Naming Puppy

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Taking Puppy Home


Naming Puppy 3

Taking Puppy Home 3

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Naming Puppy

You are welcome to keep the name of pup we have given, but that is certainly up to you. About half of our buyers grow to love the names previously chosen and half rename pups. We simply have to name puppies, as they are like family pets until you become their forever families. At any rate, we have one request and that is that you keep a word from our kennel name in the naming of your pup. ABBY, GOLDEN, APPLE.....A good example of a name is: Abby's Golden America....Golden Liberty.....Daisy's Golden Opal or Golden Apple Opal, etc. This is to help keep track of lineage and in keeping with the timeless tradition in naming registered pets.

Taking Puppy Home

HE’S CRYING! Yes, puppy will cry, shake and be utterly undone when you take him to a new environment. So keep familiar scents around your new family member. Puppy will come to you with a toy and a blanket. Keep these things with puppy at all times in the kennel and pull them out when pup is acting insecure. You can even put a small, gently warmed rice bag in the kennel to woo puppy to sleep. Sometimes even soft, soothing music is helpful to a nervous pup. At bedtime you can’t give in when puppy cries. Say goodnight at 10pm and say good morning at 6am (This is not an exact science. You may have to get up a couple times in the night for a short few weeks to potty puppy). Additionally, consult your vet for their best advice in getting pups to sleep through the night.

Socialization: Give puppy many opportunities to experience new things, especially in the first 12 weeks of their little lives. Expose them to people, buildings, parks, hats, objects, sounds, etc. This is the most impressionable time of their “puppyhood”, and this will help them be well adjusted pets. GET A DOG TAG AND COLLAR IMMEDIATELY, WITH YOUR I.D. AND PHONE NUMBER, SO YOU DON’T LOSE YOUR PUPPY! ADD YOUR RABIES TAG AT A YEAR!

The Menu: Give pup plenty of FRESH water daily and simply do not deviate from the diet of Purina Puppy Chow. Tiny, tiny treats (i.e. teeny piece of chicken) can be used to reinforce good behavior and coming when called. If your pet has intestinal problems with gas, then you could consider a new diet, but speak with your vet first to get an expert recommendation of food and the process of changing the diet. NEVER feed your dog alcohol, avocados, CHOCOLATE, coffee, fatty foods, macadamia nuts, onions, raisins, grapes, salt, yeast dough, garlic or any artificial sweeteners. Dogs lack enzymes (that we humans have) in breaking these foods down internally. They can get violently ill and in some cases, die from these foods.

Care for Puppy: Tear stained faces are common in Cockapoos. Daily face washing is recommended. There are also products at pet stores to cleanse the hair of tear stained dogs. Ears carry bacteria. Weekly wipe the ears out with a soft, warm wash cloth. Vets have an anti-bacterial ear cleanser. We use this weekly to prevent ear infections. If you smell any odors coming from the ears, take care of this immediately. Grooming is necessary for non-shedding dogs. Nail clipping should be done every 2 to 4 weeks. When bathing your dog, protect their ears from water.

Toys: These are absolutely necessary for a dog: Balls, chew toys, squeakers, old socks with a knot, etc. Keep them busy! Puppies are constantly cutting teeth, losing teeth, getting adult teeth! They need to chew on things. Make it easy on them and you by supplying their demand. Oral fixation will last at least one year. *Special Note: Bones are good BUT only give a bone to a dog when they are ALONE. If there is more than one dog present, you could potentially start a dog fight. Also, don’t let a bone get too small. It becomes a choking hazard.

Commands: Get well acquainted with commands and use them consistently. Always start the command by first saying the dog’s Name. “Spot, come!” Come, sit, stay are the first to teach. High praise for all good deeds! Then go on to tricks….roll over, play dead, dance….Get on to a good website or YouTube “dog tricks” and Google “Cockapoo agility training”! The sky is the limit. Also, consult with a local dog obedience trainer.

He Bit Me! If puppy bites, tell him “no no” and do a little flick with your fingers. Pups quickly learn that is not ok. Protect pups from small children, who could hurt them by pulling fur and stepping on toes. If a pup feels threatened, they will react. An aggressive, biting dog is generally a dog that has been abused. Additionally, protect children from your dog. It’s just a safety issue. Liability is great with dogs. Be a smart pet owner.

Potty Training: Potty training begins with the plan, consistency and perseverance of the owner. We have kennel trained our dogs and it has worked well for us.


  1. Puppy sleeps in kennel.

  2. Puppy wakes, is let out of kennel and called immediately to the door.

  3. Puppy is pottied outside, praised in the act and petted afterward.

  4. Puppy comes in, is offered fresh water, plays and is given only a small space to occupy.

  5. After 20 minutes puppy is called again to the door and brought outside to potty. If there is success, there is always much praise. If there is no success, then puppy goes back to the kennel and the process starts over as soon as you think enough time has passed.

You must watch puppy for signs of squatting and sniffing. If they are caught doing these things, you immediately call them and hurry them outside. If they fail to make it, you LIGHTLY scold them by saying their Name and “NO, No”.

Back in the kennel they go for a time out and another try.

As time progresses and they have successes, increase their “free space” in the home.

It’s okay to use a tiny treat to reinforce good potty behavior. But praise is equally successful to most dogs.

Immunizations: Please take puppy to your vet within three days of getting him/her, for a health check. Immediately you will begin immunizations. Do not let pups around others dogs until they are fully vaccinated (unless you are sure the animals are properly immunized).

Discipline for Puppy: Using your “grumpy voice” in scolding puppy for poor behavior is often all you need to train pup not to do undesirable things. I reserve a certain sound in disciplining my dogs. When they hear my “EH…EH!,” they know they are doing something wrong and stop. I also use “No, No” and “Bad dog” when I really need to get the point across. Then I will kennel them for a “time out” to emphasize the point, if needed. Cockapoos are smart and sensitive and want to please you.

Dominance and Aggression: Dominance is an instinct. A dog jumping on another’s back is a sign of one dog wanting to be “alpha”. It’s not always a move for mating, in fact, seldom is it a move for mating. Dogs must establish an order. It usually does not end in fighting. IF puppy seems frenzied, however….growling, biting and seeming out of control, you must display your dominance as master by turning puppy on his back, holding his/her neck to the floor and saying, “no!” You wait for the dog to whimper and then hold the dog tightly in your arms until he/she goes limp and finally relaxes. If you never get that far, then off to the kennel for a time out. The pet WILL learn, just be patient. They are just like little kids.

Praise, Praise, Praise: Praise and reward your pet for all the things you catch them doing right! “Good dog” and a loving pet will go far to reinforce good behavior. EVERY time puppy goes potty, you say “Go potty,” and when they do, “Good dog!!!!” Don’t forget to use a high pitched, happy voice.

Puppy Isn’t Coming When Called! Did you try a high pitched, warm and friendly voice? Then I suggest MEAT! Put puppy on a leash. Call puppy to you. Gently lead puppy to you on the leash and at the moment they get to your arms, give them a teeny piece of meat! Do this consistently for a period of time, and they will come to you. Don’t tell a dog they will get a treat and then not give it to them. This will quickly undo all your hard work of training.

Respect the Individuality of the Puppy: Dogs, like people, have individual personalities, likes and dislikes. Some dogs are more cuddly, some more playful, etc. If your dog needs “space” and “quiet”, give it to them. If they need attention, give it. If they need exercise, get out for a walk. A frustrated pet is one who not having their needs seen and met.

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