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Correlations Lab Project Handout PSYC 330L-Burnham

Original Study:

Carré, J. M., & McCormick, C. M. (2008). In your face: facial metrics predict aggressive behaviour in the laboratory and in varsity and professional hockey players. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 275, 2651–2656. http://doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2008.0873

Data Collection: Data collection and most of the analysis will occur outside of lab time. For this project, you will need to measure the Facial Width-to-Height Ratio (FWHR) of National Hockey League (NHL) players. These measurements will be made using ImageJ, a freely-available image processing software. I will provide guidance on how to use ImageJ in lab and in handouts; but you will be taking all of the measurements outside of lab time and uploading your measurements to a Google spreadsheet.
Lab Report Submission: Your Lab Report will include a Title Page, Results section, and Discussion section. You may also want to include a figure or table to help explain the results. Everything will be submitted through Google Drive.
Due Dates: The due dates are listed below. I will provide editorial feedback on the draft version. Failure to turn in the draft version or the final version on the due dates and time will incur costs as explained on the syllabus: 1 day late: deduct 15%, 2 days late: deduct 30%, 3 days late: deduct 45%, > 3 days late: deduct 100%.

Item Due

Due Date

Figure Facts

Rough Draft of Lab Report (Title Page, Results, Discussion)


Final Draft of Lab Report (Title Page, Results, Discussion)

Grading: Grading will follow the rubric that was discussed in class. No draft version is required; hence, your final will count for 100% of the grade for this assignment.

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