Oedipus Rex: The Masks We Wear Name: 100 Points Possible

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Oedipus Rex: The Masks We Wear Name:______________________

100 Points Possible

As we begin to read and study Oedipus Rex, our knowledge about the different characters in the play will change and evolve and hopefully, we will be able to connect on some level with some or all of the characters and the challenges they endure.

Directions: Before creating a physical mask, it is essential to brainstorm, indentify and analyze character traits and then synthesize your findings into a mask that depicts your dominant qualities as well as the dominant qualities of one of the characters of Oedipus Rex.

Task II: Oedipus Characters

Applying your knowledge of the personality traits the characters in this play possess, select ONE character to: write a character analysis and create a traditional Greek mask that expresses one of the character’s dominant qualities.

  1. List four dominant personality traits for ONE character and provide an explanation for each


Personality Traits/Explanation:

Trait #1:


Trait #2:


Trait #3:


Trait #4:


2) Character Analysis- based on your research and your knowledge of the play, compose a well-developed paragraph that addresses the following:

  • What is the character’s tragic flaw?

  • How does this character embody one of the themes discussed throughout our examination of the play- fate v. free will, sight v. blindness, ignorance v. truth, control and responsibility?

  • What is one line or stanza that represents the character’s overall personality? Cite the example and provide a justification.

Share your character analysis via Google docs- lhsguinn@gmail.com

3) Synthesis- Character Mask

You can make the mask out of whatever materials you choose; however, make sure that the materials you select are in someway representative of your character. For example, if you choose to do Jocasta, you might decorate your mask with feathers to show the way she “lightly” tries to ignore the truth. Make sure that your mask expresses in some way the major traits of your character that you identified in the chart and your analysis. Prior to construction, you are required to use the template below to sketch your ideas.

The Masks We Wear Project





Personality Traits- Individual

  • The author provides (4) traits and a detail explanation for each.


Personality Traits- Character

  • The author provides (4) traits and a detail explanation for each.


Character Analysis

  • The author fully addresses all of the questions posed using textual examples from the play.

  • The author successfully shares their work via Google docs.

  • The writing exhibits control wiring that contains no run-on and fragmented sentence, no comma splices and correct capitalization.



  • The author brainstorms their concepts for their masks using the templates provided.

  • The author creates an inspired and thoughtful mask highlighting his/her dominant traits.

  • The author creates an inspired and thoughtful masks highlighting ONE of the characters dominant personality traits from the play.



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