Not allowed to bring any ta-50 not listed below. Candidates are authorized to bring extra clothing bag items

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CAAS Packing List

21 February 2015

** Anything not listed here is not authorized for use at CAAS **

TA -50 Items – Candidates are not allowed to bring any TA-50 not listed below.

(i.e. socks, t-shirts, etc.).
1 ea Copy of Packing List

1 ea copy Records Brief – ERB/ORB/SRB

1 ea copy SFAS (male), SERE-C (female) physical

4 pr ACU/FRACU (more than 4 is authorized)

7 ea Army issue tan t-shirts

1 ea Complete IPFU (extra short sleeve shirts and shorts are authorized)

1 ea Army issue belt Black or Tan

7 pr Socks, green/black no polypro/gortex

1 pr Running shoes

2 ea Reflective belt

4 pr Socks, white cotton (extra authorized)

2 pr Boots, IAW AR 670-1

1 pr Gloves, Army issue

1 ea Cap, poly pro, green (black caps with new Army IPFU) (October-April)

1 ea Fleece Foliage Green Jacket (October-April)

1 pr Underwear, cold weather (October-April)

1 ea Personal Hygiene items (i.e. razors, toothpaste, and soap)

2 ea Towel

1 pr Shower shoes

1 ea Sewing kit

3 ea Pens/pencils

1 ea Notebook not larger than 4”x 6”

2 ea Letter writing pad, 8.5in X 11in (50 sheet min)

1 ea complete sleep system w/stuff sack

1 ea camelback

1 ea sunscreen

100 ft of 550 cord

2 pr Eyeglasses, if worn, no contact lenses

1 pr clear eye protection

1 ea Laundry bag

1 ea Headlamp (bring extra batteries)

1 ea Army Duffel bag

1 ea lock for Duffel bag

1 set of civilian clothes*** See guidance below on civilian clothes***

Ensure your civilian attire is seasonally appropriate. Khakis with a collared shirt is considered appropriate. Jeans are not authorized. Roughs are generally the uniform where soldiers tend to relax more and look less professional. Keep in mind that you are still “dressing to impress”. Female clothing should fit comfortably and be appropriate colors/styles for the gender. Female clothing should not be ill fitting.  Hiking boots are authorized, but military issued footwear is not. Wearing roughs is the opportunity to be comfortable and highly functional. During cold weather months (October-April), bring a civilian cold weather coat that presents a professional appearance.


- Wear a collared or button up shirt

- Wear a belt with conservative buckle

- Wear shoes that are comfortable and have soles conducive to having to run


- Have a giant belt buckle

- Wear shorts, mini skirts

- Wear excessive jewelry

- Wear low cut tops

- Wear worn or tattered clothes (no holes)

- Wear items that will draw negative attention to you

The following items brought to CAAS are authorized for use by candidates attending CAAS: any item not listed below will be confiscated by CAAS Cadre and returned at the end of the course.

Laundry Soap

Cotton tipped applicators

Clothes pins

Foot powder

Insect repellant (recommended)

Lip balm

1 ea Pocket knife or multi-tool blade length cannot exceed 3”

Scissors, small

Security locks

Skin lotion


Zip lock bags large/small


2 Quart straw adapter kit

Minimum $25 cash
Any item not listed above is subject to confiscation by CAAS Cadre and returned at the end of the course.

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