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Suggested aftercare for Body Piercings
Congratulations! You have just received a body piercing by a trained professional who cleaned and disinfected the area and pierced you using sterile needles, piercing instruments, and jewelry.

Now it is up to you to take appropriate care of your piercing.

Products you can use: Saline Solution. Saline is the key to quick healing. It promotes balance so you heal faster! The easiest, safest and most accurate way to acquire saline is Simply Saline Wound Wash Saline®. It is sterile and comes in a pressurized can. You can also use sterile saline solution for contact lens, preferably sterile and preservative free. Make sure it is a 0.9% sodium chloride solution. (Fancy name for saline solution)

Do not take your jewelry out for any reason until the piercing is healed!

Healing will take between 8 weeks and 6 months, depending on the location of the piercing.

Expect new piercings to be red and sore for about a month. If there isn’t a marked improvement after that contact your piercer for evaluation and advice.

Warning: Chemicals will not help you heal faster! In fact, they will upset the balance and your piercing will heal very slowly. (If ever)

Do not use any product containing an active ingredient and/or “marked for external use only” including, but not limited to: contact cleaning solutions or rinsing/soaking or enzyme solutions. (Multi- purpose solutions) Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ear care solutions (benzkalkonium/benzethonium chloride) antibacterial soap (i.e., liquid dial® or soft soap®.) Neosporin® or other first aid petroleum based ointments), Iodine or bactine®.

How to clean your piercing

Always wash your hands before touching your body piercing.

Saline rinse: Soften any discharge on the jewelry and surrounding skin with saline and without turning the jewelry, Gently clear any discharge (crusties) using a Q-tip and saline. Do this a few times a day, when activity might cause the ring to turn (exercise, etc.), and anytime the jewelry feels sticky or uncomfortable until your piercing is healed.

Saline Soaks: Heat a small amount of saline in a clean container in the microwave. Place this solution in a position that will soak the piercing. For instance, hold a small glass over your navel or nipple and lie back or use cotton balls, gauze or a clean washcloth for hard to get to piercings. Leave the warm saline solution there until it is cold, then rinse the piercing with fresh saline solution. Do this at least once a day.

Never move the jewelry back and forth through the piercing – it does more harm than good.


Do not play with your piercing. Physical irritation is the cause of many problems. Leave it alone! Good hygiene goes a long way. Bathe every day and wear clean clothing. More often than not, people who think they have an infection actually have an irritation and adjusting the method of care will fix the problem. If you believe you have an infection, contact your body piercer or a doctor at once. Do not wait for it to get worse and do not listen to your friends, your boss or your psychic advisor. We have been doing this far longer than they have.

Swimming: Chlorine is tremendously drying and irritating to new piercings and should be avoided. If you can not stay out of the water, do your best to soak and rinse the piercing with saline after you swim. Avoid hot tubs until your piercing is healed. Lakes and oceans are a topic of debate but sewage is frequently dumped into these waters and present addition risks. Staphylococcus is found in tropical water. Use discretion and pay attention to the condition of your piercing.

Keloids and scar tissue: The majority of people mistake irritation for scarring. If you suspect you are developing scar tissue, contact your piercer. There are several approaches to dealing with these problems and your piercer can help point you in the right direction.

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