Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor

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Note: Please look through resources very carefully. This is a controversial issue so some sources may have bias. Check carefully for the expertise or background of the writer or contributor.


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  1. Teens and Plastic Surgery:

  2. Washington Post:

  3. Are Teens Too Young to Go Under the Knife:

  4. Bullied Teen Who Got Facial Plastic Surgery Ready to Forgive ...

  5. Bullied 14-Year-Old Girl Gets Plastic Surgery to Fix Ears, Nose, Chin ...

  6. Plastic Surgery And Bullying: Woman Spends $70,000 On Cosmetic ...

  7. Nadia Ilse, Bullied Teen Who Had Free Plastic Surgery, Ready To ...

  8. Charity Group Offers Free Plastic Surgery to Bullied Teens |

  9. American teenagers resort to plastic surgery to beat bullies ...

  10. Plastic surgery to deflect bullying - Blogs - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  11. Your thoughts: Plastic surgery for bullied kids - The Chart -

  12. Charity offers free plastic surgery to bullying victims | The Mommy ...

  13. Should Bullied Kids Get Plastic Surgery? | Parenting Advice

  14. Bullying and plastic surgery: Would you let your teen get surgery?

  15. Autostraddle — Changing Face: The Ethics Of Free Plastic Surgery ...

  16. 14-year-old girl bullied for 'Dumbo' ears gets $40K plastic surgery for ...

  17. Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic

  18. Bullied 12-year-old boy gets free reconstructive surgery | kaleb ...

  19. Nadia Ilse, Bullied Georgia Teen, Receives Free Plastic Surgery ...

  20. Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery - International information on workshops, current procedures, and physician locator.

  21. Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery - Contains issue contents for all and full content for subscribers.

  22. Body Language - Independent articles and news researched, written, and edited for consumers of cosmetic surgery operations and treatments.

  23. Clinics in Plastic Surgery - Each issue focuses on a single topic in plastic surgery and is presented under the direction of an experienced guest editor.

  24. European Journal of Plastic Surgery - Focus on the new advances in clinical techniques and in research in plastic surgery.

  25. Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America - Updates on trends in patient management, new advances and provides a sound basis for choosing surgical options.

  26. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc. Table of contents, author guidelines, editorial board and subscription information. Full-text access by subscription.

  27. Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine - Print magazine offering articles about plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, skin care and anti-aging. Select magazine content available online.

  28. Ask Dr. M - Plastic Surgery - The Institute for Plastic Surgery in NY and NJ offers monthly information on fitness, nutrition, and plastic surgery.

  29. CBS News "Thinking About Plastic Surgery?" - Article for patients interested in surgery including guidelines to follow while making decision.

  30. Cosmetic Surgery News - This site is updated daily with news from the cosmetic and plastic surgery world. Articles, links and tips are available for information.

  31. Cosmetic and plastic surgery - Information about popular surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, including articles, news related to these procedures, costs, complications, and photos.

  32. Johns Hopkins Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Information about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

  33. Plastic Surgery Portal - Provides comprehensive and detailed information about most types of cosmetic surgery and puts you in direct contact with some of the top plastic surgeons around the world. Watch the procedures in virtual 3D animations.

  34. Streaming Surgeries - Provides videos of actual surgical procedures, from consultation through postop, including interviews, before and after.

  35. Surgery Lowdown - Cosmetic Surgery Advice - Blog run by the head of cosmetic surgery at the London Institute of Surgery. Contains informative and factual news and updates.

  36. Talksurgery - Explains procedures and complications, with photographs, patient stories, FAQ, and directory of clinics.

  37. Yes They're Fake - Cosmetic Surgery and Product Report - Includes a collection of information, photographs and links pertaining to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the face and body.

Google Scholar

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  1. Teenagers and cosmetic surgery: Focus on breast augmentation and liposuction

  2. Teenagers and cosmetic surgery

  3. Teens' cosmetic dreams don't always come true

  4. Adolescents' perceptions of factors affecting their decisions to seek health care

  5. Impossible Bodies: TV Viewing Habits, Body Image, and Plastic Surgery Attitudes among College Students in Los Angeles and Buffalo, New York

  6. Cosmetic surgery: beauty as commodity

  7. Teens before their time

  8. " The Real Me": Therapeutic Narrative in Cosmetic Surgery

  9. On the cutting edge: cosmetic surgery and the technological production of the gendered body

  10. Cosmetic breast augmentation and suicide

  11. Celebrity worship and incidence of elective cosmetic surgery: evidence of a link among young adults

  12. Prevalence of concern about physical appearance in the general population

  13. Generation diva: How our obsession with beauty is changing our kids

  14. Bodies Under Construction

  15. Seeking self-esteem through surgery

Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD)

  1. BBC Headroom: Understanding BDD

  2. BDDCentral: BDD Website and Support Forum

  3. Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Body Dysmorphic Disorder Clinic and Research Center


  5. [4] On-line Support Group for Body dysmorphic disorder sufferers.

  6. Social Anxiety Anonymous International Nonprofit that provides free support groups, including for Body Dysmorphic Disorder sufferers

  7. Katharine Phillips, MD—The Body Image Program at Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University

  8. VideoJug—Body dysmorphic disorder Information

  9. UCLA Body Dysmorphic Disorder Research

  10. Support Group Providers for / Body dysmorphic disorder at the Open Directory Project

  11. OCD-UK—Information for BDD and OCD sufferers

  12. OCD Action UK

  13. German Body Dysmorphic Disorder Website

  14. BDD advice and bdd support, Body Dysmorphic Disorder help and advice

  15. Body Dysmorphic Disorder—FAQ, Dr David Veale

  16. BBC Horizon: Complete obsession: Body dysmorphia 2000

  17. National Body Dysmorphic Disorder Services, UK

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Not all article links may work; if you experience problems with a link, please contact the library for assistance.

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Academic Search Premiere Articles

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