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Health Care Facilities and Agencies

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Health Care Facilities and Agencies

  1. Place the name of the type of health care facility beside each description.

  1. _______________________ provide assistance and care for mainly elderly patients.

  2. _______________________ provide special care for accidents or sudden illness.

  3. _______________________ deal with mental disorders and disease.

  4. _______________________ health centers are located in large companies or industries.

  5. _______________________ offices are usually owned by one or more dentists.

  6. _______________________ perform special diagnostic tests.

  7. _______________________ provide care in a patient’s home.

  8. _______________________ provide physical, occupational, and other therapies.

  1. Hospitals are classified into four types depending on the sources of income received. List the four (4) main types.

  1. List four (4) services offered by medical offices.

  1. List four (4) examples of services that can be provided by home health care agencies.

  1. Identify four (4) services offered by school health services.

  1. An international agency sponsored by the United Nations is the __________________ __________________________.

  1. A national agency that deals with health problems in America is the ______________________________.

  1. Another national organization that is involved in the research of disease is the ______________________________________.

  1. A federal agency that establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses is the ________________________________________.

  1. List four (4) services that can be offered by State and local health departments.

Non-Profit Organizations

This assignment is due:

You are to investigate two different health-related organizations within your community and/or school. You may choose from the following categories of organizations, using a minimum of at least two of the categories:

  • Church

  • Civic

  • School

  • Professional

Investigate the following characteristics of each of the organizations:

  • Name

  • Purpose of the organization (10 pts.)

  • Membership requirements (5 pts)

  • Leadership/skill training (10 pts.)

  • Activities (10 pts.)

Use the phone, available printed materials, the Internet, or interviews to gather information.

Write a summary for each organization investigated. In the summary, include the source of the information and an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of membership in each organization. (15 pts.)
Grading: Documentation for each organization will earn a maximum of 50 points, as noted above.
** Remember you may only research one school organization and it cannot be HOSA. **
Designing a Game for the Health Care System


  • Working in your assigned group, design a board game related to the health care delivery system.

  • The game must have a creative name, and include as many facts as possible as outlined on your information sheet.

  • The game must have written directions and rules for playing.

  • If you need dice or game cards, you must make these.

  • It must be colorful and fun!!

  • Poster board for each group will be provided, as well as markers.

  • Remember games must be marketed, so you must also design a commercial for your game that last 90 to 120 seconds. Do not forget a snazzy jingle.

  • This will count as a project/test grade.

10 points Creative name for game.

20 points Colorful game board and playing pieces if needed.

25 points (At least 15 facts included in the game. Will get 5 point bonus if have 20 or more facts.)

15 points Written directions and rules.

15 points Commercial advertising project.

15 points Oral Presentation (Be creative)
** Your group will have 10 minutes to complete an oral presentation on _______________.
Points will be deducted if the presentation is less than 5 minutes or more than 7 minutes. Practice to get your timing correct.

Health Care System Jigsaw - Part A


You will become an expert on hospitals. Make sure you find the answer to the questions below. Return to your group when told and teach this information to them.

  1. Explain how each of the following hospitals are financed.





  1. Differentiate between a specialty hospital and a general hospital.

  1. Give three examples of a specialty hospital.

  1. Give three examples of government hospitals.

  1. Define university hospitals and explain how they are funded.

Health Care System Jigsaw - Part B

Outpatient Services

You will become an expert on part of the outpatient services. Make sure you answer the questions below. Return to your group when instructed and teach the information to them.

  1. Name services that can be obtained in medical offices and who owns them.

  1. Name 3 types of specialties seen in medical offices and define them.

  1. Define clinic. Identify three types of clinics and the services they provide.

  1. Define outpatient clinic.

  1. What type of clinics does the Health Department have?

  1. Define emergency care services.

  1. Give examples of emergency care services and tell how these are funded.

  1. Name the services that can be done at Medical Laboratories, and Dental Laboratories

  1. Define hospice.

  1. What type of care does hospice provide and where?

  1. Define Mental Health facilities and give 3 examples.

  1. What type of care does a Rehabilitation facility provide?

  1. Define Industrial Health Care Center.

  1. What services do school health services provide?

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