Optical fiber meta-tips: Supplementary information

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With reference to the MT3 sample, Supplementary Movie 1 shows the evolution of the measured field map, by assuming a y-polarized incidence and gradually changing (with 5° step) the transmitted linear polarization state by 90°. Going from the co-polarized to the cross-polarized state, and in accord with the theoretical prediction, we observe the gradual disappearing of the ordinary beam accompanied by the appearance of the anomalous beam.

Supplementary Figure S7 shows the results of the far-field characterization (without polarization control) pertaining to the MT2 and MT4 samples. Overall, results are qualitatively similar to those observed in connection with the MT1 and MT3 prototypes (cf. Figure 4). In this case, transmission angles (for MT2) and (for MT4) are measured, once again in good agreement with the theoretical predictions (see Table 1). Measurements with polarization control yield results qualitatively similar to those in Figure 5 and Supplementary Movie 1 pertaining to the MT3 sample.

Supplementary Figure S7 | Far-field characterization (MT2 and MT4) without polarization control.aSimulated electric-field intensity profiles (at and ) of the ordinary and anomalous beams (blue and red curves, respectively), for MT2 sample (with parameters as given in Table 1). Resultsare obtained by averaging the co-polar and cross-polar responses, respectively, undernormally-incident- and -polarized illuminations at .a Measured field-intensity map at . cTransverse cuts atcomparing the measured (black-solid curve) and simulated (magenta-dashed curve) results.Numerical results are obtained by averaging the total electric-field intensities for normally-incident- and -polarized illuminations. The structure is considered as infinitely-periodic along , whereas, along the -direction, a finite-size is assumed, together with a Gaussian-beam taper (with waist size of )in the illumination. d, e, f Same as above, but for MT4 sample.

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