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Page 53Chicco Polly Swing
Page 53Chicco Soft Relax Bouncer
Page 54Chicco Dance Baby Walker
Page 54 Chicco DJ Baby Walker


Swing for small babies, ideal for use indoors and outdoors. It has a variable speed motorised rocking movement. The seat can be adapted as the baby grows: The soft reducer in special breathable fabric, holds the newborn baby safe and snugly. This  …should be removed as the baby grows to give it more room. The electronic console has lovely tunes, relaxing nature sounds and even a heartbeat, which reminds the baby of its prenatal life; it has 6 different coloured lights to relax the baby. The sun hood can be adjusted to protect the baby when used outdoors. Three cute removable toys are attached inside the hood to stimulate the baby’s visual and tactile skills

Size when open: 55 x 57 x 63 cms
Size when close 55 x 14 x 67 cms
weight 6.1 kgs
Ideal from birth to 9kgs, approximately 6 months or until baby can sit up unaided.

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