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Personal grooming and hygiene are two of the most important factors in food handling, not only for company image but also for food safety. As representatives of the company, an appearance demonstrating excellent grooming and hygiene is a requirement of the job. These grooming standards are in accordance with division standards and HACCP food handling requirements.

Use of make-up and jewelry must be kept to a minimum. They must be in good taste and present a professional image. No buttons or jewelry may be affixed to the uniform unless they are a company-sponsored promotion or program. Only one plain wedding band or hand ring may be worn in food handling positions. Additionally, earrings that may possibly dislodge may not be worn. Wristwatches are not allowed in food service positions due to the inability to properly wash the wrist area. No other type of jewelry may be worn in a food service position. Delivery personnel may be required to have a watch, which must be removed when hands and wrists are washed.
Visible facial piercings (eyebrow, nose, lip, etc.) are prohibited in all positions. Tongue rings are permitted but should not be a distraction when communicating with guests. Safe, professional looking necklaces, bracelets and nail polish may be worn by administrative and office personnel who will not be required to work in food service.

While on duty, you are required to wear your nametag in an approved area of your uniform.

If your position allows you to wear jeans, they must be neat and without rips and holes. Lycra or other very tight stretch pants, as well as sweat pants or work out pants may not be worn. Professional stirrup pants and slacks may be worn in administrative positions. Clothing must be neat, pressed (if appropriate) and clean. Do not alter the uniform in any way. Shorts may be allowed based on unit guidelines and position.
Fingernails must be trimmed and clean. Nail polish and false nails are prohibited in food service, cashier, checker, and other positions (such as office coordinator) that may be required to assist food service operations.
Restrain your hair. Employees that handle, serve, or prepare food shall wear hairnets, hats, or approved hair restraints. Long ponytails must be braided or completely restrained. Hats with bills must be turned forward. (Exception: checkers who do not handle food do not need to restrain hair.)
Hair should be clean and neatly combed. Hair length, style, and color should be professional, neat and appropriate. Hair should not fall on the face or obstruct eye to eye contact at any time. If you color your hair, it should be a natural color and you should take care to ensure that roots remain the same color as the rest or your hair. Hair may not be excessively adorned with ribbons, clips, wires, beads, glitter, etc. Plain, simple devices such as barrettes or hair holders are acceptable provided they are business like and do not pose a safety hazard.
Approved safety shoes are required. They must have closed toes, closed heel, be non-slip, with a firm arch support. Leather and vinyl shoes provide the best protection. For this reason, sandals and canvas shoes are not permitted. Safe, professional style shoes are acceptable for office positions.
Employees must be clean-shaven or have neatly trimmed beards or mustaches. A beard net may be required.

Tattoos (on the hands, arms, face, and neck) or other decorative body marks are discouraged when working with customers. Visible abrasions, bruises, hickeys, etc. may warrant temporary re-assignment out of a customer service position.

All employees must be properly protected against body odor and bathe or shower daily. However, excessive use of perfumes or scents is inappropriate. Proper dental care is expected including brushing teeth daily and using mouthwash.
Gum chewing and use of chewing tobacco products at work are prohibited at all times.
Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water in the restroom and again in the kitchen hand sink area after using the restroom. Wash hands again after smoking, eating, drinking, or touching anything that might contaminate the food.
Wear plastic gloves when handling ready to eat foods and when requested by management.
Adherence to the Uniform and Grooming Standards is a requirement of the job and condition of employment. Failing to adhere to these standards can be cause for being taken off future events.

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