North American Conference on British Studies Washington Marriott Georgetown

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North American Conference on British Studies

Washington Marriott Georgetown

November 11-13, 2016

Annual Meeting Program


The North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS) is a scholarly society founded in 1950 and dedicated to all aspects of British Studies. The NACBS sponsors publications and an annual conference, as well as several academic prizes and graduate fellowships. Its regional affiliates include the Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies (MACBS), the Midwest Conference on British Studies (MWCBS), the Northeast Conference on British Studies (NECBS), the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies (PCCBS), the Southern Conference on British Studies (SCBS), and the Western Conference on British Studies (WCBS).

For more information about the NACBS and its affiliates consult

The 2017 conference, held in conjunction with the Western Conference on British Studies, will convene in Denver, CO, November 3-5, 2017. For directions on submitting papers and panels for the 2017 conference, consult the NACBS website.

Our Sponsors
Co-Sponsors of the premodern plenary, 11 November:

*The British Council in the USA

*The Department of History, the University of Maryland, College Park

The Institute of Historical Research

The Huntington Library
Co-Sponsors of the modern plenary and reception, NMAAHC, 12 November

*The British Council in the USA

*The Office of the President, Georgetown University

Adam Matthew Digital

The Department of History, Durham University, UK

McNeil Center for Early American Studies, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Co-Sponsors of the Annual Meeting, 2016

An Anonymous Donor

Department of History, The George Washington University

Department of History, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Department of History, the University of Pennsylvania

The Folger Institute

Regional Partner: The National History Center (AHA), Washington, DC
*lead contributors


Boydell & Brewer Publishers

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The Scholar’s Choice

NACBS Executive Committee


Susan Pennybacker, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vice President

Anna Clark, University of Minnesota

Immediate Past President

Keith Wrightson, Yale University

Executive Secretary

Paul R. Deslandes, University of Vermont

Associate Executive Secretary

Elizabeth Prevost, Grinnell College


Andrew Muldoon, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Elected Members of the NACBS Council

Elizabeth Ewan, University of Guelph

Deborah Valenze, Barnard College

James Vernon, University of California, Berkeley

Janet Watson, University of Connecticut

Rachel Weil, Cornell University
Program Committee

Program Chair

Krista Kesselring, Dalhousie University

Program Committee

Alastair Bellany, Rutgers University

Deborah Cohen, Northwestern University

Elizabeth Elbourne, McGill University

Karl Gunther, University of Miami

Nicholas Popper, College of William and Mary

Kate Staples, West Virginia University

Susie Steinbach, Hamline University

Robert Travers, Cornell University
MACBS Officers


Andy August, Penn State Abington

Vice President

Timothy Alborn, Lehman College/CUNY

Julie Taddeo, University of Maryland, College Park

Amanda Herbert, The Folger Shakespeare Library

MACBS/NACBS Local Arrangements

Andy August, Penn State Abington

Brett Bebber, Old Dominion University

Dina Copelman, George Mason University

Paul Deslandes, University of Vermont

Amy Froide, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Joel Hebert, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Amanda Herbert, The Folger Shakespeare Library

Dane Kennedy, George Washington University

Laura Mayhall, Catholic University

Susan Pennybacker, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Amanda Perry, Catholic University

Marriott Georgetown 2nd Floor Event Space

Marriott Georgetown 3rd Floor Event Space

4:00-7:00 Registration—West End Ballroom Foyer
4:00-6:30 Council Meeting—Dupont Galleries 7-8
6:30-8:00 Roundtable and Open Forum: Graduate Education and Preparing for the

Job Market - Dupont Gallery 6
Krista Kesselring (Dalhousie University)
Peter Mandler (Cambridge University)
Susan Pennybacker (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
James Vernon (UC, Berkeley)
Keith Wrightson (Yale)

8:00-9:30 Graduate Student Reception—Thomas Salon

Graduate students attending the conference are invited to a welcome reception, hosted by the NACBS Executive Council.

