Paramus volunteer ambulance corps

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Rig Checklist

(June 6, 1999)

Check the box if the item is already acceptable, or if it has been corrected to make it acceptable.

Items to check

1st Rig:


2nd Rig:


Sufficient fuel

Sufficient call reports

Sufficient pens

Defibrillator: check for CALL SERVICE message or any other warning message, supplies (electrodes, safety razor), and physical condition of unit

EMT bag (adult): BP cuffs, stethoscope, O2 and adjuncts, BVM, airways

Cervical collars (2 of each set: no neck, short, regular; pediatric, baby no neck, tall), backboards (2), straps, blanket rolls and head beds

KEDs (2) present

Oxygen (onboard): minimum 300#-500#

Suction (portable): supplies and function of unit

Spare O2 tanks: regulator attached, minimum 300#-500#

Personal protective equipment present

Spare EMT bag: O2 and adjuncts

EMT bag (pediatric): BP cuffs, O2 and adjuncts, BVM, airways

Supplies in oxygen adjuncts cabinet

Supplies in dressings cabinet

Towels, blankets, sheets, pillowcases and pillows


Stair chair

Long splints

Pediatric backboard

First aid kit stocked


Inflatable car seat

Hare traction splints (adult and child)

Disposable splints

4 portable radios (1 UHF, 2 VHF, 1 crew chief) and 1 cellular telephone

Helmets and turnout gear

Rapid intervention kit

Medical branch operations kit

Other: ______________________________________________________

Other: ______________________________________________________

Other: ______________________________________________________

Checked by: _____________________________ Date: ________________ Time: _________

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