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We are pleased to receive you as a new patient in our office! It is hoped that this letter will enable you to become more familiar with the services and procedures of this office, thus establishing a better understanding between the patient and doctor. The office procedure is as follows:

First Appointment – Examination

The initial appointment in our office is for a preliminary clinical examination. At this time, we will determine if there is a need for orthodontic services, and give you a general idea of the orthodontic problem, explaining the procedure for diagnostic study aids (records) and the conference. There is no fee for the first appointment.

Second Appointment Records

If treatment is indicated, a subsequent appointment will be necessary to obtain diagnostic study aids to enable the doctor to determine specifically what problems are involved and what will be necessary for correction. We will take impressions for upper and lower models (study casts), facial photographs, intra-oral photographs, a cephalometric head radiograph, and a panoramic radiograph. The fee for this appointment is $530.00.

Third Appointment Conference

Both parents and the patient are encouraged to be present for the conference appointment. At this time, the specific problem and plan of treatment will be discussed in detail. The fee for the entire treatment, its anticipated length, and the necessary cooperation will be discussed.

You will receive your professional treatment by appointment. When emergency situations arise, we ask that you call our office and we will add your appointment in a feasible time the same day. Most of the appointments will be during school hours. Since the majority of our patients are school age, this will enable the doctors to plan their treatment for you so that services may be rendered in the most effective sequence.

When circumstances prevent your keeping a scheduled appointment, please advise the office at least 24 hours in advance, so that another patient may be given your time.

If there are any questions, please feel free to inquire - they indicate your interest.

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