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CHICCO Mia €79.99
is a comfy bouncing chair for your baby to relax and have fun.


The ergonomic and soft booster … cushion embraces your baby in a warm hug. Its modular nature allows you to adjust it as your baby grows.

The toy bar is easily removable and the 3 soft toys that hang from the toy bar are made from new materials and are designed for a baby’s first experience, in order to stimulate his tactile, visual and hearing skills. The toys can also be removed to enhance his play experience thanks to the rattle, squeaker and crinkle activities.

The backrest is adjustable to a variety of different positions so you can switch from play-time to rest-time in a few seconds.

The structure can be adjusted to a fixed or “rocking" position and the practical strap handles allow you to easily move the bouncing chair where you wish.
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