Nominations of Associates, Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Life Members of the Institute

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Nominations of Associates, Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Life Members of the Institute

Nominations are invited for the awards of:

Associate (Professional)

Associate (Union Activism)

Fellow (Professional)

Fellow (Union Activism)

Honorary Fellow

Life Member

These will be considered by the Honours Committee, which has the constitutional responsibility of making recommendations on such nominations to the National Executive of NZEI Te Riu Roa.
The philosophy behind the provisions for the awards of grades of membership is that of both recognising and promoting excellence in the field of education in the widest sense.
These provisions are an important aspect of NZEI Te Riu Roa’s overall commitment to enhancing the professional status of its members, through the recognition of excellence by one's colleagues.
The National Executive has noted with concern not only the limited number of nominations received, but also the limited number of female and Maori nominees being referred to the Honours Committee for consideration and asks Branches, Aronui Tomua, Komiti Pasifika, Area Councils and National Executive Advisory Groups to give particular consideration to redressing this imbalance.
Nominating bodies should ensure that nominees are held in high regard professionally by their colleagues and it is suggested that nominating bodies form small sub-committees to consider the selection of nominees as this process allows a more careful consideration of the matter to be made than is possible if nominations are simply called for at a meeting.

The processing of nominations, including obtaining referees statements, is time-consuming and nominating bodies are asked to help limit this by ensuring that the details provided on the forms are both easily read and accurate.

Nominations are required to be received by the National Secretary on or before 6 June 2014 if they are to be considered for awards in 2014. This notice sets out the procedures for making nominations.

Please take particular note of the following

  1. Closing Date

The closing date for the receipt of nominations for consideration by the Honours Committee is 6 June 2014. Completed forms may be sent in at any time before the closing date.

2. Nomination Forms

A Nomination form for the awards of Associate and Fellow is available on

3. Life Membership and Honorary Fellow

Nominating bodies wishing to have a member or former member considered for Life Membership, or a person considered for Honorary Fellow, should write accordingly to the National Secretary.

4. Criteria for Awards (Part A of nomination form)

The information supplied should be relevant to the criteria for the award (refer to the Guidelines, (page 5)) and should assist the Honours Committee in making a recommendation to the National Executive. Full details of criteria for all awards are contained in this document, pages 7 to 10.


For the award of Associate, there is a prerequisite of 10 years provisional or full membership of NZEI Te Riu Roa or a kindred organisation although this can be a lesser period in exceptional circumstances. The nominee should have demonstrated a commitment to education, upheld the ideals of the Institute and met the criteria of the particular award applied for over that period.

The award can be made within one year of the date a member resigned or retired from the institute.

For the award of Fellow, there is a prerequisite of 15 years full membership of NZEI Te Riu Roa or a kindred organisation. The award can be made within one year of the date a member resigned or retired from the institute.

The nominee must have already received an award of Associate or hold an ESPA or NZEI Te Riu Roa Special Service Award.
Honorary Fellow

The award of Honorary Fellow is made to those who are generally acknowledged as being worthy of a high honour but who do not otherwise qualify for the award of Fellow.

They must have demonstrated eminence in their field of education, a kindred discipline or the union movement nationally or internationally and have significant service to education and the well-being of learners and have supported the Institute’s objects, goals and activities.
Life Membership

A nominee for Life Membership must have demonstrated distinguished service of a nationwide and outstanding nature. A nominee must have already received the award of Fellow or Honorary Fellow.

5. Closing Date

Nominations for all awards received by the closing date (6 June 2014) will be considered by the Honours Committee, and subsequently by the National Executive, for the purpose of conferring awards in September 2014.

6. Signatures on Nomination Form

Two members of the nominating body (other than the Nominee) must sign the nomination form on behalf of that body.

The signatories must not be referees for the Nominee.
7. Nomination of Referees

Please note the statement on the nomination form:

"We nominate, with their approval, two referees" one of whom may be cited by the nominee. Between them, the referees must be able to comment on the nominee in the workplace and in education more widely; in the Institute; and in the community. In some instances a third referee may be necessary to cover all three aspects.
Please check that the Referees agree to act in this capacity before their names are put on the form.
Where possible referees should be people of some significance in education, the Institute or the community.

  • Independence of Referees: The nominating body needs to ensure that at least one of the referees is an independent referee whose identify as a referee is not known by the nominee.

  • Cross Refereeing: In selecting referees, the nominating body should ensure that cross refereeing does not occur (i.e. if A is the referee for B, then B cannot be the referee for A). Nominating officers are asked to check this matter before signing the forms and sending them to the National Office.

  • Confidentiality: Prospective referees may be assured that the information given is held in the strictest confidence and is destroyed once consideration of the nomination is completed.

  • Contact: On receipt of the nomination forms, National Office will contact the referees direct. Nomination forms will be sent to the nominated referees at that time.

  • Please read the procedures for handling nominations contained in the Guidelines attached.

8. A full list of current award recipients can be found on pages 11 to 21 of this document

CLOSING DATE – 6 June 2014

Please read this document carefully prior to taking action
Service to Education & the Institute
All members are aware that the Institute expects them, in undertaking their duties and responsibilities, to conduct themselves so that they promote and maintain the dignity and welfare of the Institute and advance the cause of education.
In their application for membership, members acknowledge their responsibility to the child and the community, and promise to uphold the ideals of the Institute.
In pursuit of these ideals, the Institute has established procedures whereby it can recognise officially those members who have given outstanding service in their work for education and / or the Institute.
This recognition takes the form of the award of grades of membership, which are made by the National Executive on the recommendation of the Honours Committee of NZEI.
It is expected that nominees for the awards of Fellow or Life member will have given service of a very special and outstanding nature.
Nominations - General Considerations
1. The basic criteria for all awards are that of meritorious and outstanding service to education and / or the Institute.
2. When considering nominations, due regard should be given to:
(a) members who have rendered valuable service, in a variety of ways, at branch, aronui tomua, komiti pasifika, area council and national level.
(b) members who have made an important contribution to the educational or industrial affairs of the Institute, even though they may not necessarily have been prominently identified with the work of their local branch, aronui tomua, komiti pasifika, area council or national executive advisory group.
(c) women members, Maori, early childhood workers, support staff and those in their earlier years of service. In each of these categories, there are many outstanding persons who deserve to be recognised for their contribution.
It must be emphasised that the attainment of high office, at any level, does not automatically entitle a person to an award. The foremost qualification for an award is that the nominee has met the basic criterion. Other factors may be of equal, or greater, importance in individual cases.

