Oh my god I always wondered if they were linked!!! I stand with case 2!

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OH MY GOD I always wondered if they were linked!!! I STAND WITH CASE 2!

It’s extreme anger and hatred towards the person doing it (often fantasizing hitting the person to get them to stop), and it has gotten so bad that even wearing earplugs do not help and I sleep on the couch so I can’t hear my significant other.

I often envision myself punching the offending person in the throat or strangling that person in order to make the noise stop.  I just feel waves of rage at the sound of swallowing or chomping.  Not normal.

  I don’t know if any sounds trigger me but I do know that sounds related to eating and loud sounds or repetitive sounds will worsen my mood an unusual amount if I’m already feeling triggered and struggling with restricting.. 

 Regarding the anger/rage: that’s my reaction, too. I feel horrible about it because I don’t really feel that way about the person (especially when it’s my dad, who is just the nicest, gentlest…ugh), but when they’re making any of my trigger sounds, I just fill. up. with. rage. I do fantasize about screaming or lashing out physically, but I’ve been conditioned to keep things inside, so instead I fantasize more realistically about banging my own head against the wall or car window, or slamming my open hands into my head repeatedly. I squeeze my hands into fists and/or turn my head to the side and squeeze or dig my nails into my neck at the base of my skull to get through it until the noise stops.

This is so wild.  I am the exact same way about cabinets slamming and dishes clanging together.  I get plain wrathful.  I hate it so much.

At least I am not alone, lol.

Me too, when I can hear people chewing. I get so fucking angry it’s ridiculous. And scraping noises like if my nails touch a terra cotta pot when I’m watering my plants just no no no. I can’t even pick up unglazed pottery.

This is extremely interesting and relate-able. I have severely angry reactions to people eating or drinking loudly. It is so bad that I feel intense hatred towards the person while the noise is going on. Many times I will leave the room to avoid the noises.

I have the same problem! It’s not triggering for my eating disorder, but I’ve wanted to hit people to get them to stop doing something (I.e. Loud breathing, loud chewing, loud sudden noises, etc.). I can’t even explain the amount of rage I feel but it gets to the point where I feel like I’m going to explode I’m so annoyed. Glad to know I’m not alone haha!


 I thought I was the only one who felt legitimate RAGE, not just annoyance (in terms of the sound of others chewing, breathing loudly, or repeatedly clearing their throat). The idea of maybe asking the person to chew a bit more quietly (or hell, even standing up and walking away) is never the first thing that crosses my mind. When/if those things do cross my mind, I’m usually too furious to even entertain either idea. You’re definitely not the only one who has thought about lashing out violently…it really takes all that I have to not cover my ears and start screaming at the top of my lungs for them to stop.

This might sound really bizarre, but after these incidents (which would include loud chewing as well as breathing deeply/loudly, constant throat clearing, foot tapping, knuckle cracking, among other things), I find myself unable to let go of the completely illogical rage and will often internalize those feelings. And not just simply take the anger out on myself but convince myself that I deserve it bc I had somehow done something to cause other people to “act that way.”

I feel the rage too. I HATE eating with my boyfriend because he chews loudly and his jaw clicks because he has bad TMJ. I just want to scream and throw my plate at him. We’re pretty serious - sort of talking about what it would be like if we were married - and I get freaked out at the idea of a lifetime of loud chewing and jaw clicking meals, to the point where I begin to wonder if I could actually put up with that.

My mom also sneezes very loudly and every time I want to punch her. I always thought this was abnormal and am ashamed of it but now I’m seeing that that may not be the case after all.

This is so real and I wish there was more information on this. I had no idea this existed until my doctor in inpatient told me that I had it because I get so angry when people chew loudly or do things like scraping bowls with spoons and other food related noises.

It’s interesting, I’ve never thought that misophonia and the ED could be related in some way, mainly because I started suffering from misophonia when I was like 5 or 6 years old, but developed an ED “only” at 19 and mainly during my early twenties, although I had a history of anxiety (mostly) and also depression all throughout my teens. My misophonia has gotten progressively worse, and now it’s really unbearable. I can’t stand almost anything my parents (and most people and objects..) do, not even breathing, talking, or just… doing nothing. It’s as if I hear imperceptible, meaningless sounds no one else hears… and I don’t “just hear” them, I want to fucking cry/throw something at the source of the noise/pull all my hair off. The starting point were eating sounds, though… that’s why I’ve always thought that it’s ironic that I developed an ED. Now I wonder if it’s really just some sort of weird coincidence…


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