Neuroanatomy exercises

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Neuroanatomy exercises


Try any one or more of these to review various systems. Trace out and name the significant gray matter structures (and to a lesser extent white matter structures) from beginning to end. Use only gray (and white matter) structures we have covered. {} indicates not covered in ANP II.


1. Auditory System

Trace and name from nerve to Auditory cortex and reflex to sternocleidomastoid. (Note: sternocleidomastoid is controlled by CN XI, accessory nerve).

CN VIII CNVIII Nucleus Inferior colliculus MGN of Auditory

thalamus cortex


{sternocleidomastoid} {CN XI} {CN XI nucleus}



2. Visual System

Trace and name from nerve to visual cortex and reflex to Orbicularis oculi.


Optic N. Optic Chiasm Optic tract LGN of Visual

thalamus Cortex


Orbicularis oculi CN VII CN VII Superior

nucleus Colliculus


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