7:45-8:45 Breakfast—West End Ballroom Foyer
8:00-4:00 Registration—West End Ballroom Foyer
Session 1: 8:45-10:15
I.i. Late Medieval England: Chronicles, History, and Politics

Dupont Gallery 7
Chair and Comment: Jeffrey Hamilton, Baylor University

The St. Albans Chronicle: Some New Perspectives

George Stow, La Salle University
English Constitutionalism or Regional Peculiarity? Northern Political Culture and the Landed Elite in the Later Fourteenth Century

Mark Arvangian, California State University, Fresno
A Lancastrian Bastion? Yorkshire in the Reign of Henry IV, 1399 –1413

Douglas Biggs, University of Nebraska, Kearney
I.ii. New Perspectives on Early Modern Scotland

District 1
Chair and Comment: Kristen P. Walton, Salisbury University
Visualizing Scotland’s Reformation Armies

Jonathan Woods, Fordham University
Administering the Borders: The King, Parliament, and Locals, 1603-1625

Jenna M. Schultz, University of St. Thomas
From Covenanted to Cromwellian: Scotland’s Universities in Revolution and Conquest

Salvatore Cipriano Jr., Fordham University
Rethinking the Kirk in the 1650s

Robert H. Landrum, University of South Carolina, Beaufort
I.iii. Independent Research Libraries and Scholars: Partners in Humanities Research (Roundtable)

Thomas Salon
Chair: Steve Hindle, Huntington Library

Vanessa Wilkie, Huntington Library

Kathleen Lynch, Folger Shakespeare Library

Eric M. Johnson, Folger Shakespeare Library

Caroline Duroselle-Melish, Folger Shakespeare Library
I.v. Alcohol and Empire

Gallery 8
Chair: Susan Farnsworth, Trinity Washington University
Cape Hock, Cape Madeira: South African Wines in Early Nineteenth Century Britain

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre, Trinity College (CT)
Buzzed Britons: How Colonists Imbibed Empire in British American Taverns

Vaughn Scribner, University of Central Arkansas
Rum on Gin Lane: The Gin Craze as an Imperial Event

Jordan Smith, Georgetown University
Comment: Chad Ludington, University College Cork The English Lake District as Contested Cultural Landscape

Dupont Gallery 6
Chair and Comment: Rowland Weston, University of Waikato
The Invention of ‘Wordsworth Country’

Paul Westover, Brigham Young University
“Subversive of its Quiet and Highly Injurious to its Morals”: Keeping the Wrong People out of the Lake District

Andrew Connell, Independent Scholar
Rambling through Wainwright’s Lakeland

Rebecca Bates, Berea College
I.vii. Gender and Celebrity in the Anglo-American Transatlantic World, 1900s-1930s

Metropolitan Gallery 5
Chair and Comment: Nancy Ellenberger, United States Naval Academy
Sexualizing Anglo-Saxon Love and Marriage: Elinor Glyn and Three Weeks (1907)

Hilary Hallett, Columbia University
“A Royal Good Fellow”: Fashion, Sport, and Romance in the Marketing of Edward, Prince of Wales, 1919-1936

Laura Mayhall, Catholic University of America
Margaret and Bea Go to London (and New York and Hollywood): Theatrical Celebrity in the Interwar Transatlantic World’

Cecilia Morgan, University of Toronto
I.viii. Religion, the State, and Politics in Modern Britain

District 2
Chair: Lynn Mackay, Brandon University
Disquieting Nuns: Exiled British Convents in France and Flanders and Political Engagement, 1680-1750

Caroline Watkinson, University of Westminster
The Secularization of the “Conservative” Idea in Nineteenth-Century Britain

James Sack, University of Illinois at Chicago

Whatever Happened to the “Nonconformist Conscience”? The Free Churches and the Labour Party 1914-1939

Peter Paul Catterall, University of Westminster
Comment: Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, University of Central Oklahoma

10:15-10:30 Break—West End Ballroom Foyer
Session 2: 10:30-12:00
II.i. Immigrants in England, 1350-1550

Gallery 8

Chair: Caroline Barron, University of London
The English State and the Regulation of Resident Aliens in the Later Middle Ages

W. Mark Ormrod, University of York

Women (and Men) on the Move: Scots in the English North, c. 1440

Judith M. Bennett, University of Southern California

Evil May Day, 1517: The Micro- and Macro-politics of an Anti-Immigrant Riot in Tudor London

Shannon McSheffrey, Concordia University
Comment: Elizabeth Ewan, University of Guelph
II.ii. Independency and the English Revolution

West End
Chair and Comment: Sears McGee, University of California, Santa Barbara

Print, Manuscript, and “Brotherly” Rhetoric in the Debate over Congregationalism c. 1636-1643

Amy Tan, Vanderbilt University
The Making of "Independency"

David Como, Stanford University
Independence and the English Revolution: Justice, Legitimacy, and the New Model Army

Polly Ha, University of East Anglia

II.iii. History from Below in Three Dimensions: Digital Humanities Approaches to Old Poor Law Institutions

