Night Quiz #2-English 2 Laureate (pages 32-62)

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Night Quiz #2—English 2 Laureate

(pages 32-62)

1. At Buna, Elie works

a. in a musical instrument factory

b. in an electrical equipment warehouse

c. on a construction crew

d. in a hospital

2.Elie and his father are told Buna is a good camp as long as they—

  1. were not placed in the building unit

  2. work as quickly as they can

  3. were placed in the musician’s block

  4. none of the above

3.Franek the Foreman grants Elie’s request to—

  1. ask for new shoes

  2. work by his father

  3. stay in a better barracks

  4. have easier work

4. The musicians on the work crew are not permitted to play Beethoven because--

a. the Nazis hate Beethoven

b. the music might distract the prisoners

c. Beethoven was a Jew

d. Jews are not allowed to play German music

5. The most dangerous aspect of work in the warehouse is--

a. allied bombings

b. the Kap's fits of rage

c. work-related accidents

d. exposure to the elements

6. It is a great risk for the French girl to try to encourage Elie after he is beaten because--

a. no one knows she can speak German

b. the Kapo might beat her if she helps Elie

c. men and women are not supposed to talk to each other during work hours

d. she must conceal the fact that she is a gypsy

7. Elie tries to teach his father how to march in order to-

a. get into a better work group

b. stop Franek from beating his father

c. earn his father a place in a safer barracks

d. get extra rations

8. The camp dentist is executed because he is--

a. too kind

b. removing healthy teeth

c. selling gold teeth for profit

d. collaborating with the camp resistance

9. The dentist who is eventually hanged does not extract Elie's gold tooth because


a. pulls it himself

b. pretends to be sick

c. gives it to the foreman before the dentist has a chance to pull it out

10. Idek whips Elie because Elie--

a. sees him lying with a girl

b. asks for medical help for his father

c. intervenes when Idek beat Elie's father

d. asks to use the lavoratory

11.During air raids, prisoners were ordered to stay in the barracks because—

  1. their presence in the assembly place attracted enemy planes

  2. the SS had to be sure all were accounted for

  3. escape was much easier during air raids

  4. the prisoners in charge of the blocks were in the shelters

12.As the prisoners are being hanged in this chapter, they shout—

  1. “Long live liberty!”

  2. “Hiel Hitler”

  3. “Curse Dr. Mengele!”

  4. “Freedom at last!”

13. The only time Elie weeps during a hanging is when the victim is --

a. a rabbi from Elie's village

b. a young boy

c. a woman

d. his relative, Stein of Antwerp

14. The final two hanging victims are being executed because they—

a. stole equipment from the electrical factory

b. tried to escape the confines of the barracks

c. were caught hiding a stockpile of arms

d. refused to follow the orders of one of the SS officers

15. Elie expresses his feelings about the hangings when he—

a. describes his evening meals

b. defies the orders of an SS officers

c. plays a Beethoven song on his violin

d. refuses to look the dead prisoners in the eyes

16 .There is a flash-forward during this segment of the book. Elie talks about a person from the camps that he sees years later in France. They spend an evening reminiscing at a café’. Which of the following characters is it?

  1. Stein of Antwerp

  2. Julian

  3. Yossi

  4. French girl

  5. Tibi

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