National Guard / Reserve Units

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National Guard / Reserve Units With Activation Orders

Guard and Reserve units must have an account set up with NOSTRA prior to ordering.

If there is a question regarding account status, or if there is need to set up a new account, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance, or 757-887-7476 (7152) (7299) or 7611.

All units are encouraged to use the Spectacle Request Transmission System (SRTS).

This is an electronic, automated glasses ordering system that improves ordering accuracy,
puts glasses in the patient’s hand in a more timely manner, and also allows deployed
personnel to be able to order lost or damaged glasses from APO/FPO locations.  Please contact
the SRTS Program Office for assistance in getting started.

If you have a SRTS account, the following information is vital when ordering:

You can order a full complement of required eyewear once you have received notice that your unit has been activated. You do NOT need to physically have the orders in hand. We realize this goes against stated regulations but due to short-notice orders, the Optical Fabrication Enterprise has endorsed this policy in an effort to ensure all deploying personnel have the required eyewear before deployment.

You MUST use the Active Duty Status Codes: F11, A11, N11, and M11. If you fail to use this Active Duty status code the SRTS system will not allow you to select required eyewear or inserts. THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO PERSONNEL WHO ARE UNDER ORDERS FOR TRAINING.

When ordering inserts for Military Ballistic Eyewear Protection it is important to know which brand or type your unit will be issued. If in doubt refer to the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) or contact the RFI/MOB site you will be deploying from. If your unit is purchasing the spectacles or goggles ensure that the eyewear is listed on the APEL. It is important to carefully review the list, as all products on the APEL list do not have prescription inserts available. Once the unit has decided on the type of ballistic eyewear to be issued, the insert can be ordered at no cost to the member’s unit (if visual correction is required).

If not using SRTS, the following information must be included on the prescription Form DD 771

All information must be typed in on the DD771. Be sure to include PD’s, axis if the cylinder box is filled in, segment height if ordering bifocals. If in doubt please call our Customer service Department for answers to questions you may have.

Be sure the return address is valid for return of finished product via FedEx, street address, correct zip code (No APO/FPO) addresses and phone number.


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