District 1
Chair: Kate Kelsey Staples, West Virginia University
The Cornice and the Arcade: Viewing Public and Private Space in an Eighteenth-Century Institution through Virtual 3-D Reconstruction

Susannah Ottaway and Austin Mason, Carleton College
The History of Crime in Three Dimensions

Tim Hitchcock, University of Sussex
Building Bentham’s Panopticon

Zoe Alker, University of Liverpool
Comment: Andy Urban, Rutgers University
II.iv. Urban Politics in the British Atlantic

Metropolitan Gallery 4
Chair: Amy Dunagin, Yale University
Barbados's 1663 Duty and the Politicization of Bridgetown's Fortifications

Mary Draper, University of Virginia
The Porteous Crisis of 1736-1737: Military Violence, Popular Politics, and Sovereignty in Post-Union Edinburgh

Amy Watson, Yale University
New York in Bristol: The Politics of Henry Cruger, 1774-1790

Nicholas Rogers, York University
Comment: Jessica Choppin Roney, Temple University
II.v. Digging and Speculating: British Investment in Precious Metals during the Nineteenth Century

Dupont Gallery 6
Chair and Comment: Dane Kennedy, George Washington University
“To Give this Country its True Value”: British Travelers in Chile and the Financial Crisis of 1825

Brian Cooper, Independent Scholar

Before the Gold Rush: Mining and Informal Empire in Britain, 1819-1849

Timothy Alborn, Lehman College, City University of New York
Gold Fever and the Gold Standard: Digging and Speculating in California and South Africa

Maura O'Connor, University of Cincinnati Policing Radicals and Revolutionaries in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Britain and Ireland (Roundtable)

District 2
Chair: Lynne Hartnett, Villanova University
The Silent Revolution: The Defence of the Realm Acts and the Policing of Political Dissent in Britain during the First World War

André Keil, University of Durham
Spy Fever and Naval Intelligence Officers during the First World War: Spy Catchers or Coast Watchers?

Harry Richards, University of Keele
"Utterly Unlawful Things": The Creation of a Very British System of Political Policing, 1880-1914

Vlad Solomon, McGill University
Material Culture of Irish Republican Prisoners, 1916-1923

Marguerite Helmers, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
II.vii. At the Edge of Intimacy; or, New Histories of the 1920s and 1930s

Metropolitan Gallery 5

Chair: Seth Koven, Rutgers University

On Not Writing a Diary in Autumn 1918

Matt Houlbrook, University of Birmingham
Intimate Islam: Same-Sex Interracial Desire and Imperial Decline in the Interwar British Indian Army

Kate Imy, University of North Texas
History of the Caress: Tactility, Teashops, and the Organization of Desire

Simeon Koole, University of Oxford
Comment: Katie Hindmarch-Watson, Johns Hopkins University
II.viii. The Anglican Communion and the First World War in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States

Dupont Gallery 7
Chair and Comment: Philip Jenkins, Baylor University
Transatlantic Anglicanism in the First World War: The Wartime Career of Bishop Charles Henry Brent

Michael Snape, University of Durham
Their Cross to Bear: The Church of England and Military Service During the First World War

Edward Madigan, Royal Holloway, University of London
Enduring the Cause with Righteousness: Justifying the Great War in the Church of England in Canada

Melissa Davidson, University of Ottawa
“A Trail of Derision and Denunciation”: Anglican–Nonconformist Relationships in England during and after the First World War

Stuart Bell, University of Birmingham
II.ix. Racism, Refugees, and Research: Social and Political Perceptions of Immigration and Foreigners in Britain, 1914-1979

Thomas Salon
Chair: Sandra Dawson, Northern Illinois University
Colonial (Experimental) Subjects: British Chemical Weapons Research in India and Africa

Peter Thorsheim, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
“He Who Gives Quickly Gives Twice”: Policy and Intellectual Debates in the British Government Towards Supporting Refugees during the Second World War

Mark Crowley, Wuhan University
Model Migrants in Postwar Britain?: The Sikh Campaigns and “Race Relations” Ideologies

Brett Bebber, Old Dominion University
Comment: Laura Tabili, University of Arizona
12:00-1:45 Lunch and Plenary Address—Metropolitan Galleries 1-2
City Life: Theory and Practice in Britain and Beyond
Miri Rubin, Queen Mary University of London
Session 3: 2:00-3:30
III.i. Medieval Law and the Margins of Society

Dupont Gallery 7

Chair: Samantha Sagui, Fordham University
Villeins and the Jury System in Medieval England