Procedures to be followed by nominating bodies
Nominating bodies are asked to acquaint members with the following procedures:
i Persons who were nominated unsuccessfully last year will not be considered again by the Honours Committee unless they are renominated.
ii All nominations must be made on the official current form. These are obtainable from National Office on request and on the NZEI website, Nomination forms must be received by the National Secretary by 6 June 2014.
iii There is one form for nominating Associates and Fellows and the form should be marked accordingly.
iv The names of individuals nominated should not be published in any form (e.g. in a newspaper report of a meeting, or in a newsletter). Any discussion of nominations must always take place in-committee.
v Members who have been nominated for a grade of membership should not take part in considering the selection of those whose names are to be forwarded to the National Secretary.
vi It is not necessary for nominees to be informed of their nomination or to complete any portion of the nomination form. If the nominee has not been informed of the nomination, the nominating body should nominate two referees. Neither of the referees should be one of the nominating members (i.e. the President or Secretary of the nominating body , the individual members who move the nomination, or members of a committee set up to deal with nominations).
vii If the nominee is aware of the nomination, the nominee should be given the opportunity of recommending the name of one of the two referees. If the nominee does cite a referee, indicate by the referee’s name in Part E of the nomination form.
viii It is essential that before nominating referees, the nominating body, or the nominees concerned, should ascertain that the referees nominated are prepared to act in this capacity if called upon.
A member of the Honours Committee of the Institute should not be asked to be a referee. Care should also be exercised so that cross refereeing does not occur.

Relevant Sections of NZEI Te Riu Roa Rules
2.12 Grades of Membership
2.12.1 Honours Committee – Membership Members of the Honours Committee shall not be members of the National Executive.

The National Executive shall appoint an Honours Committee consisting of:

(a) A Fellow of the Institute appointed by the National President to chair the Committee;

(b) Four Fellows of the Institute, appointed for a four year term;

(c) Two members nominated by Te Reo Areare, for a four year term, provided that if the nominees are members of the Institute they shall be Fellows of the Institute and if not members of the Institute they shall be Kaumatua or Pakeke;

(d) Up to four others determined by the National President in conjunction with the Chair to balance the skills and knowledge required. These are appointments for up to four years. A quorum shall consist of seven members of the committee.
2.12.2 Honours Committee – Functions Subject to the provisions of these Rules the functions of the Honours Committee are:

  • To consider nominations for the grade of membership specified in these Rules and to make recommendations to the National Executive accordingly;

  • To consider and report to the National Executive on any matter relating to the Rules provisions for Grades of Membership.

2.12.3 Grades of Membership - Criteria Associate

The award of associate acknowledges the work of nominees at worksite, local or area level. There are two categories for the award - professional contribution and union activism.

In order to be considered as an Associate the nominee must have demonstrated:

Associate (Professional)

  • Support for the Institute's ethics, objects and goals;

  • A high level of effectiveness and credibility as a practitioner;

  • That he/she is held in high regard by and has excellent relationships with learners, colleagues, caregivers and other members of the education community.

Associate (Union Activism)

  • Support for the Institute's ethics, objects, goals and activities;

  • A high level of effectiveness, activism and credibility as a union member;

  • That he/she is held in high regard by and has excellent relationships with colleagues, NZEI members and other members of the education community.

An added advantage is involvement in community activities outside education.

A pre-requisite for the award of Associate is:

  • Provisional or full membership of the Institute or a kindred organisation for 10 years (earlier in exceptional circumstances).

The award of Associate can be made within one year of the date a member resigned or retired from the Institute. Fellow

The award of Fellow is made for regional and national level work. There are two categories for the award – professional expertise and contribution and union activism.

In order to become a Fellow (Professional) a nominee must have demonstrated:

  • All of the requirements for Associate to a higher level;

  • Support for the Institute's ethics, objects and goals;

  • A high level of effectiveness and credibility as a practitioner;

  • That he/she is held in high regard by and has excellent relationships with learners, colleagues, caregivers and other members of the education community;

  • Outstanding leadership and active promotion of excellence in education in his/her field;

  • Ongoing quality contributions to a range of Institute activities;

  • Special contribution to the wider educational community;

  • Service to the wider community.

In order to become a Fellow (Union Activism) a nominee must have demonstrated:

  • All of the requirements for Associate to a higher level;

  • Support for the Institute's ethics, objects, goals and activities;

  • A high level of effectiveness, activism and credibility as a union member;

  • That he/she is held in high regard by and has excellent relationships with colleagues, NZEI members and other members of the education community;

  • Outstanding leadership and active promotion of excellence in his/her field;

  • Ongoing quality contributions to a range of Institute activities;

  • Special contribution to the wider educational community;

  • Service to the wider community;

A general rule for the award of Fellow is either:

  • Full membership of the Institute or a kindred organisation for approximately 15 years of membership or;

  • The award of Fellow can be made within one year of the date a member resigned or retired from the Institute;

A nominee must also be an Associate or hold an ESPA or NZEI Te Riu Roa Special Service Award. Honorary Fellow
The award of Honorary Fellow Professional or Honorary Fellow Union Activism is made to those who are generally acknowledged as being worthy of this high honour and who do not otherwise qualify for the award of Fellow.

