may be much more dangerous than other surgery. ( Jehan,2014) divide the steps into three important stages to avoid the failed surgery. The first stage is related to the patient a lot of patients feel embarrassed to ask the surgeon about anything related to the surgery of materials and equipment and they think only surgeon who admiration to these matters. So, a lot of patients see that this medicine in surgery has caused them side effects while others did not occur to them any effects. The second stage is to ascertain from the extent for the surgeon and the permit to practice the surgery. A lot of patients feel that those questions put them in embarrassment with the surgeon, but this is one of the reasons that lead surgeon to fool people. Some patients once they see the surgeon certificate may be sure of his credibility, but there are a lot of forged certificates and the only way to sureness is to communicate with health military and search for the name of the surgeon. The last stage, which is the responsibility of the surgeon to give the patient a full explanation of what will happen during surgery and after surgery, and by giving the image to the change on the external after the surgery and the side effects. Many surgeons aim to make money from the patient in any way, and even if they believes that this patient does not need to plastic surgery and it may cause them to deform rather than the beauty of their appearance. As well as the side effects the psychological effects for patient because a lack of explanation form surgeon of difficult removal of the surgery effect, which is reflected on the patient after the surgery and cause a depression and some of the social problems because they lack of acceptance of this changes in their external appearance. Some patient may go to make a large number of surgeries to returns their normal appearance, which could harm their physical and psychological health and cause them to lose a lot of money and time.

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