Personal Appearance/Hygiene Post Test

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Personal Appearance/Hygiene Post Test

Answer Key

  1. Mark an “X” next to the statements that are correct

When grooming you should:

__X__ cut toenails straight across

__X__ use lotion on skin when it’s dry

__X__ brush hair daily

__X__ brush and floss teeth after every meal

__X__ when in the shower wash from top to bottom

  1. Mark a “T” next to those statements that are true. Mark an “F” next to those statements that are false.

__F__ You should shower or bathe 1-2 times weekly

__F__ When washing your body you should start with your feet and work your way up your body

__T__ You should put on deodorant after every time you shower or bathe

__F__ It is important to visit a dentist once every two years.

__T__ It is important to wash your face regularly to avoid skin irritation or breakouts

  1. Circle what you believe is the right price for each hygiene product:













How much do you think you spend each month on hygiene products? What if you could only buy 3 which ones would you buy? Money spend on hygiene products on a monthly basis should range from $10-$20. Individuals should include some form of soap/bodywash, and toothpaste in their 3 hygiene items.

  1. Match the following symbols with their meanings:

    1. Wash

    1. Tumble dry

    1. Bleach

    1. Dryclean

    1. Iron

  1. Match the following codes to their symbol:

    1. Cool/low

    1. Warm/medium

    1. Permanent press cycle

    1. Hot/high

    1. Do not

    1. Gentle/delicate cycle

  1. Match the following stain removal methods to the stain that is to be removed:

__b__ blood a. Pretreat with stain remover, liquid laundry detergent, paste of

powder detergent, and water. Rinse. Launder

__e__ chewing gum b. Soak in cold water. Launder. If stain remains, use bleach safe for


__a__ lipstick c. Soak in enzyme product. If stain remains, use bleach safe for


__c__ grease d. Sponge or soak in cool water. Pretreat with prewash stain

remover or detergent and water. Launder using bleach safe for


__d__ cola e. Harden with ice, scrape off, saturate with cleaning fluid or

prewash stain remover. Rinse. Launder.

  1. Describe what you would wear to the following occasions: These might be typical answers however you may use your discretion.

    1. Job Interview: slacks, blouse, dress pants, collared shirt/tie, skirt, etc.

    2. On a date: casual top, tshirt, jeans, khakis, polo shirt, etc.

    3. Cleaning the house: sweat pants, sweatshirt, old tshirt, old jeans, etc

  1. Shirts and blouses should be pressed in the following order. List in order with “1” being the first step, “2” being the second step etc.

__3___ Trims, bows, ruffles

__1___ Seams

__2___ Insides of pocket flaps, cuffs, facings

__5___ Sleeves

__7___ Body of garment

__4___ Collars

__6___ Cuffs

  1. Match the following to their appropriate washer or dryer settings by putting the number of the matching setting in the blank:

Cycle: Normal

Temp: Hot

Cycle: Perm


Temp: Warm/Cold

Cycle: Delicate

Temp: Cold

. 2. 3.





. 5. 6.

_2__&_5__ Dark sweatshirts & jeans

_1__&_4__ White bedsheets, underwear, socks

_2__&_5__ Bright Colors, all cotton

_3__&_6__ Cotton blend sweaters & linen shirts/pants

_1__&_4__ Towels


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