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Toss-ups by Jack Brounstein b/w Matt Bruce; bonuses by Jack Brounstein

1. (MB) One receiver on this team had been a basketball star at North Carolina; another came to the team from Jacksonville. Both Ronald Curry and Alvis Whitted have seen bigger roles at the expense of the teammate who not only parked in the team owner's spot but also was seen pumping his fist just after the sack of Aaron Brooks. FTP, Jerry Porter and Randy Moss round out the receiving corps of what AFC West team that wears silver and black, a regional rival of the San Francisco 49ers.

ANSWER: Oakland Raiders (accept either)

2. It will feature an ATI "Hollywood" GPU made with a 90 nm CMOS process and an IBM PowerPC processor codenamed "Broadway", stand approximately 4.5 centimeters by 15 centimeters by 20 centimeters, and feature the Opera web browser. The winner of the Game Critics Award for Best of Show at E3 2006, it's been praised for its backwards compatibility and unique controller. Developed under the codename Revolution, it's current name is meant to imply togetherness, not urine. Featuring launch titles Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and The Legend of ZeldANSWER: Twilight Princess, FTP, name this next-generation Nintendo console.

ANSWER: Nintendo Wii

3. Fans have speculated that he used to be a monk, based on his attire. His schemes have included hiding inside a magic mirror, using giggle glitter to induce fits of laughter, and creating a magnet which only attracts objects of a certain color. The ogre Bigmouth frequently steals his food, and his rich godfather Balthazar disdains him. In later seasons he was aided by a more competent assistant Scruple, though it was never entirely clear if he wanted to eat his nemeses or turn them into gold. Accompanied by his cat Azrael, FTP, name this sorcerer, the sworn enemy of the Smurfs.

ANSWER: Gargamel

4. Along with "Take Me With U", "The Glamorous Life", and "17 Days", it was originally written by Prince for the Apollonia 6 album, but it was cut at the last minute, and the famous version by a different artist debuted two years later. According to the closing lines, the speaker's problems were caused by her lover "pick[ing] last night to get down," while the song opens at six o'clock, moments after the speaker had been "kissin' Valentino by a crystral blue Italian stream," and she soons notes that even with a plane she wouldn't make it to work on time. FTP, name this song where the Bangles "wish it was Sunday/'Cause that's [their] fun day/[Their] 'I don't have to run' day."

ANSWER: "Manic Monday"

5. It ends with Tim Conway dressed as the world's oldest living vaudevillian, who falls asleep while trying to perform. Also featured are scenes from the Friars' Club Roast of Hugh Hefner, cameos by Billy the Mime and the South Park kids, and the revelation that Joe Franklin raped Sarah Silverman. The brainchild of Penn Jilette, this film’s true focus is on what happens after a man walks into a talent agent and says he has a family act. FTP, name this 2005 documentary devoted to a legendary filthy joke.

ANSWER: The Aristocrats

6. Contrary to popular belief, it's not technically the first of its type, as Contest of Champions was released two years earlier in 1982 though was much smaller scale. Developed partially as an excuse for Mattel to sell toys, its primary setting was constructed from fragments of many planets, including Denver, Colorado. Introducing Titania, Volcana, and Julia Carpenter as Spider-Woman, the events of this series lead to She-Hulk temporarily replacing the Thing in the Fantastic Four as well as the first appearance of Spider-Man's black suit. The Beyonder gathered over 30 heroes and villains and made them fight in, FTP, what landmark Marvel crossover?

ANSWER: Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

7. Arthur Dales was the first person to actually work on them, though the original was started by J. Edgar Hoover in 1946. One inspired the novel From Outer Space by Jose Chung, while other notable ones include the cases of reluctant psychic Clyde Bruckman, Eugene Victor Tooms, who could stretch and contort his body, and the mysterious black oil aliens. They were originally classified under "U" for "Unsolved", but were quickly moved to a more spacious filing cabinet. FTP, name these FBI investigations into supernatural or paranormal phenomena, most notably associated with Dana Scully and Fox Mulder.