In order to be considered for Honorary Fellow the nominee must have demonstrated:

  • Eminence in their field of education, a kindred discipline or the union movement nationally or internationally and

  • Significant service to education and the well-being of learners and

  • Support for the Institute’s objects, goals and activities, in principle. Life Membership of the Institute

(a) In order to be considered for Life Membership the nominee must have demonstrated distinguished service in the cause of members and education. The honour is the highest honour awarded by the Institute. It is given only when the service rendered has been of nationwide and outstanding nature.

(b) The Award of Fellow or Honorary Fellow is a prerequisite.

(c) If a union amalgamating with the Institute has a rule provision for life membership similar to those of section (a) of these union Rules honorary life membership may transfer from the amalgamating union to the Institute subject to consideration of such transfers by the Honours Committee which shall make recommendations to the National Executive.

        1. Life Membership of a Branch

Each branch of the Institute may elect to Life Membership of the branch such person or persons as the branch considers suitable for such an honour.

2.12.4 Privileges of Life Membership Life Membership of the Institute. The privileges of Life Membership of the Institute shall be:
(a) Publication in the roll of Life Members, published as part of the Report and Proceedings of Annual Meeting.
(b) The receipt of free copies of the current NZEI newsletter.
(c) The right to attend all general meetings of the Institute or of any branch and to have speaking rights but not voting rights. Life Membership of a Branch. The privileges of Life Membership of a branch shall be:

  • The right to attend all meetings of that branch and to have speaking rights but not voting rights.

2.12.5 Associates and Fellows - Procedures Nominations for the award of Associate and Fellow Professional/Union Activism will be received from any Branch, Aronui Tomua, Komiti Pasifika, Area Council or National Executive Advisory Group. Nominations shall be made in the manner prescribed by the Institute and branches will be so advised annually. Nominations shall be referred to the Honours Committee for consideration. The Honours Committee will make recommendations to the National Executive, which will act for the Institute in deciding on which of these nominees these awards will be conferred.
2.12.6 Life Membership and Honorary Fellow - Procedures Nomination for awards of Life Membership and Honorary Fellow Professional/Union Activism will be made by the National Executive which may act on the recommendation of a Branch, Aronui Tomua, Komiti Pasifika, Area Council or National Executive Advisory group.

The list of Life Members, Honorary Fellows, Fellows and Associates, and recipients of the Special Service Award as at October 2013, is as follows:


