Oregon State Emergency Response Commission Local Emergency Planning Committee

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Oregon State Emergency Response Commission

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Emergency Response Plan Template

Template Revision Date: June 2013

Introduction to the Oregon Local Emergency Planning Committee

Emergency Response Plan Template

About The Template

This template has been developed to assist Oregon’s Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) in complying with United States Code (USC) Title 42 Chapter 116 Subchapter I, § 11003 (a-g) of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, which identifies requirements for LEPC emergency response plans, addressing releases of hazardous materials.

While the template provides for uniformity in plan development across Oregon LEPCs, use of it is not mandatory. The template is intended to be a resource for LEPC members in accomplishing their mandates. LEPCs have the option to develop their emergency response plans independent of this resource.

Using The Template

Throughout the template, the end user will see highlighted text. The highlighted text will serve one of two purposes. First, there is highlighted text that provides the user with information, such as what part of EPCRA is being addressed by the particular section of the template. This text can be deleted during the process of populating the template with local specific information, or it can be incorporated into the emergency plan as reference.

Other highlighted text provides locations where local, specific information related to response, is to be inserted, either directly into the document, or by way of the appendices. In any case, the highlighted text can be removed or modified and retained, at the will of the end user.

In its original form, the template provides the opportunity to cover each of the nine planning elements of EPCRA. Using the document in its original form and inserting local operating procedures into the highlighted areas, will provide for a completed LEPC emergency plan draft, ready for review by the LEPC membership.

No Restrictions for Use

This template is an “open source” style document. Once downloaded by the end user, modifications, edits, additions, deletions, etc. can be made, to any extent, and in any form the end user desires.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plan

[name of planning committee]

Local Emergency Planning Committee

Revised [date]

Approval and Implementation:

The [insert name of LEPC] has developed this Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to identify and implement hazardous materials emergency preparedness and response activities and responsibilities in accordance with applicable authorities. This ERP details the purpose, policy, concept of operation, direction and control actions and responsibilities of primary and support agencies to ensure a mutual understanding and a coordinated plan of action is implemented with appropriate agencies within the jurisdiction of [insert name of jurisdiction].

The [insert name of LEPC] reviews the ERP, at a minimum, annually, or more frequently as changed circumstances in the planning district or at any facility may require.

The [insert name of governing body] directs each office, department and agency to study the ERP and prepare or update, as needed, the supporting plans and operating procedures needed to implement the ERP for a hazardous materials event.

If any section, clause or provision of this plan is held to be invalid, the invalidity thereof shall not affect any other section, clause or provision of this plan.

This Hazardous Materials Emergency Operations Plan shall be in full force and in effect beginning on the day of its approval.

Approved this ______ day of _____________________, 201_

_____________________________________ ________________________

LEPC Chair Date

_____________________________________ ________________________

[Official’s title (additional officials as desired)] Date


This plan has been developed in accordance with applicable federal, state and local provisions:

  • (P.L. 99-499) the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (SARA Title III) of 1986, Title 42 Chapter 116 Subchapter 1 – Emergency Planning and Notification §11003 (a-g).

  • Title 40 CFR Part 355 Emergency Planning and Notification

  • Title 40 CFR Part 370 Hazardous Chemical Reporting Regulations

  • Oregon Revised Statutes 401.032, 035, 305, and 309, 453.307 to 453.505 and 465.101 to 465.127

  • Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 837 Division 85

  • [Insert local statutes, ordinances, regulations, SOP’s, SOG’s, etc.]

Record of Review and Revision

[Insert LEPC name]



Date of Review

Summary of Revisions

Date Completed

Revisions Completed By:

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