Packet 8 Round I: In Hebrew mythology he is the angel of death. In the Bible, he appears four

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Aggie Bowl III

Packet 8
Round I:
1. In Hebrew mythology he is the angel of death. In the Bible, he appears four (*) times in which he foretells the destruction of the Persian Empire and prophesizes the birth of John the Baptist. FTP, identify this revealer of the sacred laws to Mohammed and the archangel who appeared to Mary announcing the coming of Christ.
Answer: Gabriel
2. Math Question. Box 1 contains six blue balls and four green balls. Box 2 contains four blue balls and seven yellow balls. A ball is randomly chosen from Box 1 and placed in Box 2. After this, a ball is randomly chosen from Box 2 and placed in Box 1. (*) What is the probability that a blue ball is selected both times? You have 10 seconds.
Answer: 1/4 (one-fourth)

(6/10 in Box 1 are blue. Assuming a blue is chosen and placed in Box 2, there are now 5/12 blue balls in Box 2. Probability of both being blue is probability first is blue times the probability the second is blue, given the first is blue. 6/10 * 5/12 = 1/4.)

3. Derived from the Latin for "womb," it may refer to the place where something is generated or developed. Also describing the rock surrounding a fossil or the area of formative cells in the teeth, (*) its best-known use is in mathematics for a two-dimensional rectangular array of elements. FTP, name this five-letter term that also identifies a movie starring Keanu Reeves.
Answer: Matrix
4. Once world renown as a moralist, his doctrine of nonresistance to evil had an important influence on Gandhi. Famous as an author, he is most famous for longer works, but his shorter works include “Cossacks,” and “The Death of (*) Ivan Ilyich.” FTP, name this Russian count who also wrote Anna Karenina and War and Peace.
Answer: Lev Nikolayevich (Leo) Tolstoy
5. Formed 280 million years ago by the Green River, it is divided from the Sinkhole Plain by the Chester Escarpment. Because of changes in the water table, its older passages are closer to the Earth's surface than its younger ones. Now a World Heritage Site and a national (*) park, FTP, name this cave, the world's longest and a top tourist attraction in Kentucky.
Answer: Mammoth Cave
6. During its 300 years in use, this drug has benefited more people than any other drug used thus far to combat infectious diseases. Found in cinchona (*) bark, it interferes with the growth and reproduction of the Plasmodium parasites infecting the blood, although prolonged exposure to the drug can cause black water fever. FTP, identify this alkaloid used in the treatment of malaria.
Answer: Quinine
7. His mother taught him that Achilles was his ancestor and that his father was descended from Hercules. At the age of 18, he commanded his father's cavalry at the Battle of Chaeronea (*), and two years later ascended the throne. FTP, identify this student of Aristotle and ancient king of Macedonia.
Answer: Alexander the Great
8. Written by William Blatty, its theatrical adaptation starred Ellen Burstyn, Reverend William O'Malley, and Linda (*) Blair. Set in Washington DC, a 12 year girl is possessed and two priests must drive out the evil spirits before she dies. FTP identify this revolutionary 1973 film that was recently re-released.
Answer: Exorcist
9. When a gas cloud coalesces into something with less than 8 percent of the sun's mass, the new object does generate some heat and can shine faintly (*), but it lacks the internal temperatures necessary to begin thermonuclear fusion. FTP, identify this type of celestial object, the intermediate between a star and a planet, whose name might describe Dopey with a suntan.
Answer: brown dwarf (prompt on "dwarf")
10. A card game for four players, its rules are derived from that of Whist, an English game itself derived from a game called Triumph, whose name is probably a corruption of the word “trump.” Played in either of two varieties (*), auction or contract, each player must contribute a card of the same suit as the lead card if possible. FTP, identify this popular card game played with a partner.
Answer: Bridge
11. Despite being originally intended as a vocal piece in praise of electric street lighting, it became the biggest-selling piece of sheet music ever following its adoption as the theme for the Paris Exhibition. Known in German as “An der (*) schönen blauen Donau,” it was its composer's first of many successful waltzes. FTP, identify this work by Waltz King Johann Strauss, Jr.
Answer: Blue Danube Waltz (Accept: On the Beautiful Blue Danube)
12. Most often pictured in art holding a sickle, in pre-Hellenistic culture he was worshipped. The youngest of twelve children, on the advise of his mother, he castrated his father, (*) thus separating Heaven from Earth. Taking his sister Rhea as his wife, he was fearful and swallowed his first five children, but was defeated by his sixth. FTP identify this king of the Titans and father of Zeus.
Answer: Cronus or Saturn
13. Written in 1895 by Banjo Paterson, it is based on a Scottish tune called Craigielea. Its first verse begins: "Once a jolly swagman sat beside (*) the billabong, // under the shade of a coulibah tree…” FTP identify this best known Australian folk song whose title literally describes a dancing woman.
Answer: Waltzing Matilda
14. On May 1, 1886, a strike at the McCormick Harvester Company was already underway when the AFL and the Knights of Labor called for protests to bring about an 8-hour workday. As the crowd gathered (*), a bomb was thrown and violence ensued. Eight radicals were arrested and four were executed as a result of, FTP, what infamous Chicago labor riot.
Answer: Haymarket Square Riot or Haymarket Affair
15. Two names required. In 1938, they invented an audio oscillator that produced a nearly perfect sine wave output. Today, Agilent Technologies (*) carries on their work in measurement devices, while the company named for them is better known for its calculators and printers. FTP, name the founders of this company based in Palo Alto, California.
Answer: Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (prompt on HP)
Round III
16. Published in five cantos in 1714, it is often considered the best English language mock-heroic poem. Based on the real story of Lord Petre's (*) theft from Arabella Fremora, the author paralleled it to the feud between the Greeks and the Trojans. FTP, identify this epic by Alexander Pope in which Belinda is robbed of a piece of hair.
Answer: Rape of the Lock
17. Patented in 1867 by a Swedish physicist, it was originally prepared with kieselguhr but was later improved through preparation with wood (*) pulp and sodium nitrate. Utilizing the explosive power of nitroglycerin, preparation made the explosive resistant to shock, and consequently safer than nitroglycerin, while maintaining the ability to detonate it by heat or percussion. FTP identify this blasting explosive invented by Alfred Nobel
Answer: dynamite (Do Not Accept: TNT)
18. Its headwaters rise in the Tsinghai province of China. Its upper portion descends across the Yunnan province where it forms a part of two distinct international borders and splits into two streams, the Bassac and a namesake, before entering the South China (*) Sea. FTP, identify this 7th longest Asian river on whose banks lay Vientiane, Phnom Penh, and Ho Chi Minh City.
Answer: Mekong
19. Departing it 1831 along with Gustave de Beaumont, he received permission to travel for the purpose of studying the US prison system. After spending nine months in America, in addition an assessment of the prison system (*), a second work was produced. Including the line, "I saw more than America; I sought the image of democracy order to learn what we have to fear or hope from its progress.” FTP, identify this French author of the work, Democracy in America.
Answer: Alexis Charles Henri Cleacuterel de Tocqueville
20. She was born the daughter of Eleanor White on August 18th, 27 days following the arrival of 117 settlers led by her grandfather (*) John White. Originally intending to settle on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, the group never made it past Roanoke Island. FTP, identify this first English child born in the new world, one member of the 1587 lost colony of Roanoke.
Answer: Virginia Dare
21.  Pencil and paper ready. If a salesperson's commission is 7.5%, how many dollars worth of goods must he sell in order to earn $1,500 (*) in commissions? You have 10 seconds.