ANSWER: The X-Files

8. According to Peppermint Patty, Marcie looks just like this athlete when mad. The first tennis player named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of The Year and longstanding commissioner of World TeamTennis, with Karen Hantze Susman she won the women's doubles title at Wimbledon in 1961 while still using her maiden name Moffitt. The new namesake of the USTA National Tennis Center and a strong proponent of equal prize money for men and women, over her career she won 20 titles at Wimbledon. FTP, name this female tennis player, who in 1973 beat Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes.

ANSWER: Bille Jean King (accept "Billy Jean Mofitt" before that information is given)

9. In 2004, he placed third in a German television contest to win a new record deal, though this August he released an album produced by Giovanni Giorgilli. He performed on Ain't a Damn Thang Changed, the debut album of WC and the Maad Circle, and was briefly a member of 40 Thevz, which lead to him signing with Tommy Boy Records. In 1998, he teamed with Kenny Rogers to record an updated version of "The Gambler", though it wasn't released until 2003's El Cool Magnifico. The performer of the Kenan & Kel theme song, his debut album It Takes a Thief included the hit "Fantasic Voyage", but he's best known for his contribution to a 1995 soundtrack. FTP, name this rapper, who gave the Dangerous Minds soundtrack "Gangsta's Paradise".

ANSWER: Coolio

10. Their patron saint is Saint Apollonia and Alan Rudolph directed a film about their “secret lives”. Fictional examples include John Patterson in For Better or For Worse, Jerry Robinson on The Bob Newhart Show, Christian Szell in Marathon Man, Tim Whatley on Seinfeld, and Hermey at the end of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Steve Martin has played them onscreen twice, once in Little Shop of Horrors, where the profession is suggested as an outlet for his natural sadism, and once in the comic thriller Novocaine. FTP, name these tooth doctors.

ANSWER: dentists

11. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Prophet Motive" was based on a spec script Ira Steven Behr wrote for this series. Some of the characters include an unsuccessful boxer and a receptionist at an art gallery. ABC cancelled it after four seasons, but NBC picked it up, pairing it with Cheers on Thursday for the 1982-83 season. The biggest star's hatred of the show lead to his character being given multiple personality disorder and to multiple appearances from Tony Clifton. Featuring Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, and Andy Kaufman, FTP name this lauded sit-com about the workers at the Sunshine Cab Company.


12. "The Muslim religion allows for few accidents" says Louis Bernard early in this film, not long before his death. A fight at a taxidermist's results when Ben McKenna doesn't realize the instruction to "try Ambrose Chapel" referred to a place, not a person. A remake of a 1934 movie by the same director, Jo screams in Albert Hall to save the Prime Minister and later sings "Que Sera Sera" to locate her kidnapped son. Starring Doris Day and Jimmy Stewart, FTP, name this Hitchcock film, not to be confused with a similarly-titled Bill Murray farce.

ANSWER: The Man Who Knew Too Much

13. It takes its name from an entity that opened in 1838, filed for bankruptcy protection in 1971, and closed completely in 1976; the name was later applied to an Amtrak trip in October, 2003, from Chicago to Atlantic City. In Australia it's known as Perth Station and it England it's replaced by Kings Cross. It's notable in that three different cards will advance the token here, making it better to own than Pennsylvania despite being further from Free Parking. FTP, name this railroad, located five spaces after Go in Monopoly.

ANSWER: Reading Railroad

14. After two years at the University of Arizona, he was taken in the second round by the Golden State Warriors, with whom he won the 2003 Most Improved Player Award, though he left for his current team before the 2004 season. In 2006 he competed in the Three-point Shootout after Raja Bell dropped out, finishing second, and replaced an injured Jermaine O'Neal in the All-Star Game. He also scored 2,346 points that season, fourth overall, though he did the lead the league in turnovers. Also known for his bizarre behavior, which includes attempting a free-throw by bouncing the shot off the floor, attempting to convert his home to “Colorado altitude”, and allegedly playing online poker at half-time, FTP name this Washington Wizard and practitioner of Gilbertology.

ANSWER: Gilbert (Jay) Arenas

15. In the music video for this song, Peter Buck uses a Jag-Stang originally owned by Kurt Cobain. The first song to debut at number one on the Billboard Modern Rock chart, the lyrics describe someone who "smile[s] like the cartoon, tooth for a tooth" and "said that irony was the shackles of youth" and claims that the title phrase is "your Benzedrine". On The Late Show with David Letterman, the band was joined in a performance of the song by Dan Rather, as it was inspired by an incident where Rather was beaten by an unknown assailant shouting an odd phrase. FTP, name this R.E.M. single, the answer to whose title query should be given in hertz.

