Per Springfield Public Schools’ Board of Education Policy 720. 031

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Per Springfield Public Schools’ Board of Education Policy 720.031:

*…Required examinations and immunizations must be obtained by the first day of student attendance of the school year. Students who are new residents of Springfield must obtain examinations and immunizations within ten (10) days of enrollment.

Per District 186 Schools’ Student Handbook:

*Physical exam and up-to-date record of immunizations: required upon first entry into school and grades K, 6 and 9. Both are required prior to entry into school, with an exclusion date…

Per Illinois School Code Subpart D – Dental Examination:

*”…all children in kindergarten, second, and sixth grades…shall have a dental examination…before May 15 of each school year.”

Per amendment to Illinois School Code effective January 1, 2008 – Eye Examination:

All children enrolling in kindergarten…and any student enrolling for the first time in a public…school…must have an eye examination and present proof of the eye exam…

School Year 2016 – 2017 Grades K through 12 School Health Requirements

  • Health Examination by MD, APN, or PA on the 2-sided form required by State of Illinois – includes lead & diabetes screenings by medical provider & health history section by parent

  • DTP/DTaP/pediatric DT, or adult Td: a series of three or more doses (4 or more for kindergarten or 1st grade), the first 3 doses no less than four weeks apart, with the last dose a booster at least six months after the final dose and on or after the 4th birthday.

  • Tdap vaccination (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Acellular Pertussis) REQUIRED FOR ALL 6th – 12th GRADE STUDENTS

  • POLIO: Students entering kindergarten in 2016-2017must show proof of 4 or more doses of Polio with the last dose on or after the 4th birthday. For all other grades, a series of three or more doses with the last dose a booster on or after the 4th birthday (4 or more doses if any in the series is a combination polio vaccine type – IPV and OPV) are needed.

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) Vaccine: two doses - the first dose at 12 months of age or older

  • HEPATITIS B: Grades are Preschool and 6th-12th - 3 doses at proper intervals

  • VARICELLA (chickenpox): Preschool, Kindergarten-12th grade need1 dose after the 1st birthday or proof of disease/immunity. Grades K – 2nd and 6th – 11th need proof of a 2nd dose no less than 4 weeks after first dose.

  • Meningococcal vaccine: 6th and 7th grade one dose. 12th grade two doses. If first dose after 16th birthday, only one is needed.

  • Dental exam by a licensed dentist for grades Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th

  • Kindergarten students & students new to Illinois public schools: Eye examination by an ophthalmologist or optometrist (visual acuity, subjective refraction, internal and external exam, glaucoma evaluation, history)

Note: Per Child Health Examination Code: Out-of-state physical exam forms are accepted only for students transferring into Illinois schools for the first time. That exam must have been completed within one year prior to the date of entry into an Illinois school and must cover all required elements as listed on the Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination form.
Illinois Physical Exam and Immunization Requirements

Illinois law requires that all students entering a pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, sixth, or ninth grade program, or students transferring from out-of-state, have a physical examination within one year prior to the date of entering the school. The examination involves all components given on the State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination, including a complete immunization record, medical history, diabetes screening and lead assessments. Students transferring from another Illinois school must present copies of their current Illinois school health records. A dental exam is a State requirement for kindergarten, second, and sixth grades. An eye exam is required for kindergarten students and students new to Illinois schools.

Section 27-8.1 of the Illinois School Code states “if a child does not comply…then the local school authority shall exclude that child from school until such time as the child presents proof of having had either the health examination or those required immunizations which are medically possible to receive immediately.”

Religious Objections: Parents or guardians of a student may object to health examination, immunizations, and vision and hearing screening tests for their children on religious grounds by detailing, in writing, the specific grounds for the objection. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief that conflict with the examination, immunization or other medical intervention.

Medical Contra-indications: If a child cannot be fully immunized because of health reasons (medical contra-indication), the physician must state this fact on the health examination certificate. If for medical reasons one or more of the required immunizations must be given after the date of entrance of the current school year, a schedule for the administration of the immunizations and a statement of the medical reasons causing the delay must be signed by the health care provider who will administer the needed immunizations; this will be kept on file at the local school. If a child is delinquent for a scheduled appointment for immunization, he/she is no longer considered to be in compliance.

In the event of one diagnosed case of communicable disease such as measles or whooping cough, any student who is not protected by immunization shall be immediately excluded from school. This exclusion shall be in effect for 21 days following the last reported case or until the student can show proof of immunity.

April 2016

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