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1.d. Noise Control

With increasing traffic on the road, rails and in the air, noise insulation has become a very important topic. It is not a question of being a luxury anymore; it is essential that noise reduction is considered in the specification of glazing. With regard to employment law, comfort and medical necessity, noise insulation in building construction is an undisputed requirement to decrease stress and noise related illnesses.
Pilkington Optiphon is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. The desired acoustic performance can be achieved through combining various thicknesses of glass with a special PolyVinylButyral (PVB) interlayer. With a large variety of product combinations, it offers the opportunity to achieve specific noise reduction requirements.

Pilkington Optiphon can be combined with other Pilkington products for a multi-functional noise reduction monolithic glass or a multi-functional noise reduction Insulating Glass Unit, providing additional benefits such as thermal insulation, solar control or self-cleaning. It is the ideal choice of glass in any buildings where there is excess noise from road, rail or air traffic, or other sources such as factories or nightclubs.

1.e. Safety/Security

Innovations in the development of safety and security glasses have opened up new design opportunities, allowing both people to be protected from personal injury, and in the most extreme cases, buildings to be protected from various forms of attack without compromising levels of natural light and visibility.

The term ‘safety’ is applied to glazing used to reduce the risk of accident by impact, fracture, shattering, or in a fire. The term ‘security’ is applied to glazing which is able to withstand deliberate attacks of various kinds (physical or armed).
The Pilkington brand offers a wide range of sophisticated glasses to meet these increasing demands for protection of both people and property.
Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass is manufactured by subjecting final size, edge worked panes of glass to a heating and cooling treatment, whereby high compressive stresses are set up at the surfaces, with balancing tensile stresses in the centre. The high compressive surface stresses give Pilkington Toughened Safety Glass its increased strength, which is up to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass of the same thickness.
Pilkington Optilam is a laminated glass produced by combining two or more sheets of float glass with one or more interlayers, the most popular being the PVB interlayer. The interlayers ensure the integrity of the glass by holding the broken pieces in place should any damage occur. In fact, glass fragments adhere strongly to the interlayer, while the resistant cushioning effect dissipates the energy. Pilkington Optilam can be enhanced when combined with other Pilkington products to provide additional benefits such as self-cleaning, solar control or thermal insulation.
The various performance levels of Pilkington Optilam are achieved by simply changing the number and thickness of each layer of glass and PVB interlayer. By doing this, Pilkington Optilam can be used for a wide range of applications, whether it is for safety (glazed building entrances, internal doors, overhead and roof glazing, swimming pools and windows in critical risk locations), security (applications which display valuable goods, such as museums or in banks or building societies, as well as safety glazing in hospitals and prisons) or bullet resistance (high risk buildings such as banks, post offices, building societies, embassies, cash offices, military establishments and VIP residences).
1.f. Self-cleaning
Thanks to its revolutionary coating, the Pilkington Activ on-line coated self-cleaning range of glasses stays cleaner, all year round. Their unique dual-action coating uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from dirt, giving not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better-looking windows.
Pilkington Activ is available in combination with other products from the Pilkington range to provide additional benefits such as solar control (Pilkington ActivBlue, Pilkington Activ Neutral, and Pilkington Activ Suncool), thermal insulation (Pilkington Activ Optitherm), impact resistance or increased security (Pilkington Activ Optilam) and noise control (Pilkington Activ Optiphon).
1.g. Decoration
As well as offering functional benefits, glass is also used to enhance the appearance of the environment. The Pilkington range of decorative glass turns it from a basic construction material into a means of adding style and elegance. Incorporating decorative glass can add privacy and meet any requirements, whether they are aesthetical or practical.
Pilkington Optifloat Opal is an acid-etched product suitable for internal and external use. It is a translucent glass that creates an attractive finish for windows, partition walls, glass doors, furniture, shelving, wall cladding and many more applications, offering all the diffused natural light of a translucent glass, but with none of the drawbacks.
Pilkington Spandrel glasses are toughened safety glasses that are mostly used in non-vision areas of façades. The most popular range is Pilkington Spandrel Glass Coated, a toughened range of glasses coated with a metallic coating specially developed for the Pilkington Suncool product range. The Pilkington Spandrel Glass range offers a number of options for use with curtain wall applications that allow the building exterior to be fully glazed. The products can also be used for interior design and furniture.
Pilkington Texture Glass is a range of rolled patterned glasses, one surface of which has a specific pattern or design impressed into the surface, which creates a decoration. The patterned glasses allow the passage of light but depending on the depth and configuration of their pattern, varying degrees of obscuration are obtained. The range offers a wide selection of alternatives, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements, and may be used for privacy in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. They may also be used for decorative purposes in applications such as doors, partitions and balustrades.
1.h. Glass Systems

Glass can be used to create building interiors which connect occupants with the external environment, combining unbroken views and high levels of natural light with the comfort and safety of the internal environment.

The Pilkington range of glass systems allows designers and specifiers to transform yards into cosy interiors, enclose private and public outdoor areas under glass roofs and build stunning glass façades.

Pilkington Planar is the world’s leading structural glazing system. It allows architects immense flexibility in the appearance of façades, while incorporating all of the functionality required from windows in today’s buildings. Utilising stainless steel fittings housed in countersunk holes to fix the glass façade back to the structure, Pilkington Planar results in a fully engineered system with the minimum of structure and the maximum visual clarity. A silicone seal between adjacent panels also provides weatherproofing. Pilkington Planar can incorporate most Pilkington glass types, including the range of solar control, low-emissivity and Pilkington Activ self-cleaning glasses.

Pilkington Profilit is a range of alkali cast glasses in a U-shape, which is produced according to EN 572, Part 7, using the machine rolling process. The products are translucent, but not transparent, with or without a patterned surface on the outside, and have the quality features of cast glass.

The end result is a wall that obscures vision but allows light to pass through. Pilkington Profilit products can be used in interior or exterior applications, and the "U-shaped" channels can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

The glasses are available in a variety of colours and textures with varying translucency, allowing for the passage of natural light without the loss of privacy. Pilkington Profilit products can offer thermal insulation and solar control, as well as sound reduction; they provide the most cost-efficient glass wall systems available. The products come in various patterns. The range of products can be single glazed for interior use or double glazed for exterior applications.

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