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Picture of business concept or logo & Business contact Information

Address: Map:

Baldwin Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Tel: 647-894-0773

E-mail: info@ramenrestaurant.com


Mission Statement & Company Value

Ramen restaurant serves a Japanese noodle soup that is called Ramen in Japanese. Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that consists of a meaty broth, noodles and vegetables and meats.

Ramen was originally imported from China in 1700s. It has become a very popular dish in Japan. There are more than 200000 Ramen restaurants in Japan. Moreover, Ramen has been standing all over the world. For example, there are 18 Ramen restaurants in Manhattan New York City, and also there are about 30 Ramen restaurants in Vancouver.

However you have never seen any real Japanese noodle Ramen restaurant in Toronto. Our mission is to introduce Japanese delicious dish and to become widely known in Toronto. In addition, all of employees are Japanese speakers, then we create Japanese atmosphere and provide Japanese customer service for Canadian.

Ownership & Management Structure

Ramen restaurant has sole management.

General Manager / Head chef (Restaurant Manager) / Administration Manager / Accountant / Web Designer / Chef (4) full time /Kitchen helper (11) part time / Server (15) part time
We open 7 days in a week, we need 4 kitchen staff and 4 servers in lunch time, and 4 kitchen staff and 4 servers in dinnertime.
Products and/or Services

There are many Japanese restaurants in Toronto. But there is no Ramen restaurant in Toronto. Sushi is very popular food as Japanese dish. However Ramen is more popular and common food in Japan. This is great opportunity to open Ramen restaurant in Toronto. For example, Japanese tapas bar is called Izakaya in Japanese was not popular in Toronto 2 years ago. After Izakaya which is Guu Izakaya came from Vancouver. Izakaya industry has been getting popular and many Sushi Japanese restaurants changed name as Izakaya in Toronto.

Our Product Ramen

The soup bases by a large amount of pork bone stock, chicken stock, fish broth and vegetable broth. The soup has rich flavour. Good pork fat with a lot of collagen is believed to be effective not only for keeping beautiful skin but also anti-aging. In fact, people from Okinawa islands in south part of Japan. Who are known to have the healthiest and the longest lifespan in the world, have their secrets of living a long life in their diet that involves a lot of pork and pork fat oil. The ramen is exceptional, unforgettable, and scrumptious dish that is not found anywhere else in Toronto.

Ramen Noodle

Soft Drinks


BGM Japanese song

40 customer capacity

Patio 12 sheets


Japanese style of customer service

Target Market

Demographics: Couple, Family, single, and student. Age 10 - 60.

Ramen can be first food. So it is important to serve ramen for many people. and to keep up turnover rate especially in lunch time. However, we serve liquor and some appetisers, so customer can stay longer in dinner time. It is important to sell alcohol to make profit in dinner time.

U of T students: U of T campus is in just one block away from the restaurant.

Ramen cost just $9.00 each. Ramen is known as first food in Japan.

And volume is quite huge. The ramen is great for Students.

OCAD students: OCAD is also in one block away.

Chinese in China town: not only Chinese, but also other Asian is interested in Japanese food.

Many people visit Chinatown for shopping. Therefore the restaurant can

get many people from Chinatown

Japanese in Toronto area: there is many Japanese students in Toronto.

And also immigrant, works from Japan. The must miss real Japanese


Hospital works: the area has many hospitals on University street. So that many workers will come

To have lunch on weekdays.

How to reach customers: our target is mainly students, therefore we create social media advertisement such as facebook, twitter and website. We upload pictures, movie, and new menus.

And also for families, we make post card for discount service.
Partnership Grid

As a food industry, it is very important to keep great relationship with around. Not only neighbour customers, but also suppliers, competitors, residences, and government.

Financial Position

Start up costs Revenues



License Permit


Security system


Food material








Kitchen Stove




Dish Machine


Big table


Wash Sinks(4)


Small wares


Cooler and freezer




original bowls




Total start up costs




Cost of sales


Gross Margin





Other Costs









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Personal Interview

Nobuaki Urata Head chef / Manager at Kintaro Ramen in Vancouver

(personal communication, March, 10, 2012)
Hyunsoo Kim. General Manager of Guu Izakaya Toronto

(Personal communication, March 11, 2012)

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