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Personal Good Health and Appearance Work Sheet, Page 2

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Personal Good Health and Appearance Work Sheet, Page 2

E. What can be used to keep the hands from becoming chapped and dry due to frequent hand washing?

F. Hair should be kept . Long hair must be

kept and/or .
Uniforms should always be and free from .
If white uniforms are worn, and undergarments should be worn.
The only jewelry that should be worn with a uniform is a ,
, and .
Makeup should be used .
Good posture is important, describe the proper posture to prevent fatigue.

G. What rules do you think should apply to the following situations?
1. Male wearing earrings

2. Pierced eyebrow

3. Tattoo of a butterfly on the back of a hand

4. Dyed hair….blue, green, or red

5. Male with facial hair


The health care assistant enters the room dressed in a dirty, wrinkled uniform. You can’t see well, but you can see her striped underwear through her tight pants. She is decked out in ten gold chains that swing from her neck. She bends over to talk deafeningly in your unhealthy ears, and you feel nauseous. You are not sure if it is the strong pungent scent of her cologne mixed with sweat, or her breath, which reminds you of your poor dog, Spot. You wonder if she has ever brushed her teeth. Her long red claws tell you that bath time won’t be much fun. You wonder how particular she will be with your cleanliness. You suddenly feel embarrassed and resistant to your personal care, and all the time you wonder why she doesn’t introduce herself. You suppose she will call you “Sweetie.” She doesn’t tell you what she will be doing next. You guess she is fed up with you because you can’t take care of yourself. All of a sudden, you remember a former experience in which you were mistreated.
How would you feel if you were this patient, and what would you do?

Letter of Application

  • Accompanies resume

  • Goal is to get an interview

  • Typewritten on good quality paper

  • MUST be neat, complete, correct format, correct spelling, and grammar NO ERRORS

  • Address it to the correct individual

  • Correct spelling of name

  • Correct title

  • No name? Address it to “Personnel Director” or to the department head

Letter of Application: Contents

  • Paragraph One

  • Purpose for writing

  • Interest in position

  • If advertisement, name & date of publication

  • If referred, name and title of the referring person

  • Paragraph Two

  • Why you are qualified

  • Why you want to work there

  • Be brief, most information on resume

  • Paragraph Three

  • State “resume included”

  • May reference features of resume that might attract attention

  • Final Paragraph

  • Closure

  • Your contact information (telephone # and times available)

  • Thank you


  • Thorough yet concise

  • Education, experience, abilities

  • Makes you appear qualified

  • Typed, attractive, and well organized

  • Good quality paper

  • Correct spelling and punctuation

  • Straight, even margins

  • If copies, be sure they are clear and appealing in appearance

  • Format varies; find a style that fits you. You can get copies of different styles from your teacher or use the examples given in DHO.

  • One page sufficient

Parts of a Resume′

  • Personal Identification

  • Employment objective, career goal

  • Educational background, special courses if they support job position

  • Employment experience, could include volunteer experience

  • Skills

  • Other activities

  • References


Points to Consider

  • Honesty the best policy

  • A or B average – include it…if lower, don’t mention it

  • Select format that fits your information

  • Look at sample resumes

  • Be sure envelope is typed and addressed correctly

Preparing for a Job Interview

  • Bring your social security card, and/or resume

  • Research the company/job so you’ll show knowledge of the position you seek

  • Be sure you know the date and time of the interview, and the person’s name with whom you will interview

  • Dress appropriately! A dark suit is usually a good idea.

  • Wear conservative makeup, hair, nails

  • Be sure your teeth are clean, and wear antiperspirant

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early

Job Interview

  • Greet interviewer by name, smile, introduce yourself, firm handshake

  • Use correct grammar

  • Speak slowly and clearly, don’t mumble

  • Be polite

  • Maintain eye contact

  • Answer questions thoroughly

  • Do NOT smoke, chew gum, or eat anything

  • Sit up straight (good posture)

  • Smile, but don’t giggle

  • Be yourself

  • Listen carefully to the interviewer and be sure you answer the questions asked, don’t interrupt the interviewer

  • Never discuss personal problems or finances

  • Do not criticize former employers

Job Interview (continued)

  • Answer questions truthfully

  • Think before you respond

  • Brag about yourself a little

  • Do not immediately ask about salary or benefits – usually the interviewer will bring up the subject

  • When asked if you have questions, you should ask about job responsibilities, career opportunities, continuing education, or job orientation

  • Don’t expect to know about the job at the end of the interview

  • At the end, thank the interviewer and shake hands

  • Send a thank-you note, indicating your continued interest in the job

Common Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work here?

  • What makes you think you can do this job?

  • What work experience have you had? Why did you leave?

  • What subjects in school do you like best? Least?

  • Do you participate in extra-curricular activities?

  • What are your career goals?

  • What do you plan to be doing 5 years from now?

  • What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

  • What salary do you expect?

  • Why should we hire you?

Job-Keeping Skills

  • Strive to achieve the qualities needed for employment.

  • Correct grammar is a must, both written and spoken word, also correct spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

  • Report to work on the scheduled days and at the correct time.

  • Be prepared to work once you get to work. Develop a good work ethic.

  • Observe all legal and ethical responsibilities.

  • Follow the policies and procedures of your workplace facility.

Job-Keeping Skills (con’t)

  • Be willing to learn new procedures and techniques.

  • Take the initiative; if you see a job that needs to be done, do it.

  • Have a positive attitude and be willing to work with others. Concentrate on the good aspects of a job and the rewards it can provide.

  • Take the responsibility for your mistakes. If you make a mistake, report it. Honesty is the best policy. Make every effort to correct your mistakes.

  • Show a willingness to learn. Ask questions.

Employment Portfolio Activity Sheet

Project/Activity: The objective of this activity is to analyze several components related to seeking and finding employment as a health team member.

1. Construct an Employment Portfolio from construction paper or you may purchase a folder. This will count as a major test grade. Your portfolio must include the following sections, separated by dividers (purchased or self-made):

  1. A cover letter for a job described in the classified section of the newspaper under Health Care. You will include a rough draft as well as a typed or hand-written final draft. (15 points)

  1. A resume including a rough draft and typed final draft (30 points)

c. Completed job application (10 points)

  1. Questions to be asked by you during a job interview (10 points)

  1. Thank-you note for the job interview (10 points)

  1. Sample letter of resignation (10 points)

  1. List of individuals you may personally know, or who may know someone who might help you secure employment in the health care industry (5 points)

  1. Presentation and neatness (10 points)

2. Participate in a mock interview during class with a paired partner and/or your instructor. Obtain the HOSA Competitive Event Guidelines for Job-Seeking Skills and use this as a guide.

Due Date:

Employability Skills Scenarios

Respond to the following scenarios.

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