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PITTSBURGH, Nov. 15—“If three contractors submit proposals to the same customer, what makes one of them the top choice? How does the customer decide who gets the work? And how did the customer know which contractors to call in the first place?”

The speaker for this new classroom presentation is Bobby Parks, founder of Peachtree Decks and Porches LLC, the category-leading construction firm based in Alpharetta, Ga. After seven years of rapid business growth, Mr. Parks recently sold the company and teamed up with Versatex Building Products, LLC, to develop a course in marketing and lead generation for contractors and remodelers.
The result is “Creating Separation,” a concentrated 60 minute presentation that drew praise from industry experts at the 2014 Remodeling Show and Deck Expo in October. “Bobby has succeeded for two reasons: One, the quality of his work is outstanding. And, two, he’s brilliant at converting prospects into customers by demonstrating the honest value he adds,” said Joe Cracco, Modern Yankee Builders, “Now he’s traveling the country and sharing that marketing expertise with his fellow builders.”
The classroom setting will share concepts developed through years of experience with proven results that apply to remodelers, builders, landscape contractors and all types of contracting businesses. Mr. Parks states “It’s like a boot camp designed to show contractors how they can separate or differentiate their businesses—really make them stand out —from the pack of competitors. The class introduces topics like business philosophies, messaging and effective use of photos, plus easy website tactics he says reduced his marketing costs by 90 percent.
“By working with Versatex distributors and local lumberyards, we can bring this business-building opportunity directly to contractors, in a casual breakfast or lunchtime format, free of charge,” Mr. Parks said.
According to Versatex vice president of sales Rick Kapres, contractors, distributors and lumberyard operators can learn more about “Creating Separation,” or schedule a class, by asking a local dealer or regional Versatex representative, or by contacting Versatex at 724-857-111,
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