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The SILVER CROSS Pop Duo pushchair €299.99

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The SILVER CROSS Pop Duo pushchair €299.99
is (quite simply) a Pop stroller for two! Suitable from birth, it comes with two independently reclining seat backs, independent folding hoods and includes two separate footmuffs and head huggers.
Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15kg per child (max. 2 children)

Two independent reclining seat backs ideal for sleeping with twin head support cushions. Independent hood systems for shade with observation window. One-hand umbrella fold system

Lightweight (12.2kg) . Dual automatic folding lock

Ergonomic soft touch grip handles. Self-centring lockable swivel front wheels. Multi-position cup holder. Large easy-access shopping basket. Lockable swivel wheels. Ventilated raincover. Harness pads. Includes footmuffs

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