New York State Engineering Technology Association Minutes of the Spring 2007 Meeting Held on March 30, 2007 nyseta conference Hosted by Niagara County Community College

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New York State Engineering Technology Association

Minutes of the Spring 2007 Meeting Held on March 30, 2007

NYSETA Conference Hosted by Niagara County Community College
The conference opened with a continental breakfast at Nassau County Community College. The following individuals attended:

Dave Adams NCCC

Frank Boek NCCC

Graham Salter NCCC

Chuck Fowler NCCC

Roger Lehman NCCC

Don Voisinet NCCC

Mark Voisinet NCCC

Pat Zanzano NCCC

Joanne Stahlman NCCC

Marguerite Newton NCCC

John Craig NCCC

Ed Tezak Alfred State

John Williams Alfred State

Gerry Vance Alfred State

Yogi Jonche Alfred State

Jeff Marshall Alfred State

Uli Besemann Alfred State

Peter Pawlik Buffalo State

Fred Nash Buffalo State

Mark Oliver Mornoe CC

Joanie Oliver Guest

Albert Glosser Erie CC

Kathleen Gallagher Nassau CC

Fred Schoenfeld Nassau CC

Jim Mayrose Buffalo State

Illya Grinberg Buffalo State

Slade Gellin Buffalo State

David Kukulka Buffalo State

Tony Hotchkiss Buffalo State

William Kelly Broome CC

Arthur Haas Broome CC

Brian Alguire MVCC

Ken Vandermark Vermont Tech

Ramesh Gaonkar Onondaga CC

Steve Ciccarelli RIT

David Lawrence RIT

Tin Lin Liu RIT

Charles Swain RIT

Michael Loudis Morrisville State

Atlas Hsie SUNYIT

Carmine Salvo SUNYIT

Sala Qazi SUNYIT

Daniel Benincassa SUNYIT

Jayne Baran SUNYIT

Mohamed Rezk SUNYIT

Heather Dussault SUNYIT

John Campbell Cayuga CC

Chrisite Waters Cayuga CC

Thomas Karle Cayuga CC

John Longwell Corning CC

Brad Cole Corning CC

Vincent Kassab Erie CC

Shawn Hill Erie CC

Shohreh Moini Erie CC

Dariush Zadeh Erie CC

John Grossman Erie CC

Paul Pietraszewski Erie CC

Thomas Weaver Erie CC

Brian Moag Erie CC

James Lydon Erie CC

Mark Hoeber Erie CC

George Keganlea SUNY-ESF

Dan Warner Cannon Design

John Beyer Cannon Design

Mike Dlugose Cannon Design

Dan Warner Cannon Design

Barry Muskat AIA

Leonard Siume National Grid

Peter Sewert

Jerry Kepetski

The following exhibitors and patrons participated and helped support the conference:

Buffalo State College, CADimensions,Inc., Goodheart Willcox Publisher, LJ TechSystems, Inc., NI Electronics Workbench Group, and Torcomp, Inc.
The plenary speaker was Dr. Wilson Greatbatch, the inventor of the implantable pacemaker. Dr. Greatbatch’s presentation was titled “Biodiesel: The American Farmer’s Answer to OPEC.” In order to reduce dependence on petroleum fuels for transportation, his company is proposing and studying the properties of diesel fuel 1-2-3 which is a mixture of 1 gallon of kerosene, 2 gallons of soy oil, and 3 gallons of canola oil. There is the possibility of substituting ethanol for kerosene. He also discussed the current and future energy situation.
Following the plenary session, interest group sessions were presented as follows:

  • Computational Methods for MET, Professor Ti Lin Lu, RIT

  • Tech Wars, John Craig, Fred Nash, and Peter Sewert

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology-BT to BS, Peter Pawlick, Buffalo State College


  • National Grid’s Emergency Response to the October Storm, Leonard Siume, National Grid

  • Code Warrior-Student Microcontroller and Mobile Robot Project, Vincent Kassab, Erie Community College

  • Teaching Embedded Systems w/ PIC18F Microcontroller, Ramesh Gaonkar, Onondaga CC

Architectural and Civil

  • The Design for the new Public Safety Building in Buffalo, Dan Warner, John Beyer, and Mark Dlugose from Cannon Design