Answer:  $20,000

(1500/x = 7.5/100, so 7.5*x = 150000, so x = 150000/7.5 = 20000)
22. There have been five individuals from this university who have won the Heisman Trophy, although it has won the award six times (*). The winners of four national championships in football, its Heisman recipients were Les Horvath, Vic Janowicz, Howard Cassady, Archie Griffin, the only two-time winner of the award, and most recently Eddie George. FTP, identify this Big Ten University, whose mascot is the Buckeyes.
Answer: Ohio State University
23. Touting themselves as "Publishers of Cheap and Popular Pictures," their first successful piece was 1835’s "The Ruins of the Merchants' Exchange." They depicted hunting, baseball games, riverboats, prairie homes, trains, and many other scenes from 19th (*) century American life. FTP, identify this popular lithography partnership whose works originally sold for less than $3.
Answer: Nathaniel Currier and James Merrit Ives
24. Its CEO Hank Barry has spent the year in court, and Yale and Indiana Universities have blocked it (*) although recently universities like Harvard have refused to do so. In the wake of an appeals court ruling blocking an injunction against it until a trial can be held, its website ranks as one of the most widely visited sites. FTP, name this application, targeted by lawsuits filed on behalf of Dr. Dre and Mettalica, that facilitates MP3 trading.
Answer: Napster
25. A nonmetallic, nearly black crystalline solid, its ion is a strong reducing agent and its oxidation states include -1, +1, +3, +5, +7. Found very abundantly in seaweed (*), it is an essential micro-constituent in the human body, found primarily in the thyroid gland. FTP, identify this member of the halogen family, atomic number 53, and an element commonly found in shrimp and table salt.
Answer: Iodine
OT Its attractions include: Grover Cleveland Museum, Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Walt Whitman House, McGuire Air Force Base, Delaware Water Gap, and Thomas Edison (*) State Park. It is the fifth smallest state in the union but is the most densely populated. FTP identify this "Garden State" who capital is Trenton.
Answer: New Jersey

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