NEWTON, W H 1924

LOW, D W 1925


HALL A J C 1933


ANDREWS Elsie 1936




COMBS Frank L 1951

GARRY F A 1951


MAGILL Margaret E 1953


HAYWARD, Vera A 1960

PRYOR D C 1961


ASHBRIDGE George R 1969

HERCUS Leslie R 1974

WISELEY, Clifford E. 1976

HUNTER, Hugh M 1977

GARVEY, John G. 1978

SIMMONDS, Edward J. 1979

MOORE, J Keith. 1981

McKENZIE, John L. 1981

SMITH, John E. 1985

NORMAN, Roy A. 1986

DYNES, Brevat W 1987

STEWART, David F. 1988

RUTHERFORD, R.J. (Jack) 1993

KELLY, Bruce W 2003

DUNCAN, Helen P 2004

RIKIHANA, Hapimana Toby 2005

NOONAN, Rosslyn 2006


ALLAN, Jack S. 1980

ALPE , Frank W. 1978

BEEBY, Clarence W. 1971

BELL, Marie 1993

BERESFORD, G. Joanna 2004

CAMPBELL, Arthur E. 1972

CLAY, Marie 1976

CROOKS, Terence John 2006

EDGAR, Elsie 1972

ELLEY, Warwick B. 1996

FLOCKTON, Lester C 2004

HEPPLESTON, Sydney R. 1980

HERBISON, Jean M 1978

JESSON, Jocelyn 2003

KARETU, Timoti 2003

LAWRENCE, Philip J 1982

McCARTHY, Leonard J. 1973

McDONALD, Geraldine 1994

MAHY, Margaret 1997

MATAIRA, Katerina Te H 2002

MAY, Helen 2010

MEADE, E Anne 1997

MITCHELL, Frank W. 1975

NOONAN, Rosslyn 1996

PAGE, Philip L 1976

PARKYN, George W 1972

PATCHETT, Lindo E 1972

PENETITO, Walter T 1997

PINDER, Bryan M 1975

RAMSAY, Peter D K. 1986

RIKIHANA, Hapimana.Toby 1994

SHARPLES, Pita R 2004

SMITH, Anne B 2002

SNOOK, Ivan 1993

TAIT, Edna E. 1986


TAYLOR, Ronald F. 1985

TREVOR Ruth 1975

WALKER Ranginui J I. 1995

WYLIE, Catherine R 1997


ADIN, Bruce W 2000

AGNEW, Ross M 1982

ALLEN, Peter T J 1988

ANARU, Albert P 1984

ANARU, Pita H 1986

ARMSTRONG, Ronald F 1972

BAIRD, Robert J 1984

BARNES, Mary 1996

BELL, Kelvin R 1985

BENNETT, David W 1980

BLACK, Arthur G 1981

BOSWELL, Herbert W 1983

BOYLE, Vincent G 1987

BROWN, Thomas L 1987

BROWN, J. G. P.(Gerry) 1979

BUCK, Colin C 1985

BUNN, Stuart S 1983

BUTCHER, C. Stanley 1974

CALEY, Roger 1986

CAMPBELL, Donald H 1985

CARR, Margaret A 2006

CARSON, Matthew 1972

CHALMERS, Paul C 1986

CHARLES, A. Ira 1971

COCKERTON, Dixie J 1985

COOPER Irene M 1998

CORDER, James 1996

CURNOW, Herbert 1980

DALE, David J 1979

DALE, Erle F 1980

DAVENPORT, John C 1979

DAVIS, Keith L 1979

DODD, Frank 1983

DOLHEGUY, Jean F 2008

DUNCAN, Helen 1996

DUNN, Philip R 1974

DYNES, Brevat W 1978

ESPIE, Noel A 1975

FAMILTON, A.F.(Lex) 1985

FAMILTON, W Ross 1971

FINNIE, E Allan 1990

FISHER, R A (Tony) 1992

FOSTER, William G 1976

FOX, Julienne H 2011

FRANCIS, Hugh L 1971

GAULD, G A John 1985

GARVEY Jack G 1972

GEORGE, Brian R 1978

GOLDSMITH, Raymond I 1976

GOVER, Anne S 2005

GRANT, Robert B 1981

GREGORY, Kenneth B 1977

HALLAM, Russell 2004

HAMILTON, Anthony Alan (Tony) 2011

HAROLD, Barbara D 1997

HARTLEY, John 1990

HAYWOOD, Dorothy M 2000

HERBISON, Ruth 1981

HEWITT, W H (Bill) 1983

HILL, Raymond T 1979

HOOD, George F 1971

HORGAN, Liz 2005

HOWARD, Tamati 1992

HUNTER, Hugh M 1971

IRWIN, Nelson H 1973

JARVIS, Barbara H R 1991

JELLYMAN, Gordon J 2002

JERMAINE, Alan L 1994

KELLY, Bruce W 1973

KELLY, James 1984

KENNEDY, Ian J 1987

KERR, David K 1983

KNUDSON, Danny A 1993

KOSTIUK, Mary 1993

LAING, Brian 2005

LAMBERT ,Neville B 1987

LANG, Catherine M 1997

LEONARD, Frederick H 1979

MacMILLAN, Iain R 1983

McGURK, Peter J 1988

McKAY, Kenneth G 1985

McKENZIE ,John L 1972

McKILLOP, Patrick H 1994

McLENNAN, Thomas I D 1973

MALONE, Betty A 1984

MARTIN, Delcie 2002

MASON, B Fay 1989

MOORE, J Keith 1979

MOORE, Murray 1986

MORGAN, Tauri 1996

MORRIS, John N 1985

MURRAY Colleen M 1994

NEIGHBOUR, Maxine 1997

NEIGHBOUR, Murray G 2008

NELSON, Frances 2003

NIGHTINGALE, Ernest 1982

NIWA, Hone 2012

NOBLE, William L 1994

NORMAN, Roy A 1975

OLNEY, Desmond R 1987

OLSEN, R Lindsay 1992

O'REILLY, J W (Jim) 1984

OSBORNE, John R 1971

PARK, Laures M 1997

PARKER, Carol L 1992

PASKE, Joan 1986

PATARA, Elizabeth R 2003

PAULSEN, Mervyn J 1978

PITTAMS, Brian C 1990

PITTAMS, Patrick H 1988

PUKLOWSKI, Pamela M 1988

READY, Margaret T 2006

RICHARDS, Jack 1974

ROBBINS, John E 1982

RUTHERFORD, R J (Jack) 1981

SEATON, Noel B 1986

SIMPSON, D B (Tiny) 1972

SINGH, Peter 1984

