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Buggy €579

Car Seat €180
Carry Cot €172

is a flexible pushchair that, with the addition of a second seat, transforms into an in-line tandem travel system for two children, from birth to toddler. The main seat unit can be used rearward or forward facing and has a lay-flat position for newborns. The B-DUAL can be used for children of different ages or for twins as a seat unit or an infant carrier can be fitted in either the front or rear position.

Available in Black Thunder – Neon Black – Venetian Red – Blue Atoll – Purple Rain


This universal head hugger is available in 10 bright colours to co-ordinate with any buggy, stroller or car seat.

The harness of your buggy or car seat can be fitted through the little slots in the head hugger to ensure it stays in place.

Price:  €15.00 

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