Pin entry Plus List Management User Guide

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PIN Entry Plus - List Management User Guide

Leader instructions

Administrator and Super Administrator instructions

Confirmation Screens

The PIN Code Management tool will allow conference users to upload a PIN code list for added security and/or participant identification.

    • Allows conferencing leaders to add guest PIN list to their profiles (guest PIN list allow external participants to be identified when they join a conference).

    • Allows company designated Administrators to add, modify, or delete the company or account-level PIN code list.

    • Allows participants to join a reserved audio call using a passcode for validation and a PIN code to identify their credentials

    • Leaders will receive a participant list from a conference coordinator

Leader Instructions

Uploading a Leader Guest PIN List via Manage My Meetings

From, a conference leader will select the “PIN Code Management” link from the Manage My Meetings (MMM) login box. Each conference leader must have a MMM login name and password to upload their guest PIN list.

From the Reserved Audio or My Identity tabs, select the “Manage PIN Codes” button to access the PIN Code Management site.

Conferences that have a 1 next to the conference ID have PIN Entry Plus enabled.

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