SMITH. Alan N 2001

SMITH ,John E 1976

STEVENSON, Murray (Mac) 1996

STEWART, David F 1980

STEWART, David J 1986

STRACHAN, Peter J 1995


SWANSON, Harry L 1985

TARR, Colin R 2007

TATAURANGI, Robyn J 2006

TAYLOR, Donald W 1981

TAYLOR, Kura Marie 1983

THOMAS, Margaret F 2004

THOMPSON, Jessie L 1989

TINETTI, Jan 2013

UTTING. John R 2001

WALKER, Wallis J 1988

WALSH, Jean A 1973

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WHITWELL, Harold J 1972

WHIU, Te Iria M 1997

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WISELEY, Clifford E 1972

WRIGHT, Clifford J 1974

WYATT, Erica L 1990

WYLIE, Russel S 1982


ADAMS, Donald W 1974

ADAMS, Robert J 1984

AGNEW, Audrey 2012

ALDER, Michael T 1976

ALDRIDGE, Gwyneth L 1989

ALLAN, Jack S 1979

ALLEN, Matthew W 1985

ALLINGTON, Margaret A 1983

ALLOTT, Rex G 1990

ANDERSON, Bryson W 1997

ANDERSON, Helen J 1974

ANDERSON, Neil A 1982

ANDERSON, Philip A 1979

ANDERSON, William M 1992

ANDREW, Walter F 1974

ARMSTRONG, Timothy J 1987

ARNESEN, Karl B 1985

ASHURST, Ian J 1998

ATKINSON, David N 2009

ATKINSON, Russell G 1987

BABBINGTON, Hineari 1986

BACON, Francis H 1977


BAIRD, James S 1983

BANKS, Audrey Te O 2001

BARCLAY, Margaret J 2010

BARNETT, Dorothy M 1991

BARNETT, Robert C 1980

BARRIS, William E 1974

BARRATT, Brian 1980

BARRETT, Terry 1981

BARTLETT, John J 1990

BARTLEY, Houghton 1981

BATCHELOR, Annette 2001

BATES, Norma E 1990

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BELL, David 1978

BENNETT, Kelvin M G 2006

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BERGHAN, Janice I 1992

BERRYMAN, John C 1988

BIDDLE, Te Ao Uru 1993

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BLACK, Nancy M 1985

BLACKWELL, Yvonne J 1993

BLAIR, Douglas J 1995

BLAIR, R W (Bob) 1981

BLANCE, Victor A 1984

BLANKS, Trevor D 1975

BLAXALL. Diane V M 1995

BLICK, Leslie J A 1977

BLIGHT, Warwick A 1986

BOAKE, Paul B 1978

BODKIN, J Peter 1974

BOGIE, Marion 1985

BOND, Alan 1985

BOND, Alan R 1977

BOOKER, Roger J 1977

BOON, Neville R 1984

BOTTRILL, C E (Bill) 1973

BOVETT, Dorothy E 1994

BOWKETT, James A 1981

BOYES, Trevor G 1980

BOYLE, J Trevor S 1975

BOYLE, Stanley H S 1985

BRADLEY, John D 1986

BRAGG, John F 1978
BRAUN, Pieter C 1992

BRIDGES, John 1984

BROUWERS, Ann W 2008

BROWN, Christine J 2006

BROWN, D F 1978

BROWN, Hugh S 1985

BROWN, Lynette F 2001

BROWNLIE, Donald M 1978

BUCKLAND Denis 1998

BULLEN, Glenice I 2009

BURDETT, Pamela R 1985

BURGE, Millicent M 1997

BURGESS, William E B 1984

BURNELL, David L 1995

BURNEY, Donald J 1980

BURTON, John E 1982

BURTON, William J 1999

BUUTVELD, Wilhelmus E 2010

CADDICK, W A (Bill) 1979
CALDWELL, Amanda J 2006

CALVERT, Beverley 2002

CAMERON, Betty E 1986

CAMERON, Ewen F 1982

CAMPBELL, Thomas W 1989

CARLYON C Robin 1997

CARMODY, Denis J 1986

CARR, Margaret A 2004

CARR, Victoria E 2002

CARTWRIGHT, Colin K 1989

CASS, Jonathan C 1981

CHAPMAN, James T 1974

CHAPPLE, David K 1988

CHARTLETON, Francis G 1980

CHILDS, Michael 1974

CHILTON, Leicester 1978

CHRISTISON, Walters S 1980

CHURCH, L Pat 1980

CHURCHWARD, Dorothy A 2004

CLARK, Barry 1984

CLARK, Bryan D M 1980

CLARK, Robin E 1976

CLARKE, Keith 1977

CLARKE, Mere A 1999


CLELAND, Andrew L 1974

CLUCAS, M Gwen 2002

COCHRANE, David H 1988

COLLINGS, Patricia 1983

COLLINS, Mervyn W J 1978

COLVILLE, Kathryn A 2000

CONNOLLY, Richard A 1987

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CORKILL, John 1979

CORNES, Marion L 1981

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COWIE, Colin 1982

CRAWFORD, Jack M 1977

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CRESSWELL, Leslie F 1988

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CULHANE Jane 1998

CUMMING, Alistair C 1984

CUMMINGS, Clinton J 1978

CUMMINGS, Patrick J 1980

CUNNINGHAM, Elisabeth M 1992

CUNNINGHAM, Helen D 1979

CUST, (Mrs)G 1982


DALLAS, Colin A 1983

DALY, Brian J 1976

DALY, Christine M 2002

DANIEL, Dorothy Ann 2000

DAVEY, Frederick H 1979

DAVIES, Ann M 1986

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De La CHAUMETTE, Peter J 2006

