Personal Protective Equipment (ppe) pod notes

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) POD Notes

Face shields protect your face and neck from flying particles and chemical splashes. They don't protect your eyes, however. If you are required to use a face shield while working, you must also wear either safety glasses or chemical-splash-proof goggles. This warning is printed right on the face shield.

What provides more protection? Ear plugs or ear muffs? Each hearing protection device has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). This tells how much that particular device will reduce the noise. Earplugs generally have a greater NRR than earmuffs. But neither provides protection unless worn!

Keep making sure that the first "P" in your "PPE" doesn't stand for "Part-time," and that the "S" in your "SOP" doesn't stand for "Shortcut." Many a finger, a job, a mission, even a career, has been cut short by a shortcut. - From the archives of the Summary of Mishaps

During many daily shipboard evolutions, personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required in the performance of your duties. Division officers are required to provide the proper type of (PPE) and supervisors are to ensure that all personnel assigned to his/her division are trained in the proper use and wear of (PPE).

All hands must ensure that they wear the required personal protective equipment (PPE) to perform there assignments in a proper manner. If the required (PPE) is not available to do the assigned work, or if instruction is needed on how to wear or use the equipment, notify your supervisor immediately.  

Naval Safety Center | 375 A Street, Norfolk VA 23511-4399 | 757-444-3520

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