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CLIPPA SAFE Infant Car Seat Rain Cover €10.50

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CLIPPA SAFE Infant Car Seat Rain Cover €10.50

All parents want to protect their baby from the elements, but that can prove difficult, especially when you have to move them between the car and the house. Mum and dad normally find their hands are full as they unload the boot and carry the car seat at the same time, meaning there's certainly no room to hold an umbrella on a rainy day.

As the rhythm of a car journey normally sends young children off to sleep, the last thing you want is for drops of rain to wake them up, resulting in a damp, irritable baby to dry off and calm down.

Our PVC cover is designed to fit over most infant car seats with rigid carrying handles to protect your child and keep them warm and dry.

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CLIPPA SAFE Car Seat Protector €9.99

Day trips out to the countryside or the park can often result in muddy shoes in the car, and with the constant stream of food and drink needed to keep children content in the back seat, the vehicle's upholstery is normally left looking a little worse-for-wear.

Our Car Seat Protector is an invaluable transparent PVC cover, which will mean you won't have to spend any more time scrubbing stubborn stains and marks inside your car. It can be placed under any little passenger's car seat and is a doddle to remove.

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