Pbis—Eagle Expectation Incentives Fall 2013 Pocket Full of Try—

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PBIS—Eagle Expectation Incentives

Fall 2013
Pocket Full of Try—

Each class will have a denim pocket on the “Pocket Full of Try” bulletin board. Like last year your students will be earning feathers for following Eagle Expectations. This year the feathers with be “TRY FEATHERS, and when your class receives one the TRY FEATHERS, you will put the feather in your classroom pocket. Other adults or teachers in the school will award feathers to classes. They can be given for whole-class recognition for following the Code of the Nest values, or Eagle Expectations. The goal will be for your class to earn 10 feathers to receive a class award. The award will be selected and managed by the classroom teacher. Teachers will be responsible for adding the feathers their class earns to their Pocket Full of TRY pocket. The goal of the TRY FEATHER incentive is to encourage students to practice the Code of the Nest values as well as Eagle Expectations in all common areas of the school and to encourage adults to recognize the positive behaviors of students.

TRY Tickets-

TRY tickets will be used in the same way as Eagle Eye tickets were used last year. They have been renamed to encourage students to develop tenacity and perseverance.

Class of the Week—

We will continue with choosing a class of the week each Monday morning and bringing them an award on Tuesday morning. You will email your total number of individual eagle eye tickets that your class has earned each week. This year we will JUST be counting Eagle Eye tickets!

Student of the Week—

Every Friday you will email Lorie the name of ONE student who has followed Eagle Expectations throughout the past week. Their name will be put into a drawing for an East Midvale T-Shirt from the Principal. Each Monday, 4 student names will be chosen over the news broadcast. Each teacher will fill out a certificate and send it home with their student of the week. Certificates will be available in the copy rooms. The goal is to encourage students to strive to be the student of the week for following Eagle Expectations.

Matrix Review and Training—

We will complete both Teacher and Student Matrix training at the beginning of the year. We will also be creating flip- books for you to use with your students to teach and reinforce the expectations OFTEN in your classrooms. We will provide a schedule of the things that should be reviewed each month. This will help our students to always be aware of Eagle Expectations.

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