ANSWER: “What's The Frequency, Kenneth?”

16. Robert Patrick Benedict plays Calvin, who once cried while masturbating, using the tears as a lubricant, and developed a shy bladder after observing someone staring at him while at a urinal. Chi McBride is the calm and somewhat mystic Bishop. Luis Guzman plays Raddimus, who introduced the game of showing one's genitals to the other employees when they're not expecting it. Max Kasch and Andy Milonakis are wigger busboys. David Koechner is Floyd, who offers Justin Long's character the assistant manager position at ShenaniganZ. Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds's characters used to date in, FTP, what 2005 comedy about the food service industry?

ANSWER: Waiting…

17. He converted to Mormonism after talking with Mr. Harrison and, though a geologist, won a Nobel prize for his investigation into spontaneous combustion. Mickey Goldmill appeared to him while he was fighting Bat Dad, and a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary briefly cured his alcoholism. As a young man he was a member of a boy band, which is why he didn't want his son involved with Fingerbang. FTP, name this father of Stan on South Park.

ANSWER: Randy Marsh OR Randall Marsh

18. This author wrote romance novels such as The Burden and Unfinished Portrait using the penname Mary Westmacott. Born in 1890, the last novel she wrote was 1973's Postern of Fate, though two books that were written in the 1940s were published later, intended to be the final adventures of her two most famous characters. She was played on film by Vanessa Redgrave in a 1979 movie about a real-life incident where she disappeared for several days in December 1926. The author of the longest running play in London theater history, The Mousetrap, her work as a pharmacists inspired the many poisonings in her books. Often called the best-selling novelist of all time, FTP, name this author of The ABC Murders, And Then There Were None, and Murder on the Orient Express, the creator of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

ANSWER: Dame Agatha Christie OR Agatha Mary Clarissa, Lady Mallowan

19. He says that he was hit by a car when he was 22 and that he wears his ubiquitous hat to cover the scar. The first track on his eponymous debut is titled "Song 6", and his international singles include "Lie To Me", "Jimmy Gets High", and "Free Loop". Named New Artist of the Year at the 2006 Junos, Coca-Cola chose to use his first single in a European ad campaign, though it got its largest exposure in this country from its use on a television show also featuring strong ties to Coke. Also responsible for "Love You Lately", FTP, name this Canadian artist whose "Bad Day" was played every time a contestant was eliminated from American Idol.

ANSWER: Daniel (Richard) Powter

20. Before becoming an actor, John Wayne played as offensive lineman at this school, which in the 40s was coached by Jeff Cravath. Supposedly, the success of Sam Cunningham here convinced Bear Bryant to integrate his team. In the 90s they faltered, and their 37-35 record from 1996 to 2001 is the second-worst over any five-year span in their history, but they've bounced back. Linebackers who have worn #55 here include Chris Claiborne, Junior Seau, and Willie McGinest, while diverse talent such as Ricky Bell, O.J. Simpson, and Marcus Allen have lead it to be nicknamed "Tailback U". Currently coached by Pete Carroll, their 11 national titles include back-to-back in 2003 and 2004, though in 2005 they lost the Rose Bowl to Texas. FTP, name this school, whose stars last season included Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.

ANSWER: University of Southern California

21. This website claims that it's "been America's #1 online choice going on 10 years" and offers $50,000 Identity Theft Insurance from Virginia Surety Company if you sign up. It's owned by Experian, which also runs and and which in 2005 settled with the FTC after earning over $950,000 by not disclosing that the site's nominally costless service would in fact charge the consumer $79.99 if they didn't cancel within 30 days. Advertised with commercials featuring a man saying, "I'm thinking of a number between 450 and 850. Do you know what it is?" FTP name this website that supposedly lets you check your credit score without paying.



