Personal Characteristics

display a positive attitude

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display a positive attitude.

Self-Motivation: The ability to begin or

follow through with a task

without constant direction.

Tact: The ability to say or do the kindest or

most fitting thing in a difficult situation.

Competence: Being qualified and capable of

performing a task.

Responsibility: Being willing to be held

accountable for your

Discretion: Using good judgment in what you

say and do.

Each of these characteristics and attitudes must be practiced and learned. Some take more time to develop than others.

Anticipation/Prediction Guide

Before reading: In the space to the left of each statement, place a check mark () if you agree or think the statement is true.
During or after reading: Add new check marks or cross through those about which you have changed your mind.
Before After
----------- 1. Health care workers must possess certain attitudes, ------------

characteristics and appearances.

----------- 2. Most attitudes and characteristics are developed through a ------------

concentrated effort to learn and practice.

----------- 3. Because health care promotes health and the prevention of ------------

disease, health care workers must present a healthy example

to those they come in contact with.
----------- 4. The five main factors that promote good health are diet, rest, ------------

exercise, good posture and the avoidance of tobacco, alcohol

and drugs.
----------- 5. Tobacco affects the circulatory system and the digestive system ------------

as well as the respiratory system.

----------- 6. A professional appearance helps inspire confidence and a ------------

positive self-image.

----------- 7. The place of employment helps determine the type of uniform ------------


----------- 8. Name tags are not required. ------------
----------- 9. OSHA sets certain standards for the type of uniforms and ------------

shoes that must be worn.

----------- 10. Hair, nails, good personal hygiene and a limited amount of ------------

make-up help create a professional image.

----------- 11. Being aware of the rules and standards that are required by ------------

the place of employment helps health care workers become a

valuable asset to members of the health care team.

BEFORE READING (or viewing, listening, etc.):
1. Students INDIVIDUALLY read statements and SELECT those they think to be true, or with which they agree.
2. Put students in small groups to discuss which ones they chose, and why they did so.
3. Now ask the students to READ the article/text, keeping the prediction guide in front of them, CONFIRMING or REVISING their opinions on the sheet.
(Remind students to take brief notes so they can present evidence to back-up their beliefs in the next step. An alternative is for students to note the page, column, and paragraph for each piece of evidence supporting their conclusion. Also, students should be reminded that this sort of activity often requires inferential thinking, or reading between the lines. Thus, evidence to support a particular viewpoint may come from more than one place in the text.)

  1. Put students back in the same groups to discuss and come to SMALL GROUP CONSENSUS about what ones should be checked. (They will need to be reminded that they must provide evidence to convince others.)

  1. Teacher takes the selections of the group that comes to a consensus first and shares with the whole class when all groups have finished. The TEACHER ARBITRATES as the class compares with the selections of the first group, trying to bring the whole CLASS TO CONSENSUS.

This discussion should be facilitated by the teacher, but owned by the students in the class. The teacher should only get involved to maintain control, or in the rare event that students do not reach reasonable conclusions. It is also important to note that, at times, the discussion will not end in consensus. It may be impossible to reach consensus; however, the process of attempting to do so is the valuable part of the exercise. (This is where students will be exercising critical thinking by the very nature of the discussion.)

Personal Characteristics

Matching Quiz

Match the following:
___ 1. Saying the most fitting thing
___ 2. Learn for constructive comments
___ 3. Knowing not to share confidential information
___ 4. Understanding another person’s feelings
___ 5. Being accountable for your actions
___ 6. Controlling your temper in difficult situations
___ 7. Determining things that need to be done
___ 8. Willing to admit mistakes
___ 9. Working with a positive attitude
___10. Obtaining additional education to adapt to change
___11. Being qualified and capable to perform a task
___12. Accepting responsibility for your job

  1. Empathy e. Honesty i. Enthusiasm

  2. Responsibility f. Self-motivation j. Discretion

  3. Dependability g. Acceptance of Criticism k. Tact

  4. Competence h. Willingness to learn l. Patience

Name: Date:

Personal Good Health and Appearance Work Sheet
Directions: Complete the following short answer and completion questions.
A. List four factors that contribute to good health and briefly describe in complete sentences why each factor is beneficial.





B. Which of these do you think is the MOST important for future health care professionals? Why?


C. List three ways to control body odor.



D. Why must fingernails be kept short and clean?

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