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Other Peer-Reviewed Publications:

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Practice Guidelines and Standards:

1. Rainen L, Arbique JC, Asthana D, Earley MC, Geiszler RL, Krieg-Schneider F, Mannhalter C, Ogino S, Parish GT, Ballas C, Chandler LJ, Fernandes H, Ferrari M, Lechpammer M, WalkerPeach CR, Williams LO. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) Document MM13-A (Vol 25. Number 31). Collection, transport, preparation and storage of specimens for molecular methods; approved guideline. Clincal and Laboratory Standards Institute, Wayne, PA 2005.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications:
1. Ogino S. Spinal muscular atrophy [chapter]. In Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Genomics and Proteomics, edited by Fuchs J and Podda M. Dekker Publication, New York, NY. 2005.
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