Toss-ups by Jack Brounstein b/w Matt Bruce; bonuses by Jack Brounstein

1. Name the actresses from roles, 5-10-20-30:

A. Lanie Boggs in She's All That; Lisa Calighan in Antitrust

ANSWER: Rachael Leigh Cook

B. Vicky Lathum in American Pie; Gwen Pearson in Van Wilder

ANSWER: Tara Reid

C. Gail in Sin City; Becky in Clerks II

ANSWER: Rosario Dawson

D. Rachael Leigh Cook, Tara Reid, and Rosario Dawson played the title characters in what 2001 film?

ANSWER: Josie and the Pussycats
2. Answer the following about songs on John J. Miller's list of the 50 greatest conservative rock songs FTSNOP:

A. FFP, this song, known for its cry of "Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss," made #1 on the list. Pete Townsend has since questioned Miller's reading of his song.

ANSWER: "Won't Get Fooled Again"

B. 5 for one, 15 for both, name the two Beatles songs on the list, one appearing on The White Album and one written and sung by George.

ANSWER: "Revolution" (do not accept "Revoultion 9"); "Taxman"

C. This Canadian band also made the list twice with "The Trees" and "Red Barchetta"; not mentioned but notable would be the title track to 2112, which is dedicated to Ayn Rand.

3. Answer the following about the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen FTPE:

A. This Brit wrote Watchmen. Let's hope the proposed film adaptation is truer to the source material than V For Vendetta or The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

ANSWER: Alan Moore

B. Sections of Watchmen are narrated by this hero, born Walter Joseph Kovacs. His Manichean worldview results in his adoption of a brutal crime-fighting style.

ANSWER: Rorschach

C. Many critics have speculated that Moore's successful treatment of Cold War themes is what inspired Frank Miller to include the nuclear winter plotline in this 1986 work.

ANSWER: The Dark Knight Returns
4. It begins on New Year’s Eve, when the two main characters meet while singing karaoke together. FTPE,

A. Name this wildly successful Disney Channel Original Movie.

ANSWER: High School Musical

B. Played by Zac Efron, this is the star basketball player who auditions for Twinkle Town in order to spend time with the geeky Gabriella.

ANSWER: Troy Bolton (accept either)

C. Troy and Gabriella are soarin', flyin', and there's not a star in heaven they can't reach according to this climactic number, also the most successful song on the soundtrack.

ANSWER: “Breaking Free”
5. Name these New York Giants of the 1980s FTPE:

A. He's the only rookie ever to be named Defensive Player of the Year, but he's better remembered for his career-ending sack of Joe Theismann in 1985.

ANSWER: Lawrence (Julius) Taylor

B. In Super Bowl XXI this quarterback managed a passer rating of 158.3, ran a famous flea flicker with Phil McConkey, and is believed to be the first to say, "I'm going to Disneyland!" He's currently part of the CBS broadcasting team.

ANSWER: Phil(lip) Martin Simms

C. A graduate of South Carolina State University, this Hall of Fame linebacker racked up seven tackles in Super Bowl XXI.

ANSWER: Harry Carson
6. Given a movie, name the Shakespeare play it claims as inspiration FFPE:

A. West Side Story ANSWER: Romeo and Juliet

B. 10 Things I Hate About You ANSWER: The Taming of the Shrew

C. Strange Brew ANSWER: Hamlet

D. She’s The Man ANSWER: Twelfth Night

E. Akira Kurosawa’s Ran [pron. RON] ANSWER: King Lear

F. Scotland, PA ANSWER: Macbeth

7. VISUAL BONUS. [Moderator, hand out attached sheet now.] This is a picture of a tapir [pron. TAY-per]. Tapirs are endangered mammals that live in forest and jungle regions of South America, Central America and Southeast Asia. They’re related to other odd-toed ungulates, such as horses and rhinoceroses. Now, answer the following about tapirs in popular culture FTPE:

A. Brazilian tapirs can be seen in the background of the opening segment of this Stanley Kubrick film based on an Arthur C. Clarke work.

ANSWER: 2001: A Space Odyssey

B. In an episode of Futurama, Bender visits the zoo with this love interest, who fails to impress him with information about tapirs.

ANSWER: the Planet Express Ship

C. In addition to physically resembling a tapir's, this Pokémon's Dreameater ability derives from Japanese folklore about the animal. It evolves into Hyptno.

