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The Buggy Bag is a practical stylish baby bag made from a strong durable fabric that can wipe clean with a damp cloth. It has a ziped compartment underneath to store your changing mat. The changing mat is included - it is foldable and it will wipe clean. We have added a few little extras like two little clips on either side so you can attach it to your pushchair with ease. There is an external pocket for you, a large internal area for nappies and bibs etc.,a little transparent wet wipe purse and space for a bottle or a beaker either side. it has a wide strap for comfort so even if you do overload the bag it wont cut into your shoulder and the strap length can be adjusted so it can go across your body or over one shoulder.

Price:  €24.00

CHICCO Go Baby Carrier €29.99

BABY ELEGANCE Beep/Ego/Pebble Sun Parasol

Protect your baby from those harmful rays with this sun parasol.

They are suitable for buggies like the Beep, the Ego and the Pebble.

Price:  €20.00

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