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DICKSON, Joseph N 1976

DIDHAM,. Bruce L 1983

DIXON, Brian 1976

DIXON, Judith 1996

DODGE, Martin C 2001

DODSHUN, Gweneth M 2008

DOLHEGUY, Jean F 1993

DONNELLY, Michael J 1992
DOOLAN, Josephine C 2007

DOUGLAS, Diane M 2008

DOUGLAS, Melvyn J 1991

DOWMAN, Rex L 1982

DOYLE, Beryl J 1982

DOYLE, Michael D 1977


DRYDEN, George B 1978

DUFFY, Brian 1984

DUNCAN, Winsome G 2013

DUNN, Patrick W 1978

DYER, Owen F 1992

EAGLES, Judith 1999


EDLIN, Marilyn Ann 2002

EDMONDS, Glenys J 2009

EHAU, Nell E 1978

ELGAR, Neil 1981

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ERTEL, Joan E 1993

EVANS, Beryl B 1973

EVANS, Yvonne A 1994

EVITT, Paul M 1989

FABIAN, Ronald J 2008

FACKNEY, Michael S 1991

FAHEY, Katherine 1974

FAHEY, Patricia 1985

FAIRWEATHER, Michael C 1983

FALCONER, John A 1985

FAMILTON, Jennifer H 1986

FARR, Howard. J 1982

FARR, Nicholas J 1988

FENWICK, Charles C 1986

FFITCH, Virginia R 1992

FIRKINS, (nee JONES) Judith 1993

FISHER, Rona J 1984

FITZGERALD, Maxwell G 1976

FLEMING, Moira E 1975

FLETCHER, Alastair G 1998

FOSTER, Edward G 1984

FOSTER, Norman 1979

FOUNTAIN, Elaine M 2002

FOUNTAIN, P Grant 1997

FRASER, G M 1975


FRENCH, Dougal A 1977

FRIEDEL, Harry P 1994

GALLAND, Arthur B 1974

GARDEN, Roderick J 1989

GARDINER, Christine B 1975

GARDINER, Yvonne 1997

GARNER, James P 1976

GARVITCH, Max N 1975

GAVEY, Elizabeth N 1985

GAYLARD, Barry W 1976

GELLATLY, Norman 1983

GENTLE, Joan M P 2001

GILBERT, Eric 1977

GOFFIN, Lee F 1975

GOLDSMITH, Marie 1981

GOLDSTONE, Roger 1981

GOOD, Gary G 1990

GOODWIN, Marion R 1975

GORE, Brian H 1996

GORE Jean H 1994

GOSLING, Kerry E 1999

GORST, Trevor 1981

GOSS, A Val 1974

GOULDEN, Monica A 1988

GOVER, Adrian D 1981

GOVER, Anne S 1994

GRACE, Terence M 1984

GRANET, Yvonne K 2008

GRANT, Olwyn C 1994

GRAVATT, Howard W 1975

GRAY, John D 1987

GREEN, Clinton A 2004

GREEN, Janeve R 2003

GREEN, Louise M 2007

GRIMMETT, Rex N 1976

GROVES, Frederick C 1973

GUILD, William J 1986

GUTHRIE, Dorothy A 1978

GUY, Frances C 2008

GUY, Louis J 2002

HAARER, Phyllis R 1994

HALES, Nola 1981

HALL, Cyril S 1978

HALLAM, Rose 1988

HAM, Angela A P 2003

HAMILTON, Noel 1983

HAMPTON, Graham M 1977

HANFLING, Janet K 2004

HANLON, Brian L 1974

HANNING, G A (Tony) 1975

HANSEN, David B T 1992

HANSEN, Raewyn B 1992

HANSON, Noeline 1986

HARDAKER, Harry V 1986

HARDING, David J 1983

HARGREAVES, Rosemary B 1992

HARNESS, Margaret J 2003

HARPER, John W 1999

HARTLEY, Thomas P 1980

HATWELL, Raymond L 1979

HAWKINS, Kathleen L 2001

HAWTHORNE, Jacqueline A 2000

HAYWARD, Judy J 2001

HAYWARD, Steven R 2009

HAZLEWOOD, Megan 1992

HEAD, John V 1978

HENNESSY, Bernard J 1983

HEXTALL, Keith T 1983

HIBBERD, Jeffrey E 1977

HICKEY, Christopher H 1986

HIHA, Margaret A 1985

HIHA, Ruruarau H 1984

HIKO, Te Aroha 2008

HILL, (Miss) J 1975

HILL, Pamela A 1983

HINES, Kay M 2003

HINTON, Judith M 2005

HIRD, Denise M 2003

HOARE, Robert G 1981

HOCKINGS, William J 1973

HOGUE, Jeremy Brian 2011

HOLDER, Lynne E 2003

HOLST, Robin C 1978

HOOK, D S 1975

HOPA, Ernest N 1996

HORAN A J (Tony) 1993

HORGAN, Elizabeth A 1998

HORGAN, Noel A 1979
HORGAN, Sydney F 1981

HORNBLOW, Jillene M 1991

HORNBROOK, Nita V 1979

HOWARD, Bebe D 1980

HOWARTH, Rona 1975

HOWARTH, Raymond A 1993

HOWE , John M (Jack) 1983

HOY, Patricia 1981

HUMPHREY, Mark 1976

HUNT, John E 1976

HUNT, John Edward 1978

HUNT, M I (Peg) 1990

HUNT, Mary P 1980

HUNT, Ngaire C 1990

HUTSON, Andrew 1978

HYDE, Mark D 1997

HYNES, Catherine R 1988

INCH, Brian G 1987

INGHAM, John F 1974

IRWIN, Faye 1982

IVERSEN, Denise L 2002

IVERSEN, Graham J 1975

IVES, Nicholas 1991

JACKSON, Athol E 1973

JACKSON, James R L 2004

JAEGAR, Janet F 1980

JALIL, Kamrul N 2013

JAMES, Brian H 1987


JELLEY, Albert A 1977

JENKIN, Michael 1974

JENKIN, Milton J 1974

JENKINS, Sandra 2005

JEROMSON, J R (Jerry) 1978

JESSUP, Robert W 1974

JOHNSON, Elizabeth Anne 2000

JOHNSON, James B 1991

JOHNSTON, Howard W 1980

JOHNSTON, Irvine W 1975

JOHNSTON, Madge E 1978

JOHNSTON, Paula L 1983

JONES, Graham J W 1985

JONES, Isabelle 1978

JONES, J 1981

JONES, James 1986

JONES, Mary F 1993

JONSON, George C 1985

JOYCE, H 1981

JUDGE, Herbert C 1983

JURKOVIC, W C (Bill) 1979


KAWE-SMALL, Tiahuia 2004

KAY, Desmond A O 1988

KAYE, Henry J 1977

KEACH, Ian 1980

KELLY, Paul J C 1993

KENNEDY, Margaret I 1995

KEOWN, George K 1994