ANSWER: Drowzee

8. It's the artist's first new studio album since 2001's Love and Theft and first to hit #1 since 1976's Desire. FTPE:

A. Name this recent album, which shares its name with a classic Charlie Chaplin film.

ANSWER: Modern Times

B. Modern Times is the 31st studio album from this musician. Some of the others include Highway 61 Revisited and Blood on the Tracks.

ANSWER: Bob Dylan

C. According to "Thunder on the Mountain", the first track on Modern Times, Dylan "was thinking about [this woman]/Couldn't help from crying". Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, included the #1 single "Fallin'".

ANSWER: Alicia Keys
9. Name these winners of the Vezina Trophy FTSNOP:

A. For ten, this player for the Calgary Flames won in 2006 on the strength of just 151 goals allowed and a franchise record 10 shutouts.

ANSWER: Miikka Kiprusoff

B. For five, this Buffalo Sabre has won an impress 6 Vezina Trophies between 1994 and 2001. He also won the Hart Trophy in 1997 and '98.

ANSWER: Dominik Hašek

C. 5 for one, 15 for both, name the two Washington Capitals who interrupted Hašek's streak.

ANSWER: Jim Carey; Olaf Kölzig
10. Answer the following about stuff J.D. did on Scrubs last season FTPE:

A. A two-episode arc featured J.D. dating Julie Quinn, who was played by this Saved actress, the real-life girlfriend of Zach Braff.

ANSWER: Mandy Moore

B. J.D. frequently talked about making this vampire movie, apparently set at Sacred Heart and starring him and Turk.

ANSWER: Dr. Acula

C. When concerned about being in two places at once, J.D. fantasized about being this character. The fantasies usually ended with him headbutting someone.

ANSWER: Floating Head Doctor
11. Answer these related movie questions FTPE:

A. The film features John Malkovich with one of the most over-the-top Russian accents in film history in his role as Teddy KGB.

ANSWER: Rounders

B. Malcolm McDowell has an uncredited role as Teddy K in this 2002 Dennis Quaid/Topher Grace collaboration.

ANSWER: In Good Company

C. Joe Pantoliano plays the weasley John "Teddy" Gammell in this 200 mindbender.

ANSWER: Memento
12. Everything I need to know about biology I learned from video games. FTPE, name the species given a description based on my advanced understanding.

A. Members of this species can punch through walls and use their dreadlocks to aid in gliding. Their natural gullibility can compromise their effectiveness at guarding Chaos Emeralds.

ANSWER: echidnas OR spiny anteaters

B. Their natural predators include Evil the Cat, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, and Psy-Crow. Oft seen using basic tools like blasters and a super suit, their mating rituals seem to involve the male accidentally launching a cow onto the female.

ANSWER: earthworms OR megadriles (prompt on "dew-worms", "night crawlers", or "angleworms")

C. This species is known to ally itself with rhinoceroses, sharks, ostriches, and others to help their fight against crocodiles. Natural habitats include Ropey Rampage, Barrel Cannon Canyon, and abandoned construction sites.

ANSWER: gorillas (do not accept “donkeys”)

[MODERATORS: If anyone (correctly) observes that the answers above aren't one species but rather the common terms for groups of related species, reward them 1 point for their knowledge/nit-pickiness, then refer them to the prompt where I disavow actual knowledge of biology.]
13. Who says pitchers can't hit? Name these pitchers who won the Louisville Silver Slugger award FTPE:

A. The 2005 winner was this St. Louis Cardinal, who hit .310 with 10 RBIs in 87 at-bats, though his seven-game losing streak in late July and August is also notable.

ANSWER: Jason Scott Marquis

B. This pitcher won five straight Silver Sluggers between 1999 and 2003 while playing with the Astros, Mets, Rockies, and Braves. He's also the first pitcher to win a Silver Slugger and a Golden Glove in the same year, though he had to leave the 2005 season early and sat out 2006 while recovering from Tommy John surgery.

ANSWER: Michael William Hampton

C. This leftie won earned four Silver Sluggers during his time with the Braves, with whom he also won two Cy Youngs and a World Series MVP. He’s with the Mets now.

