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North Carolina EMS Education Standards:

EMT Curriculum Map

Funding for this Accreditation Alignment Project
Provided by a
Perkins Grant.

Grant Administrator: Kent Spitler, MSWd, RN, NRP, CPP

Grant Director: Carrie Stevenson, BS, NRP,CCEMT-P
Administrative Support: Diana Asbury, CIM

June 30, 2013

Diana Asbury; CIM

Administrative Support, EMS Curriculum Alignment

Administrative Support

Gaston College

Dallas, North Carolina
Edward Page Chandler, RN, Paramedic, BS

EMS Program Coordinator

Forsyth Technical Community College

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Greg Chapman, BS, RRT, CCEMT-P


The Center for Prehospital Medicine

Department of Emergency Medicine

Carolinas Medical Center

Charlotte, North Carolina

Rick Criste, BHS, NRP

EMS Department Chair

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Michael Ennis, NRP, AAS

Coordinator: EMS & Fire Programs

Stanly Community College

Albemarle, North Carolina

Tom Ferrell, MS, NRP

EMS Program Director

Sandhills Community College

Pinehurse, North Carolina

Ken Fields, BS, NRP

Clinical Coordinator/EMS Faculty

Sandhills Community College

Pinehurse, North Carolina

Sara Houston, BSc, NRP

EMS Program Director

Durham Technical Community College

Durham, North Carolina

William B. Lineback, BS, EMT-P

Department Head, EMS

Wake Technical Community College

Raleigh, North Carolina

Eric Mayhew, BS, NRP, CICP, CEI-II

AEMT Curriculum Alignment Chair

EMS Curriculum Coordinator

EMS Program Coordinator/AHA Training Center Coordinator

Carteret Community College

Morehead City, North Carolina

Thomas McNeilly, BS, NRP

EMS Coordinator

Cleveland Community College

Shelby, North Carolina

TonjaMikell-Pool, BS, NRP

Paramedic Curriculum Alignment Chair

EMS Program Director

Catawba Valley Community College

Hickory, North Carolina
Greg Miller, AS, EMT-P

EMS Clinical Coordinator

Durham Technical Community College

Durham, North Carolina

Stacey Montelongo, BS, NRP

EMS Instructor -Adjunct

Catawba Valley Community College

Hickory, North Carolina

Keith Owens, M.Ed., EMT-P

EMS Department Chair

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

Asheville, North Carolina

Chad Parlier, NRP, AAS, CCEMTP

EMS Curriculum Instructor - Adjunct

Gaston College

Dallas, North Carolina

Michael Price, BS, NRP

Program Director

Central Piedmont Community College

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ginny K. Renkiewicz, BS, EMT-P

EMS Coordinator

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, North Carolina

Christy Ridgill, Paramedic

EMS Training Supervisor

Guilford County EMS.

Greensboro, North Carolina

Robert Smith, MHS, NRP, CCEMT-P

EMR/EMT Curriculum Alignment Chair

EMS Curriculum Instructor - Adjunct

Med Center Air/Gaston Colleg

Dallas, North Carolina
Kent Spitler, MSWd, RN, NRP, CPP

Grant Administrator, EMS Curriculum Alignment

Director for EMS Education

Gaston College

Dallas, North Carolina
Carrie Stevenson, BS, NRP, CCEMT-P

Grant Director, EMS Curriculum Alignment

Clinical Coordinator

Gaston College

Dallas, North Carolina
Mick Stewart, BS, NRP

EMS Curriculum Program Director

Johnston Community College

Smithfield, North Carolina

Hank Stowe, BS, Paramedic

Faculty, EMS

Davidson County Community College

Lexington, North Carolina

San Juan C. Timmons, EMT-P, BA, BCM

Department Chair EMS

Guilford Technical Community College

Jamestown, North Carolina

Advisory Committee
Renee Godwin Batts

North Carolina Community College System

Rod Dorn

Program Director for Coastal Carolina Community College

Joel Faircloth

North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS

Henry Helton

North Carolina Association of Paramedics

Eric Hester

Southwestern Community College

Dr. Kevin D. Kupietz

Halifax Community College

William B. Lineback

Wake Technical Community College

Dr. Darrell Nelson

North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians

Keith Owens

Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

Kent Spitler

Gaston College

Dr. Dennis Taylor

North Carolina EMS Advisory Council

Table of Contents

Preparatory 8

EMS Systems 8

Research 10

Workforce Safety and Wellness 11

Documentation 13

EMS System Communication 14

Therapeutic Communication 15

Medical/Legal and Ethics 16

Anatomy and Physiology 18

Medical Terminology 20

Pathophysiology 21

Life Span Development 22

Public Health 23

Pharmacology 24

Principles of Pharmacology 24

Medication Administration 26

Emergency Medications 27

Airway Management, Respiration and Artificial Ventilation 28

Airway Management 28

Respiration 33

Artificial Ventilation 35

Patient Assessment 37

Scene Size-Up 37

Primary Assessment 39

History Taking 42

Secondary Assessment 45

Monitoring Devices 47

Reassessment 48

Medicine 49

Medical Overview 49

Neurology 50

Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Disorders 51

Immunology 53

Infectious Diseases 55

Endocrine Disorders 57

Psychiatric 58

Cardiovascular 60

Toxicology 65

Respiratory 67

Hematology 69

Genitourinary/Renal 70

Gynecology 72

Non-Traumatic Musculoskeletal Disorders 74

Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat 76

Shock and Resuscitation 77

Trauma 79

Trauma Overview 79

Bleeding 81

Chest Trauma 83

Abdominal and Genitourinary Trauma 85

Orthopedic Trauma 87

Soft Tissue Trauma 89

Head, Facial, Neck and Spine Trauma 91

Nervous System Trauma 95

Special Considerations in Trauma 97

Environmental Emergencies 99

Multi-System Trauma 101

Special Patient Populations 102

Obstetrics 102

Neonatal Care 105

Pediatrics 106

Geriatrics 109

Patients with Special Challenges 111

EMS Operations 113

Principles of Safely Operating a Ground Ambulance 113

Incident Management 115

Multiple Casualty Incidents 117

Air Medical 119

Vehicle Extrication 120

Hazardous Materials Awareness 121

Mass Casualty Incidents Due to Terrorism and Disaster 123

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