Optional Summer Activity Extracurricular activity scavenger hunt

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Optional Summer Activity

Extracurricular activity scavenger hunt. Complete the task listed and provide the appropriate documentation (indicated in parentheses). If you complete 10 tasks and document them successfully, I will give you one free “homework pass” (worth one complete assignment for biomed classes and 30 iWork points for biology).

  1. Watch the news/Check the Google News Aggregator/Read online science articles/Read a newspaper at least once a week, for 8 weeks. (Journal entry with log of date, URL or printout of article for each week)

  2. See a movie in a theater. (ticket stub and one paragraph summary of how science was shown in the movie)

  3. Feed ducks on three separate occasions. (photos)

  4. Grow a plant. (living plant brought to class on Aug. 12th)

  5. Go to two state parks and take a walk. (photos AND maps)

  6. Go to a Museum of Natural History. Take a photo of yourself in front of your favorite exhibit and write a brief caption of why it is your favorite. (photo AND stub)

  7. Go to a water-based amusement park. (photo AND stub)

  8. Go to a beach. Collect sand from each beach visited in glass jars. (jars of sand AND photos)

  9. Catch a cicada (molt) or a lizard (photo of you with the lizard) or a fish (photo of you with the fish).

  10. Sleep outside, under the stars. (photo)

  11. Photograph an unusual bird or other wild animal. (photo of animal AND photo of you standing where the animal was)

  12. Read more than one book. (list, photos, AND 3 sentence summaries)

  13. Play the board game “Settlers of Catan” or “Risk” or the card game “Apples to Apples” (photo)

  14. Build your own personal website. (url)

  15. Set up a geocaching tournament for you and your friends. (photo and map)

  16. Make your own clothing. (wear it to school)

  17. Identify three species of tree in your neighborhood. (leaves & genus/species of each)

  18. Make a new friend from another town. (photo)

  19. Read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston (write a one page summary)

  20. Paint a picture that illustrates your favorite quote. (bring in picture on Aug. 12th)

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