KERR, Douglas W 1986

KERR, Maureen P 1988

KERR, William I R 1979

KIBBLEWHITE, Duncan Grant 2008

KILGOUR, Douglas J S 1983

KINGI, Barbara H 1985

KINGSTON, Allan L 1978

KIRKBRIDE, Lois 1993

KITTO. Richard C 2000

KNIGHTON, Graham R 1979

KNOX, Peter R 1977

LAING, Brian P 1993

LAING, Latafale 1995

LAMB, Ronald Bruce 1995

LAMBERG, J S (Miss) 1980

LAMBERT, Patricia A 1990

LAMOND, R J 1975

LANGDON, Graeme 1986

LARKIN, Kenneth N 1985

LARSON, Andrew W H 1990

LATHAM, A E O (Mrs) 1979

LAUCHLAND, Margaret 1994

LAURENCE, Ivan 1974

LAW, John M 1985

LAWRENCE, Diane M 2004

LAWRENCE, Keith H 1984


LAYTHAM, Olaf H 1976

LEAHY, T J 1980

LECKIE, Ian D 1996

LEE, Anna 2010

LEE, Jan 2008

LEGGETT, Diane A 1999

LEITH, William C 1976

LENNON, Karen Mae 2002

LETCHER, Kenneth G 1986

LETTS, Janice M 1996

LEWIS, Jean L 1995

LIGHTFOOT, John Stanley 2008

LILLEY, Alison J 2002

LINDSAY, Janice 1989

LINGARD, Graeme V 1978

LITTLE, Corinne J 1992

LLOYD, John B 1977


LOCKHART, Mary E 1993

LOGAN, Geoffrey H 1985

LOVERIDGE, Tony D 1985

LOWRY, William T 1974

LUKE, J S 1977

LYNCH, Donald J 1974

LYTTLE, J L (Mrs) 1979

McALEESE, John R 1988

McCABE, Halsted G 1987

McCAFFERY, John J 1985

McCARTHY, M D 1979

McCARTHY, Patrick J 1980

McCLEARY, Graeme A 1978

MacDONALD, John R 1986

McDONALD, David L 1987

McDONALD, Ron 1979

McDONALD, S C 1978

McDOUGALL, Mona J 1974

McFADYEN, I N (Mrs) 1980

MACFARLANE, Donald J 1991

McGAVIN, Lindsay W 1976

McGHIE, Duncan 1981

McGILL, Helen 2002

McGOWAN, William G E 1975

McILROY, Barbara L 1995

McINDOE, Ian A 1990

McINNES, Judith 1996

McINTYRE, Alan S 1991


MACKAY, Betty S 1986

MACKAY, Janice M 2000

McKAY, Alison J 1991

McKEITCH, W E (Bill) 1979

McKENDRY, Keitha M 1993

McKENZIE ,Alan F 1990

McKENZIE, Colin G 1999

McKENZIE, Keith A 1986

McKENZIE, T M 1977

McKNIGHT, Stuart J 1991

McLACHLAN, S (Miss) 1977

McLEAN, E (Mrs) 1977

McLEAN, I V 1975

McLEAN, Nancy E 1987

McMAHON, D J 1973

McMILLAN, J G 1980

McNICOL, Andrew 1993

MACRAE ,Fiona E 1991

McROBERTS, Kathleen I 1983

McROBIE, June E 1988

MAISTER, Gerald S 1973

MALONEY, Russell 1976

MANSFIELD, R J (Dick) 1975

MARCHANT, Kenneth T 1998

MAREKO, Caroline A 2005

MARSHALL, Roger B 1991

MARSHALL-INMAN, Genneth 1993

MARTIN, B F 1979

MARTIN, Robert J 1989

MARTYN, Graeme J 1989

MASON, John E N 1977

MATAPO, Fiona M 2008

MATEER, Danny A 1994

MATHESON, James R 1977

MATTHEWS, Kenneth S J 1984

MAUGHAN, J Barry 1992


MEARS, Olive 1979

MEE, Graham A 1978

MELLISH, George E 1979

MERRICK, Gillian M 2006

MESSENGER, Frances E 1985

MEYNELL, Eric J 1988

MIDSON, Lynne 1998

MILLER, I 1978

MILLER, Ian J 1981

MILLER, John D 1995

MILLS, Allan G 1975

MILLS, James 1985

MILLS, J A (Jack) 1985

MILLS, Ken F 1985

MILLS, V R 1977

MILNE, Margaret S 1974

MOLES, Ronald J 1984

MONAHAN, Shirley E 2003

MOORE, Ann C 1992

MOORE, C B 1977

MOORE, Graham L 1997

MOORE, Norman M 1986

MOREY, J A 1975

MORGAN, Thomas L 1974

MORGAN, T S 1976

MORRIS, Christopher L 2004

MORRISON, Robert 1986

MOSS, Gary Leonard 1999

MOSS, Jenny 2002

MOSS, Margaret C 2010

MOSS, Steve 2001

MUNRO ,Ronald S 1976

MUNRO, William Gilchrist 1998

MURPHY, K W 1979

MURRAY, David G 1986

MURRAY, Lorraine C 1995


MUTER, Colin D 1999

NANKIVELL, Peter T 1995

NAUGHTON, Anthony John 2002
NEES, Paul R 2007

NEIGHBOUR, Murray G 2000

NEILSON, Murray G 1991

NEVILLE, Geoffrey P 1994

NEWLAND, Anita J 2007

NEWSON, R H 1979

NICHOLSON, Peter J 1983

NICOLSON, Andrew J 1994

NIELSEN, Nancy S 1985

NIKERA, Lorraine 1980

NILSEN, J Peter 1978
NIMMO, Suzanne 2006

NIWA, Hone 2000

NORTON, J 1977
NOWOTARSKI, Judith 2006

O’BRIEN, Colleen B 2002

O'CALLAGHAN, Bernard 1979

O'CONNOR, Neville 1981

OLIVER, Basil C 1985

O’MEARA, Terence F 2002

OMUNDSEN, Ian D 1992

ORANGI, Peter Te K 1996

ORMANDY, Geoffrey 1987

O'ROURKE, Joseph H 1973


OSMAN, Dawn R 2005

OSTERMANN, Stephen R 1997

PALMER, Christine M 1992


PANCKHURST, William 1977

PAGAN, Bruce W 1986

PARIS, Jill M 1992

PARK, Keith R 1980

PARKINSON, Fiona Gaye 2004

PARLANE, Gaye 2012

PATON, N B 1975

PAUL, Jeffrey M 1982

PEACH, Ian R 1976

PEARCE, Wendy C 2004

PEET, J 1979

PENKETH, John E 1980


PENNY, Iola T 1991

PERRY, James 1993

PETERSEN, B (Mrs) 1975

PETERSEN, Kevin W 1974

PHILLIPS, Leonne 2013

PILKINGTON, Richard J 1987

PITCON, Max 1979

PLUMMER, Kelvin J 2003

POCOCK, Feofanaki 2001

POHATU, Tiopira Te K 1996

POLE ,A J 1977
POLLARD, Dianne M 2007