ANSWER: Thomas Michael Glavine
14. Name the Green Day albums from tracks FTPE:

A. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "Holiday", "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

ANSWER: American Idiot

B. "Longview", "Basket Case", "Having a Blast"

ANSWER: Dookie

C. "Maria", "Poprocks & Coke", "J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)"

ANSWER: International Superhits!
15. After his death, a map was found in his hat that led to a stash of gold that was eventually located by his twin brother Duke. FTPE,

A. Name this ranch hand who taught Mitch Robbins that all that matters is one thing, though you have to figure out what that is for yourself.

ANSWER: Curly Washburn

B. What actor won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1991 for playing Curly, nearly forty years after his nominations for Sudden Fear and Shane?

ANSWER: Jack Palance OR Vladimir Palaniuk

C. Curly was a character in what comedy that featured Billy Crystal trying to drive cattle?

ANSWER: City Slickers
16. The (Future) Nathan Bragg Memorial Bonus: Answer the following about Perfect Strangers FTSNOP:

A. Name the actors who warmed our hearts as Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous FFPE.

ANSWER: Mark Linn-Baker; Bronson Pinchot

B. Before moving to America, Balki was a shepherd on what fictional European island nation?


C. This series was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers focusing on Harriet and Carl Winslow.

ANSWER: Family Matters
17. This website sparked controversy this September when it introduced News Feeds and Mini-Feeds. FTPE,

A. Name this social networking site.


B. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a student at this Ivy League school.

ANSWER: Harvard University

C. One of the best parts of Facebook is that allows users to create and join groups. Though it was eventually revealed to be a fake, one of the fasted growing Facebook groups ever was one created by "Brody Ruckus", who claimed that if he got 100,000 people to join his girlfriend would do what?

ANSWER: have a threesome (accept equivalents)
18. Given a year and some players, name the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship team FTPE:

A. 1994: Corliss Williamson, Scotty Thurman

ANSWER: University of Arkansas

B. 1989: Glen Rice, Terry Mills

ANSWER: University of Michigan

C. 1996: Tony Delk, Antoine Walker

ANSWER: University of Kentucky
19. Name these British Invasion bands FTPE:

A. Though they were founded in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, their most successful song begins with, "There is a house in New Orleans." They also released "We've Gotta Get Out of This Place".

ANSWER: The Animals

B. Formed by Ray and Dave Davies, this band broke through with "You Really Got Me" and they added keyboardist John Gosling before they released "Lola".

ANSWER: The Kinks

C. This band, whose name is a misspelling of the Latin for "beyond these things", is best known for their #1 hit "A Whiter Shade of Pale".

ANSWER: Procol Harum
20. Election year weirdness FTPE:

A. Steve Cohen, a Tennessee State Senator running to replace Harold Ford Jr. in the House, has announced that if elected he'll apply to become the first Jewish member of what Congressional group, whose current members include Charles Rangel and Barack Obama?

ANSWER: Congressional Black Caucus

B. Kinky Freidman, an eccentric folk singer and humorist, is mounting a credible campaign on a platform that includes rolling back smoking bans and a "dewussification" of his state to replace unseat Rick Perry as governor this state.


C. It's not actually election-related, but still notable is this Senator's June speech, where he explained, "[T]he Internet is not something you just dump something on. It's not a truck. It's a series of tubes."

ANSWER: Ted Stevens
21. His life got a little less pathetic this year, when he was finally able to convince Liz, his veterinarian, to go out with him. FTPE,

A. Name this comic strip pet owner, played by Breckin Meyer in 2004 and 2006.

ANSWER: Jonathan Q. Arbuckle (accept either)

B. Jon is, of course, best known as the owner of what obese, unfunny cat?

ANSWER: Garfield

C. Garfield was created by this Indiana native.

ANSWER: James Robert "Jim" Davis
22. It was developed under the name Oil and its spin-off The Colbys lasted for two seasons. FTPE,

A. Name this 1980s primetime soap.

ANSWER: Dynasty

B. The first episode of the second season introduced this actress, the sister of the author of Hollywood Wives, as Alexis Carrington. She also appeared in the classic Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever" as Edith Keeler.

ANSWER: Joan Collins

C. The December 21, 1983, episode of Dynasty featured an appearance by this man, played many times by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live, as well as his wife Betty and Henry Kissinger.

ANSWER: Gerald Ford


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