Our goal is not merely to meticulous restoration of that which is missing, but also the perpetual preservation of that which remains.” – Unknown Author

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Our goal is not merely to meticulous restoration of that which is missing, but also the perpetual preservation of that which remains.” – Unknown Author

Welcome to CNS Dental! This office has been designed specifically for your care and comfort. We hope to provide a NEW and enjoyable dental experience with excellent service and communication. Our mission and goals are consistent with guidelines from the America Dental Association (ADA), and have been developed to ensure the highest level of comprehensive care. Additionally, you will notice technology and systems that will directly benefit our patients, and have been designed specifically to compliment Dr. Schantz’s experience, training and skill. Larger operatories, digital records and radiographs (to reduce exposure to radiation) along with flat screen TV’s for easy demonstration and multipurpose viewing are just a few examples.

Here at CNS Dental, you are a unique part of our family and your treatment will center on your needs and wants. We feel it important for you to understand your oral health – as well as we do! This mutual understanding will enable us to prioritize and triage a treatment plan and customize an oral health program that is specifically for you!

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. We realize that unforeseen circumstances befall us all. However, we do require 48 hours’ notice to avoid a broken appointment charge of $50. Although the office does attempt to make a courtesy email and text message regarding your appointments, we consider these appointments to be your responsibility.

As a new patient to CNS Dental we want you to be aware of our office policies. The following represents our policies and options. If you have questions or concerns, please consult the front desk – we are always happy to help you.


All radiographs in this office will be digital. Digital radiographs necessitate about 1/10th the radiation as conventional radiographs to expose. A standard digital full mouth series is approximately the same amount of radiation as a half day at the beach! We strongly recommend that all patients of this practice receive a full mouth series of radiographs, consistent with the ADA guidelines, at least every 4 years and bitewing radiographs every two years.

During your initial exam appointment, intra oral photographs, when needed, will be taken in addition to a full mouth series of radiographs. Intra oral photos are highly recommended so that you can see exactly what we see. In addition to capturing your initial presentation and being able to show before and after pictures, intra oral pictures allow us to be more conservative. The ability to track conditions over time visually is a modern advancement in dentistry. Being able to “watch” conditions, limits treatment that may otherwise be treatment planned.

We strive to limit the use of dental amalgam. Dental amalgam contains mercury, and although deemed safe by the ADA, FDA, and being safely used for well over 100 years in dentistry, unless otherwise specified, we’ll use “white” composite for small restorations.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM’s) have been used in dentistry for years. The metal in the substructure often contains nickel (an allergen) and can contain mercury. Additionally, porcelain fracture from the metal substructure is a common area of failure over time, and the “metal” margin often produces an unattractive “grey” hue at the gingival margin. All ceramic restorations (zirconia) are superior in these areas and have a lifespan and quality equal to, if not longer, than PFM crowns. For these reasons, unless otherwise specified, all ceramic restorations will be our standard of care.

We kindly ask that all physician instructions, such as pre-medication requirements, and significant medical conditions, be provided in writing.

It is our office policy to give all patients fluoride treatment after routine cleaning appointments. With the increased usage of bottled water, which does not contain fluoride, we are attempting to supplement the only daily fluoride many patients are getting using conventional toothpaste. Depending on your insurance coverage, there may be a fee up to $29.00. If you agree to have fluoride at your routine cleaning appointments please initial here _____________.

We strongly believe in giving our patients options. Treatment plans and “alternative” options will be thoroughly discussed with you at every opportunity. Often a laboratory is required for various restorations and appliances. For cases that require customer esthetics and/or craftsmanship we have the option to use a number of local technicians who can come to our office and personally meet with you. We want you to know these options are available to you.

Finally, we would like you to remember that dental insurance companies provide the member with dental benefits-not dental insurance. While there are a few dozen major insurance companies, there are literally thousands of plans. Your employer’s negotiated contract with your company, dictates the extent of your plan’s dental coverage. Dental benefits help to offset the cost of dental care and are not intended or designed to be payment in full for dental services – nor are they uniquely tailored for your care. They may pay all part or none of services rendered. We participate as preferred providers with the following companies: Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, MetLife, Principal, United Health Care, United Concordia, and Ameritas.

We ask that should you have any questions with regard to our office policies now or ever, please do not hesitate to ask us- We are here for you! Finally, we primarily rely on our patients’ word of mouth for “advertising.” We greatly appreciate you telling your friends, family and co-workers about us!

Patient Signature accepting office policies: ______________________________________________

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