National Literacy Strategy Teaching Objectives Weekly Plan

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9. Vary the pace & develop the viewpoint through the use of direct & reported speech, portrayal of action & selection of detail.

10. Change the order of material within a paragraph, moving the topic sentence.

sp16 A range of punctuation, including commas, apostrophes & inverted commas, is usually used correctly

Take another look at the highlighted Dahl story openings created in the previous session. We looked at the different language types. Remind chn that sentences have different purposes; some might even fulfil two. In the same way that Dahl used a winning story structure he often opened his stories in a similar way. Characters need to be introduced, settings described and the story action moved along. Successful authors get the balance right!

Look at a picture book of a very familiar story (fairy tales would work well).
We worked on some different fairy stories. We used verbal changing to help the children. ‘Share Write’ an opening using a similar structure to that used by Dahl for The BFG.

With the children share plan the story of the three little pigs. Explain to them how to do this in detail.

Using the picture books as stimuli, ask chilldren to plan a story opening for a fairy story or traditional tale using what they have learned from Dahl’s writing. We will be looking at the three little pigs. Encourage children to open the story in the same way that Roald Dahl did in their chosen book, eg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starts with ’These two very old people are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket…’ so children could start their story in the same way with character descriptions, We had to go through the characters and how they were shown. “These three pigs are the youngest piglets of Mr. and Mrs Pig….”. Chn re-read their planning frequently to ensure that they are ‘getting the balance right!’ Developed the characterisations that Roald Dahl used.

With the children go through the planning and discuss the best way to transfer the planning into writing. Explain to the children that we will pick up our own class anthology later on in the phases.


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8. Compare the usefulness of techniques such as visualisation, prediction & empathy in exploring the meaning of texts.

9. Understand how to vary pace & viewpoint through the selection of detail.

7. Use evidence from a text to explain ideas.

re13 Show understanding of a range of texts, selecting essential points and using inference & deduction where appropriate

Revise previous sessions learning that opening paragraphs are important as they introduce characters and setting to the reader. Tell children that although Roald Dahl died many years ago he is still working… Working our imaginations! Read and developed ideas from the paragraphs written. Read several opening paragraphs encouraging children to close their eyes and visualise the scenes and characters he wrote about.

Using The BFG use the first two chapters to study characters. What do we learn about from the opening paragraphs? Sophie wears glasses… “She reached for her glasses, steel rimmed and very thick”. BFG “Wearing a long black cloak” (Chapter 2). Create a list of descriptive phrases.

With the childen look at how they can develop their knowledge of the key words and link this into their extended work.

With the children read through what they have written. Get them to edit their work and discuss it in detail. Explain to the children that it is important that they edit their work. Explain to the children that this was one of the elements picked up from the tray analysis.

The children beginning to edit their own work. This has developed in line with objectives.

Ask the children how they could edit their work. Ask the children what would help then edit their work better.

The children to discuss with the teacher how they could develop their editing skills. Look at one piece of work and discuss how they could edit it.
Apply this to own work

Look at all the characters created by Dahl What range of characters did Dahl use? Are there patterns in the characters? - Normal little boys and girls that achieve amazing things, characters ugly on the inside and the outside! Highlight how the character descriptions and settings would be very valuable to a book illustrator! Vote for a class favourite, pair off characters and have them compete against each other with the most popular going through to the next round!

Extended Writing



Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


  • To be able to write a descriptive opening from their planning.

  • To be able to use their planning to convert a fairy tale into a Roald Dahl type story.

wc9 Writing is varied and interesting, conveying meaning clearly in a range of forms for different readers, using a more formal style where appropriate

The children to write the opening to the Roald Dahl style story. They are to write about

The children need to look at paragraphs to aid writing.

Discuss the impact of overuse of action, description or dialogue on the reader. What is the effect of changing the order of sentences within the paragraph?

The children to use their planning to convert the story into a Narrative story.
Explain to the children how this can be completed using the different sentence structures looked at.
Get the children to visualise a setting and make predictions about events that might happen there (discussion, questioning). This will help them to be able to alternative openings for a familiar story using, for example, dialogue, description or an event (marking and feedback).

The children to use their planning to convert the story into a Narrative story.
Explain to the children how this can be completed using the different sentence structures looked at.
Visualise their work in line with what they have written. Get the children to discuss in response partners.

The children to use their planning to convert the story into a Narrative story.
Explain to the children how this can be completed using the different sentence structures looked at.
The teacher to work with the less able. The children need work with a scribe to expand their planning for development of their writing.

Editing is the development process for next week. The children need to understand the importance of working on the editing. The children need to make sure they follow the editing sheet on their tables linked to COPS work.

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