Olives 75 Peanuts or pistachios 50

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Bar Snacks

Olives £2.75

Peanuts or pistachios £1.50

Corker’s Crisps £1.25


We have a good selection of wines by the glass. Please ask to see our wine list. We also have an excellent selection of ales and lagers.

Liqueur Coffees

Irish, with Irish whiskey

French, with Grand Marnier

Italian, with Amaretto

Calypso, with Tia Maria

Gaelic, with Drambuie

Seville, with Cointreau

All £6.95


June Bug  £8.95

Midori, Banana Liqueur, Malibu, Pineapple juice, Lemon, Sugar 

Lady in Red £8.95

Gin, Brandy, Grenadine, and lemon juice

Singapore Sling £8.95

Gin, Cherry Brandy, Lemon, Sugar, Grenadine, Grand Marnier

Sloe Gin Negroni £8.95

Sloe gin, Aperol, Sugar, Martini Rosso, and lime juice

Mai Tai £8.95

Rum, Curacao, Fresh Lime Juice, Orgeat Syrup, and orange juice

Pomegranates & Blueberry Caipirinha  £8.95

Cachaca, blueberries, pomegranate juice, lime juice

Topped with soda

Midori Cosmo £8.95

Midori, Vodka,Triple Sec, Lime, and Cranberry juice

Lychee Bramble £8.95

Tanqueray Gin, Kawi Feh , Lemon, Creme de Casiss

Mocktails £4.95

Shirley Temple Ginger Ale, Lemon & Lime soda, Grenadine

Passion Breeze Orange Juice, Passionfruit Juice Cranberry Juice

Sophisticated Lady- Cranberry Juice, Cucumber, Salt &Sugar Syrup

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