  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s many Contributions to the Niagara Frontier Region, Barry Muscat, AIA

The evening banquet was held at the Hard Rock Café in Buffalo, located across the street from the Comfort Inn conference hotel. Guest speakers were founding members Don Voisinet and Roger Lehman. They presented some of the history of NYSETA NYSETA started in 1963 as an informal mechanical engineering technology group which met twice per year. In 1967, electrical engineering technology faculty joined, and in 1968, the civil engineering technology faculty were invited. The NYSETA constitution was written in 1972. Elliot Colchamiro, who served as NYSETA Secretary for over 30 years was not able to attend; however, Carmine Salvo read Elliot’s written notes. At the end of the presentations John Campbell awarded the Elliot Colchamiro award to Don and Roger for their long and valued service to NYSETA.

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The breakfast business meeting on Friday morning was held at the Comfort Inn. The business meeting was called to order at 8:45 am by President John Campbell. John thanked Niagara County CC for hosting an excellent conference. John reminded everyone of the importance of supporting the sponsor exhibits.
Minutes of the Fall 2006 meeting were approved. Secretary Jayne Baran reminded everyone that newsletters will no longer be mailed; instead they will be posted on the web at Business meeting minutes have been added to the NYSETA web site. A suggestion was made that institutional reps make hard copies and send them to the NYSETA members at their school; not everyone will read the online newsletter
Vice-President Carmine Salvo noted the following schedule for future conferences and asked everyone to consider hosting a future conference. The executive committee is willing to help.
Fall ‘07 Alfred State (October 11-12, 2007)

Spring ‘07 Open

Fall ‘08 RIT (new building)

Spring ’08 Open

Mike Loudis noted that the deadline for the fall 2007 newsletter submission is September 7, 2007. Please keep any pictures or graphs relatively small (<50kb) in black and white format. The quality of the newsletter is a reflection of the quality articles that are coming in. Mike encouraged everyone to keep the articles coming.
Treasurer Kathleen Gallagher reported on the current budget numbers:

The total current balance as of March 30, 2007: $18,128

The scholarship fund balance is at $6,000

94 Members Paid for 2006-2007 (last year at this time --- 142 paid)

24 Institutions Paid for 2006-2007 (42 were contacted)

Members can now pay their dues with the conference fees; however, Kathleen noted that less member dues were collected this year than in prior years when the dues were collected separate of the conference fees.

Dave Lawrence (Electrical), Slade Gellin (Mechanical) and Marguerite Newton (Civil/Architecture) summarized the interest group sessions. Slade Gellin and Marguerite Newton were re-elected as interest group chairs. Steve Cicarelli (RIT) was elected as the new Electrical Interest Chair. John Campbell thanked Dave Lawrence for the eight years he had been the electrical interest group chair and congratulated Steve Cicarelli on his new position.
Fred Schoenfeld from the Scholarship Committee reported on the scholarship results. Nine $300 NYSETA scholarships were awarded:

Ramon Fyffe - Buffalo State College

Krista Miller - Vermont Technical College

Adam Moss - Alfred State College

Justin Paquette - SUNY Canton

Andrea Paul - Alfred State College

Melissa Rose - Morrisville State College

Nathan Smith - SUNYIT

Viktor Tymchynyuk - Nassau CC

Jasmine C. Vasquez – RIT

John Campbell gave the floor to Fred Schoenfeld, who wanted to discuss adding a fourth member to the scholarship committee from the general membership. Currently, the scholarship committee consists of the chair, who is elected from the membership at-large and two members of the executive board. A fourth member would help with respect to continuity, and perhaps would act as a chair-elect. The resolution was unanimously passed to add a fourth member.

Ken Vandermark was elected as the fourth member of the scholarship committee.
Members at Large were elected for a 2-year term:

Michael Loudis, Morrisville

Ed Tezak, Alfred State College

Anthony Hotchkiss, Buffalo State

Daniel Benincasa, SUNYIT

John Williams, Alfred State College

Everyone thanked Marguerite Newton and Mark Voisinet for their hard work in putting together the conference.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 am for tours to the Chevy Engine Plant in Tonawanda and the Darwin Martin House.
Respectfully submitted by Jayne Baran, Secretary of NYSETA

Approved by the Executive Board June 8, 2007

Approved at the NYSETA business meeting October 12, 2007

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