National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

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National Association of Area Agencies on Aging

This website includes an overview of Area Agencies on Aging as well as a good list of information and access services, community-based services, in-home services, housing, and elder rights. A number of publications and other resources are available. These local agencies know the needs and resources in their target areas. To find Area Agencies on Aging and Title VI programs across the country, call the nationwide, toll-free Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 or get a list from one of the state agencies listed here.

National Association of State Units on Aging (NASUA)

This website provides an overview of State Units on Aging as well as an interactive map with contact information for each state. It includes information from the Center for State Promotion of Productive Aging and other valuable resources. Visit with them as soon as possible to brainstorm ideas for this grant.

Administration on Aging:
This federal website contains statistics, resources, funding opportunities, and other information, including Health & Aging Resources for Minorities and Diverse Populations.
American Society on Aging:
This website includes:

  1. links to some state and regional aging organizations

  2. Healthcare and Aging Network:

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP):

The website includes:

  1. Links to state affiliates

  2. AgeLine: online database of citations for articles, etc.

AARP is very active in advocacy efforts and can be a valuable ally to champion a cause or provide information to their members.

US Dept of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration:

This website provides information about Veterans health care benefits and includes a Facilities locator by zipcode or state. The VA dentists are very experienced in providing dental care for people with multiple chronic conditions and bring valuable clinical expertise to coalitions or training programs.

American Health Care Association:

This organization focuses on long-term care issues. It provides links to state affiliates and their websites. Dental issues for long-term care facilities are problematic in most states, although you may choose to focus on a population of seniors before their conditions are advanced enough for long-term care.

American Dental Association Oral Longevity Project:

ADA recently passed a resolution with 26 initiatives on aging. The initiative has three major foci: 1) enhancing dental school education and continuing education, 2) advocacy, 3) research. This is a perfect time to enlist the help of your state association or district societies for purposes of strategic planning! Remind them about this resolution and ADA resources.

The ADA’s Oral Longevity website contains many resources, including publications such as the JADA 56-page supplement, Oral Health and an Aging Population, an Oral Longevity brochure and a DVD Education program. You do not have to be an ADA member to access these resources.
American Society of Geriatric Dentistry (ASGD):
ASGD is a component of the Special Care Dentistry Association. They sponsor an annual meeting, and the journal Special Care Dentistry will soon be online as a member benefit. They may be able to direct you to members in your state.
American Dental Hygienists’ Association:
The ADHA website includes a few resources on senior health and fact sheets on diabetes and other chronic disease-related oral health issues. They also offer online CE courses, some of which are related to oral health issues and aging. Contact your state association or district societies to be partners.
Dental Schools in your state may have faculty with expertise in geriatric dentistry, some of whom may have participated in the Geriatric Dentistry Fellowship Program. Dental hygiene programs also should have faculty who want to partner with you.
Directory: docs
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docs -> Understanding Head Start Oral Health Program Information Report Data What is the Program Information Report (pir), and where can I find information about it?
docs -> Dental Services §17. 160 Authorization of dental examinations

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