POLLOCK, Raymond H 1974


POPE, J 1979

PORTEOUS, Doris L 1993

PORTEOUS, Harvey J 2004

POUND, John T 1974

POWELL, Patricia 2004
POWER, Rebecca L 2006

PRATT, J 1981

PRESS, Ruth 2006

PRESTON, E G (Ted) 1978

PULLAR, Gerard W 1986

PURCELL, Brian A 1979

PYSTER, Allyn D 1982

RAINES, Denis J 1995

RAMSAY, C 1981

RANGI, Rosalie 1993

RAYNEL, Eileen P 2006

READY, Margaret T. 1996

REECE, Leila 1976

REEKIE, (Miss) M M 1976

REID, Jack W 2010

REID, Paula G 1996

REYNOLDS, Paula 2013

RICHARDS, Colin 1986

RICKIT, Arthur M 1976

RIDDELL, Maraea R 2002

RIDGWAY, Rex W 1982

RIINI, Mona 1993

ROBERTS, Ian C 1982


ROBERTS, Mihi M 1996

ROBERTSON, Alice M R 1983

ROBERTSON, Cyrienne M 1994


ROBINS, Patricia 1976

ROBINSON, Moya J M 1976

ROGERS, Brian R 1986

ROGERS, Denis S 1984

ROGERS, Sara H 2005

ROLFE, John 1986

ROLLO, Ralph S 1976

ROSS, Naomi M 1980

ROUGHAN, John V 1980

ROWE, Tracey L 1997

RULE, Aileen H 1982

RUSH, Kenneth A 1983

RUSHWORTH, David A 1998

RUTHERFORD, Eileen A 1986

RYAN, Christopher J 1987

RYAN, Michelle A 2009

RYLANCE, Robyn L 2000

RZOSKA, Michael J 1997


SANDERSON, Robert L 1984

SARGENT, John H 1974

SAVAGE, Judith Elaine 1998

SAWERS, Eric M 1986

SAXELBY, Barbara R 1991

SCHUTZ, Arline 1997

SCOTT, Ian R 1983

SCOTT, Les R D 1985

SCOTT, P June 1982

SCOTT, Peggy T K 1981

SCOTT, Robert C 1982

SCOTT, R J 1980

SEATTER, Gordon R 1978

SEDDON, Clifton 1983

SELWOOD, Stuart J 1984


SHAND, Jim 1977

SHANKS, John W 1978

SHAW, Elizabeth A 1994

SHAW, Eric G 1997

SHAW, Robert R 1993

SHEAD, Basil W 1984

SHEPHERD, Robin 1983

SHEPHERD, Rosemary 1992

SHERSON, Harold G 1987

SHETERLINE, Richard C 2007

SHIRLEY, Julie A 1996

SHRAMKA, Janice E 1990
SIGNAL, Vicki M 2007


SIMMONS, Matthew J 1995

SIMMONS, Selma P A 2000

SIMPSON, Peter J 1998

SINCLAIR, Edmund A 1975

SINCLAIR, Shirley E 1982

SLOWLEY, Cynthia G 1995

SMARDON, Dianne 1992

SMEATON, Murray A 2000

SMITH, (Miss) A F 1973

SMITH , Alexandra L 1988

SMITH, Colin M 1982

SMITH, I R M 1975

SMITH, John A 1991

SMITH, Margaret R L 2008

SMITH, Marian J 1997

SMITH, Moana 1976

SMITH, Pamela O 2009

SORENSEN, Jennifer M 2002

SOTHERAN, Susan 1993

SOUTHEY, Elizabeth 1998

SPEKREIJSE, Sandra 2012

SPENCE, Jennyth E G 1997


SPURWAY, George T 1974

SQUIRE, Kelvin R 2003

STACHURSKI, Lorna G 1979

STADDON, R John 1983

STANLEY, Anthony P 1987

STAPLETON, Errol J 1995


STEVENS, Steve W 1985

STEWART, Briar J 2006

ST JOHN, Brian L 1976

STOCKWELL, Richard G 1979

STONE, Susanne J 1998

STOVE, David G 1987

STRAKER, Alan J 2004

STREET, Maidia 1989

STUART, Chris 2008

STUART, Lynda M 1995

STUART, Ron H 1990

STYLES, James R 1984

SULLIVAN, Gerald F 1985

SUTCLIFFE, John A 1985


SWANSON, Lloyd 1981

SWARBRICK, Brian L 1988

SWEETING, Frederick T F 1983

TAITUA, Theodora T T 2010

TAOGAGA, Ramona A 2009

TATAURANGI, Robyn J 1994


TAYLOR, Alan G 1999

TEARLE, Elaine A 1988

TELFER, Lex C 1987

TEREKIA, Myrtle I 2010

TERRIS, Evelyn S 1994

THEW, Edward Laurie 1998

THOMAS, G I Paul 1982

THOMLINSON, Christine H 1997

THOMPSON, Alfred B 1997

THOMPSON, Bernice Mary 2001

THOMPSON, Helen M 1979

THOMPSON, James Lindsay 1975

THOMPSON, Robert B 2002

THOMPSON, Vivienne Isobel 2011



THWAITES, Douglas V 1975

TILLSON, Graham G 1992

TILSON, David W 2001

TINETTI, Jan R 2004

TIPPEN, Roger 1981

TONKS, Ken W 1975

TOOMAN, George 1981

TORRIE, Trevor G 1982

TREVATHAN, Gael Lynley 2011


TURNER, Charles P 1981

TYSON, Paul E 1995

UPSTON, Alan J 1974

VASSAU, Karl 2012

VESSEY, John E 1982

WAIHIRERE, Alexanda Toma 2011

WAITE, Arlene F 2000

WAKEFIELD, Bruce R 1994

WALBY, Peter A 1980

WALKER, Robert V 1978

WALL, Ralph M 1977

WALLS, Judith C 2004

WANSBROUGH, Brian M 1982

WARD, Phillippa J 2001

WARNER, Pamela 2006

WARREN, Jerry H 1996

WATSON, Fiona J 2006

WATSON, K 1981

WATSON, Maitland 1974

WELLS, Phillippa A 1992

WEST, Gregory G L 1984

WESTRUPP, A D (Tony) 1986

WHITE, P J 1977

WHITE, Tom 1982

WHITESIDE, David 1998

WILD, Cyril C 1974

WILLIAMSON, George 1974

WILLIS, A John 1990

WILSON, Brian P 1992

WILSON, Clive D 1996

WILSON, Nigel J 1996

WILSON, Stewart J 1974

WISE, Mary 1990

WISEMAN, J M (Joy) 1991


WONG, Margery 1994

WOODCOCK, May N 1973

WOODLAND, Jacqueline M 1998


WOODS, Jack G 1974

WOODWARD, Janet E 2006


WRIGHT, K Anne 2001

WYATT, John R 1993

YEOMAN, Marilyn K 1996

YEOMAN, Selwyn K 1985

YOUNGER, Graham E 1985

ZONNEVYLLE, Steve 2003

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