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Who Do Home Visits



and Address


Janice Simpson

West Ewell and 10 mile radius

07961 244448

01372 438741

Shampoo and set from £15

Shampoo, set and cut from £30

Perms from £45

Trim from £12

Hair cuts from £15

Rosemary Williams

Epsom and Ewell, Ashtead

07713 747095

Shampoo and Set/Shampoo and Blow Dry £16

Shampoo, Cut and Set £20

Perm £38

Trim from £12

Marie Peacock

Epsom and 10 mile radius

07831 438069

Shampoo and Set or Shampoo and Blow Dry £15

Cut, Shampoo Set or Blow Dry £20

Perm £37

Male Haircut from £8

Pippa Lewis

Epsom & Ewell

07752 976015

This information is provided by Age Concern Epsom and Ewell without accepting liability for the quality of the services provided.
It is the client’s responsibility to check whether the tradesperson has appropriate insurance and/or has a Criminal Record Bureau check.

Updated April 2017

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