James Masschaele, Rutgers University

Non Compos Mentis: Joan Wantyng and the Mentally Impaired Heiress in Medieval English Law

Rachel Podd, Fordham University
Pleading the Belly: A Sparing Plea? Pregnant Convicts and Juries of Matrons in Medieval England

Sara M. Butler, Ohio State University
Comment: Caroline Dunn, Clemson University
III.ii. Britain in Europe: English News and European Politics in the Seventeenth Century

Dupont Gallery 6
Chair and Comment: William Bulman, Lehigh University
Looking across the Channel: The Spread of Tudor and Stuart Proclamations throughout the Continent

Chris R. Kyle, Syracuse University
English News, the Fronde and the Piedmont Massacre

Nicole Greenspan, Hampden-Sydney College
“Lies sent them from England”: London News in the Dutch Public Sphere in the Seventeenth Century

Jason Peacey, University College London
Comment: Matt Growhoski, Vanderbilt University
III.iii. Sovereignty, Space, and Practice: Scalar Geographies of Power in the Early Modern British Empire

Thomas Salon
Chair: Margot Finn, University College London
The Locus of the Zamindar’s Sovereignty

Zirwat Chowdhury, Getty Research Institute
Sovereignty Talk: Speech, Slavery, and Politics in Barbados and Jamaica

Miles Ogborn, Queen Mary University of London
Testing the Boundaries of Colonial Sovereignty: The Susquehanna Company in the Wyoming Valley, 1753-1784

Philip Stern, Duke University
Comment: Lauren A. Benton, Vanderbilt University
III.iv. Medicine, Contagion, and Social Order, c. 1700-1850

Gallery 8
Chair: Graham Mooney, Johns Hopkins University
Corralling the Putrid Body: Class and the Legacy of Plague in Enlightenment Britain

Kevin Siena, Trent University
Plague, Public Health, and the Condition of England

Alex Chase-Levenson, University of Pennsylvania
Medicine, Law, and the Lash: Medical Discipline in the Australian Colonies

Catherine Kelly, University of Bristol
Comment: Matthew Newsom Kerr, Santa Clara University
III.v. Between the Invisible and the Performative: Colonial Violence from Child-Abuse to Aerial Bombardment

District 1
Chair and Comment: Erik Linstrum, University of Virginia
Rhetoric of “Humanity”: The Army, the Royal Air Force, and the Sterilization of Colonial Violence

Brian Drohan, U.S. Military Academy – West Point

Colour, Class, and the Racialization of Feeling: Domestic Violence and Child Welfare in Cape Town, 1918-1939

Will Jackson, University of Leeds
Discourse of the Dum-Dum: The Science of Othering in British and American Colonial Warfare

Kim Wagner, Queen Mary University of London Race, Transnationalism, and Decolonisation

West End
Chair: Marc Matera, University of California, Santa Cruz
Blackness or Britishness? Debating the Ethiopian War between Britain and Barbados

Brittany Merritt, University of South Florida
Speaking Out about Race in Pre-independent Jamaica

Henrice Altink, University of York
From Imperial Universalism to National Multiculturalism: Ethnicity and Citizenship in 1960s Britain

Radhika Natarajan, Reed College
Comment: F.S.J. Ledgister, Clark Atlanta University
III.vii. Subversive Rooms: British Artists Re-make the Meaning of Interior Space

District 2
Chair and Comment: Patrick R. O’Malley, Georgetown University
Thinking Inside the Box: Love and Death at the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Keren R. Hammerschlag, Georgetown University
Francis Bacon’s Bedroom and the Wormy Sight

Jongwoo Jeremy Kim, University of Louisville
Stately Homos: Queering National Trust Properties

Christopher Reed, Pennsylvania State University
III.viii. Emotion in Modern British Politics

Metropolitan Gallery 4

Chair: Julie-Marie Strange, University of Manchester
For the Love of Party

James Thompson, University of Bristol

Twentieth-Century British Compassion and Humanitarianism

Emily Baughan, University of Bristol

Anger and Victorian Liberalism

David Craig, University of Durham

Comment: Stephen Brooke, York University
III.ix. Downton Abbey, Popular Culture, and History

Metropolitan Gallery 5

Chair and Comment: Nicoletta Gullace, University of New Hampshire
Distant Strangers: Academic History and the Downton Abbey Audience

Charles Upchurch, Florida State University

Consuming Downton Abbey

Dina Mira Copelman, George Mason University
The Downton Effect: British Period Drama Histories for the 21st Century

Julie Anne Taddeo, University of Maryland, College Park

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