Part 3: Learning About a Genre

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Lauren Zwonik

Part 3: Learning About a Genre

Objective: The goal for this project is to explore and learn about the world of Barbershop Music. I have always been curious about this genre of music, and when I listen to any of their music, I love their enthusiasm and that time period in music. By the end of the project I will understand the music, the dancing styles, and interview an enthusiast.
System of Events:

  1. Search Barbershop Music on Google and YouTube to figure out the kind of music it is and gather information on history, dancing styles, what makes it “Barbershop,” and the culture behind it. There are many things I can research about in this step.

  2. Create an outline for the different websites and tools I can use throughout the project to help with the Blendspace.

  3. Create a Blendspace of different aspects of Barbershop.

  4. Find an enthusiast and interview them about Barbershop music. Juliana Badalucco really enjoys the music so I will interview her with a series of questions.

  5. Create a video about a topic of my choosing, and teach it to someone separately. Talk about the interview and and what I discovered after the process.

  6. Teach the lesson to a person.

  7. Video blog about my reflections of the whole process thus far.

  8. Outline of how a teacher can recreate this lesson and ideas in their own ways.

Questions about Barbershop Music:

  1. What is it?

  2. What are the various styles and origins?

  3. What time period was it most common with?

  4. How was it broadcast?

  5. Who were famous musicians of that time?

  6. Who listens to it and participated in it?

  7. Why was it important?

These questions will be answered in the Blendspace as well as the resources down below:

Barbershop Resources:

  1. Introduction to the Music- Wikipedia Article

Mental Floss Article

History Website!

Barbershop Harmony Society Website

  1. Documents- Barbershop Network Website

  1. Musical Examples- The Music Man Video

Old School Video

When I’m 64 Cover

Live 365 Station
With this outline, I focus on the history of Barbershop music, and I can also look at specific music examples and documents as well as listening to many different old and modern Barbershop quartets. I will add more to the Blendspace as I search deeper into the subject.
With the lesson I can create an outline of how to start a Barbershop quartet in a school and the resources they will need and how to get started. In my video tutorial I will also mention these things.

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