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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Department of Design Housing and Merchandising
To: Prospective Interior Design Majors

From: Bill Beitz, Clinical Instructor

Interior Design Program Coordinator
To enter the second year of the Interior Design Degree Program at Oklahoma State University, student performance must be evaluated in the First Year Design Review. The Review assesses academic performance at the college level, reading comprehension and writing ability as demonstrated in the Writing Review, and visual communication abilities as demonstrated in the Portfolio Review. Students who have met the following criteria may participate in the First Year Interior Design Review.

  1. Successfully completed 30 hrs of undergraduate coursework by August 2007

  2. Minimum overall GPA of 2.5; Minimum Major GPA of 2.5

  3. Completed or enrolled Spring 2007 in the following interior design or major related courses listed below. A grade of “C” or better is required:

DHM 1003

DHM 1123
Engl. 1113

3 hrs. MATH (1513, 1483 or 1493)

ART 1103

ART 1603

  • NOTE: courses in BOLD type are absolute requirements for the review.

  1. Passed the written component, scheduled March 3, 2007 in 038 HES 10:00-12:00

  2. Passed the portfolio review with work/projects from DHM 1003, 1123, and Art 1103(if available)

*all students should accumulate and organize the work/projects/class assignments.

* Purchase of expensive professional portfolios is NOT required, and is discouraged.

* Portfolios are due Wednesday, April 11, 2007 in HES 421
Admission to the sophomore level of the Interior Design Program will be determined by a combination of GPA, portfolio quality, writing ability, and attendance record in DHM courses. A maximum of 36 students will be accepted for admission to the sophomore level. A minimum total score of 75 is required to be accepted. See your advisor if you have any questions.
Students entering the sophomore level are required to have their own lap top computers with appropriate software by the start of the fall semester. Specifications for hardware and software are included.
The required text: Time Saver Standards for INTERIOR DESIGN and Space Planning, by Chiara, Panero, Zelnik. ISBN 0-07-134616-3. Check designer book clubs and internet vendors for best price

Specifications for required Laptop Computers
Windows XP Professional (NOT Home)

1-2 GB memory

80 GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM

CD-RW/DVD drive (DVD-RW would be the most beneficial)

Built-in Centrio wireless chip or a wireless card


256 or 512 (preferred) Open GL

Price: $1,672.00 + Shipping/Tax

Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop w/
Duo core Intel Processor 1.6 GHz        (you can change this option)

Windows XP Professional

2 GB RAM                                          (1GB – alternatives to reduce price)

80GB 7200rpm Hard Drive               (you can change this option to lower


256 MG Video card                            (recommended but you can change

this option) if you going to run three dimensional application 256 MG is strongly recommended)  

1GB USB Flash Memory Drive $ 45 - 60

Most recent addition of
Photoshop Perpetual -Photoshop Only ($ 288); Bundle ($379)

Architectural Desk Top (ADT) Perpetual – New purchase ($359); Upgrade ( $279)

Small portable (mobile) color printer $200 – 500
Cost: listed are suggested cost or cost range. These can vary depending on your sources.

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