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SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015
Highlights of the Outreach Program

    • The activity was held last December 13, 2014 at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Foundation School, Inc. (FLCFS) in Palatiw, Pasig from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Preparations in the venue started as early as 6:00 a.m. (Appendix A)

  • Preparation Prior to the Outreach

    • Prior to the outreach several meetings were conducted to decide on the activities to be included in the outreach; identify the families who are beneficiaries (the list was provided by Ms. Joanne Jandusay); identify people who can help and prepare solicitation letters; assignment of specific duties; meeting and reporting to the PHCT; ocular inspection of the venue and meeting with Sr. Marietta, Principal of the FLCFS. (Minutes attached, Appendix B)

    • Pre-registration of participants was done through Sr. Marietta by providing them with color coded stubs of the various services the family wants to avail. (Appendix C)

  • Registration

    • Registration started at 7:30 a.m. headed by Ms. Karen Salgado, SPCP teachers and student volunteers.

    • The pre-registration stubs were exchanged with color coded numbers for queuing at the different services. (Appendix D)

    • Participants were behaved and cooperative that registration went on smoothly.

  • Beneficiaries

    • There were a total of 568 beneficiaries of the different services offered on this day. (180 dental, 218 medical, 110 optical, 60 haircut and more than 200 were given medicines and vitamins; all school children attended the children’s Christmas party; and 110 families were given Noche Buena package. (Appendix E)

    • The beneficiaries came from Villa Raymundo, Villa Rosario, Villa Aurora, Nagpayong, Cainta, Sandoval, Caruncho and the FLCFS staff.

    • Each family consisted of five members, the father, mother, the FLCFS student and a maximum of two siblings.

  • Volunteers

    • There were 115 volunteers (17 medical, 21 optical, 21 dental, 1 pharmacist, 20 parents, 35 students. (Appendix F)

    • The Optical service started at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 11:30 a.m.

    • Eye examination was conducted and free reading glasses (100 pieces) were distributed to the patients.

    • For difficult cases, the patients were referred to the CEU College of Optometry for further evaluation and possible referral for treatment.

    • The free eye glasses were given by the CEU College of Optometry Clinicians’ Club.

    • Dr. Irine Cruz was in-charge of the Optical services

  • Children’s Christmas Party (Appendix H)

    • The Children’s Christmas party started at around 8:20 am.

    • It was headed by Mrs. Cristy Nazario, some PHCT members and student volunteers.

    • The party was participated by the students of FLCFS, Inc. and their siblings. The ages of the children ranges from 5 to 14.

    • There were paper, scissors and crayon activities and games that are included in the program.

    • Loot bags were distributed to all the children.

    • The party was sponsored by Mrs. Cristy Nazario and her sisters.

    • Raffle prizes were also drawn courtesy of the Mrs. Nanette Golingay.

  • Dental Service (Appendix I)

    • The Dental service started at 8:30 a.m. and ended at 12:45 p.m.

    • Teeth extraction was done and fluoride treatment was given to 80 school children.

    • Free antibiotics and analgesic were also given to the patients. The dental supplies and fluoride and medicines were provided by the CEU- Dentistry Department.

    • The dental service was headed by Dr. Edwin Huan, Program Head of the CEU-Makati Dentistry program.

  • Medical Service (Appendix J)

    • The Medical services started at 9:00 a.m. and ended at 1:20 p.m. More than 200 patients were examined for various illnesses.

    • The team was headed by

  • Pharmacy Service (Appendix K)

    • Free medicines and vitamins for children and adult were given to patients supervised by a registered pharmacist.

    • The medicines came from Unilab through the help of Mrs. Christy Lumanlan and The Generic Pharmacy solicited by Mr. Raul Mariano.

    • Dr. Donna Dean, a registered Pharmacist and head of the Pharmacy program in CEU-Makati supervised the dispensing of the medicine.

  • Free Haircut (Appendix L)

    • Haircut was also provided by GQ Haircut courtesy of Mrs. Annavi Tamor.

    • Both children and adult males were included in the service by two haircutters.

  • Noche Buena Package (Appendix M)

    • Before the end of the activity, Noche Buena package were distributed to the families who participated.

    • The package included, 1 kilo spaghetti, 1 kilo spaghetti sauce, fruit cocktail, condensed milk, all purpose cream, cheese and luncheon meat. These were packed in reusable bags.

    • This was headed by Mr. and Mrs. Jo Reyes.

  • Food

    • Free merienda were also provided to all the participants of the outreach

    • Merienda was served to the volunteers courtesy of Mr. Allan Sinco and lunch was provided by Mrs. Michelle Zalamea.

  • Documentation

    • Mr. Steve Sagun headed the documentation committee

    • Mrs. Annavi Tamor provided pictures of the activity. (Please see attached CD and some pictures)

  • Budget (Appendix N)

    • Source of funds was the amount decided by the PHCT to be given for outreach that was included in the fees paid by the students and solicitations from Senior Parents and friends of SPCP.

    • This was the working budget of the committee.

  • Financial Report (Appendix O)

    • SPCP provided the amount of PhP36,800, solicitations amounted to PhP31,300 for a total amount of PhP68,100.

    • Total expenses was PhP46,917.30

    • There were many donations in kind like medicines, food, prizes, haircut and the balloon show and loot bags for the children’s Christmas party.

    • The amount of PhP21,182.70 is turned over to PHCT 2014.

  • The activity became more meaningful because of the presence of Sr. Teresita Agana, High School Principal of St. Paul College Pasig and Sr.Grace, Head of Community Extension Services of SPCP. (Appendix P)

  • Observations and Recommendations

    • The participants were well disciplined.

    • The student volunteers were commendable for the service they did, they are truly Paulinians.

    • Parent volunteers were selfless.

    • Consider the senior citizens and infants in terms of queuing

    • Improve system of medical-dental-optical call out system

  • Sponsors

    • UP - PGH Medicine

    • CEU School of Dentistry

    • CEU College of Optometry

    • CEU School of Pharmacy

    • Unilab

    • The Generics Pharmacy

    • Mrs. Cristy Nazario

    • Mrs. Michelle Zalamea

    • Mr. Allan Sinco

    • The Family Day Committee & all members of PHCT

    • Generous parents and friends of St. Paul College Pasig

  • Photo Documentation (Appendix Q)

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